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Dish Home Fiber Internet New Plans & Price List

Can Dish Home survive alongside ISP Giants like WorldLink, Nepal Telecom

Dish Home was launched in 2009 being Nepal’s first Direct to Home (DTH) Service Provider. Later the company faced tough competition in urban areas but it sustained because it had already grasped the rural areas where there were no cables. Now, It is providing Internet service inside Kathmandu valley and more city areas through Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology and plans to bring internet based on Satellite. We suppose VSAT technology will be used in rural areas. Let’s know more about Dish Home Fiber Internet Packages and their Price in Nepal.

Why FTTH and VSAT Technology?

Dish Home has invested NRS. 30 Crores in this project because all these technologies don’t come cheap. In urban areas, Fiber-optic cables can do the work because cities are overwhelmed with everything it needs. But what about rural areas where there is less population, no poles, and less development. Covering rural areas with Fiber-optic cables will take ages and the difficult terrain in a country like ours puts a lot of burdens. So the solution will be using satellites for higher reachability.

The company will be the first ISP to provide internet through VSAT technology in Nepal if they pull this off. VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, a satellite-based communication system. In this system, the user will send and receive signal information from a satellite. It is expensive than Cable TV but reaches places with no cables or whatsoever.

Nepal doesn’t have a satellite of its own for this purpose, except for the Nanosatellite called NepaliSat-1. So, Dish Home is using a satellite from an Israeli Satellite Company named ‘Spacecom’. ‘Amos’ satellite is used for transmitting the TV channel and the company is planning to use the “Amos-4” satellite for the internet.

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Dish Home Fiber Internet Availability

Ramesh Sapkota, General Manager of Dish Home stated that the optical fiber-based internet service was only available in three areas in the first place. Previously, they expanded their fiber network and their internet service was available only at Bhaisipati, Tinkune, Chabahil, Baneshwor Bungmati, Champi, Jorpati, and Kapan, Bouddha. At first, they aimed to garner up to 12,000 internet users in a month. But now as of May 2021, Dish Home Fiber Internet covers over 90 Percent of Kathmandu Valley. Further, they have extended their fiber net service in Butwal, Bardibas, and Biratnagar, in July 2021.

And if the VSAT technology plan goes right, they will be providing internet to all the rural areas of Nepal. This would be a huge step towards digitization, accessibility, and communication sector development.

If you happen to be in any of those areas and want Dish Home Fiber Internet then just give them a call. You can make a call to the Dish Home Internet hotline number 9801544000.

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Dish Home Fiber Internet Packages and Price in Nepal

Dish Home has announced six fiber internet packages; 25 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 60 Mbps, 80 Mbps, and 100 Mbps. Further, you can subscribe to any of these packages on a monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and annual basis. Existing Dish Home and SimTV users are mostly benefited because of some discount on the annual subscription. And they also get Dish Home TV for free if you subscribe to fiber-net for your home. They also have different internet plans for corporate offices as well. But the corporate office should be registered under PAN or VAT.

Dish Home Fiber Internet Packages Price in Nepal are listed in the table below, which is exclusive of government taxes. However, Drop Wire costs extra Rs. 500, and Fiber Router Rental is Rs. 1,000. But you will also get Rs. 500 Refundable Deposit and Installation charge is absolutely Free. Plus, if you go for an annual or 12 Months Plan to say, Drop Wire will be Free of charge. Before there were separate plans for Residential and Commercial purposes but now Dish Home has merged both plans to make it one.

Dish Home Fiber Internet Price List:

Dish Home Fiber Internet Package1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months

25 Mbps

Rs. 1,100Rs. 3000Rs. 5,500Rs. 10,000

30 Mbps

Rs, 1,250Rs. 3,400Rs. 6,300

Rs. 11,500

40 Mbps

Rs. 1,500Rs. 4,200Rs. 7,800

Rs. 14,500

60 Mbps

Rs. 1,750Rs. 4,850Rs. 9,300

Rs. 17,500

80 Mbps

Rs. 2,000Rs. 5,500Rs. 10,500

Rs. 20,000

100 MbpsRs. 2,200Rs. 6,000Rs. 11,400

Rs. 22,000

Currently, the company has rolled out an offer that Brings 25 Mbps Fiber-Net at just Rs. 233. This offer is refined to rival the new CG Net’s 120 Mbps internet. This great offer from Dish Home now will allow everyone to access the next-gen fast fiber internet experience of 25 Mbps at just Rs. 233. Therefore, the offer is currently hailed as the most affordable cost in Nepal for Fiber internet. However, to avail benefit of this offer, you will need to have Dish Home services already installed in your home. Plus, this offer is exclusively for Dish Home’s premium customers. Also, you should have a Lifestyle HD Package subscription to be eligible to use this offer.

Previously, Dish Home was not able to carry out its plan because of the Corona Virus Outbreak and their project was also in halt. This is one of the challenges of ISPs in this pandemic period. Now that they have expanded the fiber availability to most parts of Kathmandu valley, the competition is still tough for them. Giants like WorldLink, ClassicTech, Subisu, Vianet, and others are already there in the business. Similarly, Nepal Telecom’s Fiber FTTH service is expanding to more areas, and getting rave reviews.

The price of the 25 Mbps Home internet with Dish Home fiber seems reasonable but it also depends on the reliability. As known, Dish home has not put any FUP caps on the unlimited internet service for now, which is attractive to many.

Similarly, convincing people to leave their current ISP for them will be a challenge in urban areas. Whereas for the rural areas, they have got a huge opportunity. Only WorldLink has been able to provide internet service in some rural areas using cables and wireless options.

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Internet option for rural areas

With VSAT technology, Dish Home will be providing internet to all the rural areas where no other internet option is viable. So, it seems that the company was targeting rural areas from the start. However, to attract the local people in rural areas, they will have to make their internet package cheaper. Or else their internet will be only used in governmental offices or in company branches.

For such remote areas, only wireless/cellular broadband was considered to be feasible. We suggest you check out: Ncell Wirefree Plus WiFi Internet service and Nepal Telecom’s 4G Wireless Home broadband Service.

We hope the company does fulfill the needs of communication and accessibility of people living in rural areas. If they could realize their plan, it will be a better situation for our country, for the businesses, for the people, and for the development.

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Tell us what do you think of Dish Home Fiber’s internet service and packages price. Will you leave your current ISP if the Dish home internet is available at your place? Please comment below.

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