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Rabi Lamichhane’s Galaxy 4K TV Starts Regular Transmission in Nepal

Galaxy 4K TV has started its regular transmission in Nepal on October 1, 2021. First, It took more than 3 months for the preparation from the announcement date to the airing of the channel. Then in June 2021, it started its test transmission. The 4G TV channel is owned by a renowned Nepali TV reporter, Mr. Rabi Lamichhane. Earlier, he had announced to introduce a new television channel called Galaxy 4K. Lamichhane organized a special unveiling event on 23rd February 2021, where several renowned faces of the Nepali entertainment industry were present.

Galaxy 4K TV broadcast

Galaxy 4K is Nepal’s first-ever 4K channel that has already created hype among Nepalese and is now broadcasted regularly with popular tv shows and regular news. A week after Rabi Lamichhane announced about the news channel, and the official page of Galaxy 4K had already crossed 50,000 followers on Facebook. Now it has more than 147,000 fans on its Facebook page.

Galaxy 4K TV launch Rabi Lamichane

Several traditional HD quality Nepali channels are operating in Nepal, but not a single channel transmits 4K quality pictures. The new Galaxy 4K channel uses the 4K technology, which is regarded as better tv technology. These days, flagship smartphones can record 8k videos at much better quality and fidelity.

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About 4K technology 

Though most households have 4K television in their living room, there’s no Nepali channel that air programs of equal quality in Nepal. The Nepali channels are by far of HD quality. Therefore, it makes Galaxy 4K the first Nepali channel with a 4K resolution.

4K is the latest next-gen technology that upgrades the current picture quality of television. 4K resolution quality is much clear, sharper, smooth, and bold in quality than the standard HD quality. The horizontal display resolution is 4000 pixels, which is four times better than the 1080P HD TV. The resolution in 4K is dimensioned as a 3840 X 2160 pixel display. So, it has a higher pixel density than the 2K or other traditional TV technologies. 

As with the TV hardware, the transmission technology also needs to be upgraded to be able to broadcast the 4K TV, which requires more bandwidth and efficient technologies. The 4K TV transmission could be on Fiber, DVB-T2, or other 4K supporting streaming devices over the internet.

For a top-class experience of watching 4K television programs, you are highly recommended to watch Galaxy TV on 4K television. But you don’t exactly need to have a 4K television to watch the Galaxy 4K channel. So, you will be able to watch the Galaxy 4K TV channel on our regular TV as well.

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About Galaxy 4K TV

After leaving one of the popular shows on Nepali television named ‘Sidha Kura Janta Sanga’, Rabi Lamichhane is back into the mass. But this time, he’s bringing the first-ever 4K TV channel, Galaxy 4K, that’s based on the latest 4K technology. The Galaxy 4K team aims to produce and promote quality television programs that entertain and empowers the global Nepali audiences. 

Galaxy TV will be hosting some of the much-anticipated programs such as Sidha Kura Janata Sanga, Lal Mohar, Ko Banchha Crorepati, Crime Patrol Nepal, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, Ramayana, and The Leaders. These shows will have celebrated people as hosts such as Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Raj Giri, Vijay Kumar, Mahabir Pun, Rabi Lamichhane, Ramesh Prasai, and many more. 

Interesting TV program in Galaxy TV will be “Ramayana” in Nepali language.

Galaxy 4K is welcoming interested people to work with them. If you want to collaborate with Galaxy 4K, you can connect with the team via their official website. You must be curious about where to watch the new Galaxy 4K channel. For now, it should be available on your TV service provider’s, if not you can ask them for it. As the TV has already started airing, the downlink details of the Galaxy 4G TV broadcasting is as follows:

  • Satellite: LAOSAT, 128.5 E
  • D/L Frequency: 3463 MHz
  • SR: 4800 KSPS
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Modulation: 8 PSK
  • FEC: 2/3
Ko bancha Crorepati Galaxy TV 4K

At Last 

We would like to congratulate Rabi Lamichhane on the full launch of the TV channel. Galaxy 4K is a pioneering TV channel in Nepal that is bringing 4K technology to Nepali households. The introduction of Galaxy 4K is another step to Digital Nepal along with the wonderful shows and 24/7 news. Hopefully, it will open new doors for advanced technologies here in Nepal. 

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Digital TV is taken as a revolution in the Nepali Television sector, which is perhaps the key for several developments lately. Now adding 4K and Internet-based TV technologies will definitely boost the TV experience in Nepal, with more players in the scene.

What are your thoughts on the regular transmission of the Galaxy 4K channel in Nepal? Are you excited to watch Rabi Lamichane’s popular TV shows on this Galaxy 4K channel? Share your views in the comment section below. 

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