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CG NET Fiber Internet In Nepal | Speed, Price & Availability

In this post, you will find the details on all the internet packages of CG Net, including price, installation costs, FUP, etc.

Chaudhary Group’s internet subsidiary CG NET started its service form June 1 2021 with an awe-inspiring internet package for its time. The company launched a 120 Mbps residential package for Rs.999 with the theme “speed that matters”. One year on, the company has made commendable strides. The company has started service outside of Kathmandu and also launched new internet packages from 75 Mbps to 300 Mbps

Before, CG Net brought an internet plan of 120 Mbps (the first ISP to cross 100 Mbps speed at the lowest price). The internet plan suits the internet requirement of family members for work from home, multimedia streaming, studying from home, online meetings, etc.

The billion-dollar self-made business tycoon Binod Chaudhary wanted to start telecom service via CG Telecom but despite huge ambition and attempts, the conglomerate has so far failed to obtain a unified license. This compelled the company to turn to the ISP venture. And the company didn’t disappoint. CG Net’s first internet plan was the headliner for weeks a year ago. Now to improve its services, the company has launched fresh new internet packages at affordable costs. In this post, we compile the list of CG Net internet packages and explore all necessary details including the coverage and IPTV service.

CG net fiber

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CG Net Super Value Plan: 300 Mbps, 150 Mbps, and 75 Mbps internet packages

CG Net launched the Super Value plan on Shrawan 1st bringing upgraded internet packages to Nepali internet consumers. The value-for-money packages comprise 300 Mbps, 150 Mbps, and 75 Mbps internet plans which will be enough to cater to the needs of high-demanding normal users in Nepal.

The plan replaces the old and existing 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps internet packages. The company calls the 300 Mbps package Rockstar, 150 Mbps package Popular, and the 75 Mbps package Sprinter. They are available on monthly, 3-month, and annual subscription options.

Renewal and first-time installation costs

The Super Value Plan is an affordable internet solution in the growingly cheaper internet price in Nepal. Likewise, CG Net doesn’t disappoint here. The 300 Mbps package costs Rs.1,399 per month. The package costs Rs.4,062 on a 3-month renewal while the annual subscription costs Rs.14,928.

If you want superlative internet from the evolving company, 300 Mbps internet is for you. The speed is decent enough to enable you to download large file sizes, run video conferences, and stream online.

CG Net internet packages

For those who want a moderate choice between the high and low, the 150 Mbps package is the standard. If you want it on a monthly basis, it costs you Rs.1,050, and for a 3-month subscription Rs.3,045. And the annual package costs you a total of Rs.11,100.

If the above packages are a little too much for you, then you can opt for the cheapest solution that still brings a decent speed. The 75 Mbps package is there to help you with your online needs. It costs Rs.730 for monthly renewal, Rs.2,160 for 3 months, and Rs.8,160 when you pay for an annual subscription.

CG Net Super Value Plan1 month3 months12 months
300 MbpsRs.1,399Rs.4,062Rs.14,928
150 MbpsRs.1,050Rs.3,045Rs.11,100
75 MbpsRs.730Rs.2,160Rs.8,160

While the packages are budget-friendly, the customers will also get free installation and drop wire. However, the dual-band router will cost Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,500 on a 3-month, and monthly subscriptions. The dual-band router will be free for subscribers on an annual subscription though.

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As known, they will introduce more services in the same fiber later with IPTV, Video OTT service, and many more. The ISP has made use of Nokia’s GPON equipment for the internet infrastructure.

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120 Mbps and 50 Mbps packages are now only available for existing users

CG Net’s initial 120 Mbps package and the later launched 50 Mbps package are now phased out with the launch of the Super Value Plan. However, the company says the existing users will continue to receive the service at similar rates. But the way the internet market is intensifying, we believe the company will offer them a free upgrade soon.

CG net fiber price

As for new users, they won’t have an option to subscribe to the original two packages. They will rather have to subscribe to the upgraded Super Value packages.

Anyway, we have kept the information in the table below to keep you informed about the ISP’s original two plans and their costs.

CG Net Fiber InternetPrice in Nepal
Per month
3 months6 months12 months
120 MbpsRs.999Rs 2,997Rs.5,994Rs.11,988
50 MbpsRs.649Rs.1947Rs.3,894Rs.7,778
Single-band routerRs.2,500Rs.2,000Rs.1,500Free
Dual-band routerRs.3,500Rs.3,000Rs.2,500Free

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of CG Net’s Internet

CG Net has not yet provided the FUP details on the last Super Value Plan. But once available, we will update the information here.

Fair usage policy (FUP) also applies to both of the internet offers of CG Net. It is a common practice by ISPs to ensure that no customer experiences poor internet speed due to higher usage by some users. That’s why they throttle the speed of the high-volume users. There are three FUP levels in the CG Net, after which internet speed goes down by 50%, 30%, and 10%, respectively, which recycles in a month. Find the CG Net’s FUP levels and throttled speed for both 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps internet below.

CG Net’s FUP Level for 120 Mbps internetData Usage QuotaFUP Speed Policy
Original Data BandwidthData Consumption to 1900 GB120 Mbps Original Speed
Level 1Data Consumption 1900-2000 GB50% of original
Level 2Data Consumption 2000-2100 GB30% of original
Level 3Data Consumption More than 2100 GB10% of original
CG Net’s FUP Level for 50 Mbps InternetData Usage QuotaFUP Speed Policy
Original Data BandwidthData Consumption to 1300 GB50 Mbps Original Speed
Level 1Data Consumption 1300-1400 GB50% of original
Level 2Data Consumption 1400-1500 GB30% of original
Level 3Data Consumption More than 1500 GB10% of original

Available in and beyond Kathmandu, soon in most cities

In its first year of service, CG Net focused on expansion within the capital. Initially, the service was available in the limited areas of Lalitpur which are in Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, Ekantakuna, and Bhanimandal. Then it reached Kalanki, Kuleshwor, Kalimati, and the Tripureshwor area. After several rounds of expansion, the ISP was available in many other places in Kathmandu.

At the moment, the company has reached almost blanket coverage in the Kathmandu valley allowing the company to start operating outside Kathmandu. Furthermore, the company working on establishing its services in most cities by the end of this year. For this purpose, it is setting up infrastructure in Pokhara, Biratnagar, and other major business centers. So, we can see CG Net reaching more areas in the coming months, especially around Dashain and Tihar.

You can contact CG Telecom for the subscription of CG Net fiber at the available places: 9880588888, +977-1-5111033.

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IPTV coming soon

At the moment, CG Net is only serving internet services but the company is in plans to add more services and focus on service differentiation. First, the company is in plans to launch its IPTV soon. For this, CG net has signed an agreement with Bharati Airtel to bring the Indian telco’s emerging IPTV/OTT platform ‘IQ Video‘ to subscribers in Nepal. As more ISPs bundle their internet packages with an IPTV, CG Net including its own will add a higher value to its full-service package.

Airtel’s IQ Video is a pre-integrated platform that brings innovative ways of watching video content on the go. The service is in the beta phase in India and is an end-to-end managed digital TV platform. CG Net says its IPTV service will be cheaper and therefore accessible for its customers.

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CG Net to launch IPTV by Bhadra

Regarding the timeline of the anticipated service, the COO Mr. BrahmanandaThakur has recently shared, “The company is in plans to unveil its IPTV by Shrawan or Bhadra.” He further adds, “Our primary focus is on service accessibility and then we will gradually launch content on our digital TV service.”

When the IPTV launches, subscribers will also be able to view the content on their smartphones.

In one year since its inception, CG Net has grown its base to over 22 thousand. The number is likely to run riot as the service hits all major trade centers this year. Check out: CG Net brings 30 day free trial offer

What is your take on CG Net’s growing clout in the Nepali ISP market? Despite its slow expansion beyond the valley, the company seems finally poised to steer into the limelight once again with new services. Can the company mount a serious challenge on major ISPs and disrupt the market? Do offer your input in the comments below.

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