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Ncell Brings Wirefree+ WiFi Internet Service | 4G Router Price, Package

Ncell, one of the leading telecommunication companies, launched Wireless Wirefree Plus Unlimited Internet to resolve the existing gap between the demand and supply of the internet. The company has now revised the fixed wireless broadband service packs for Home Net. Now there is a single package called Wirefree+ Max to provide a smooth wireless internet connection based on 4G.

The need for affordable, secure, and fast internet connections is a prominent thing people of Nepal want to experience. People are tired of paying a high amount and getting lousy internet service, which makes their daily life and work complicated.

Overview of Ncell Wirefree+ HomeNet Internet

  • Wireless Connection and the end access is WiFi
  • 4G router based Wifi service
  • Unlimited data
  • Available in Ncell 4G coverage zones
  • A single package of Rs 999
  • Free additional SIM card to use, other than that of in the CPE
  • All required devices (including CPE, and SIM) will be provided by Ncell

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Is the Ncell Wirefree plus service alternative to other home Internet solutions (Fiber/Cable)?

People’s life has lingered on the internet, either it is for work or entertainment purposes. The concept of wireless broadband seems an eye-catching feature for people who need an instant internet connection. The company itself claims that it would be a new experience for the WiFi world of Nepal.

The portability of wire-free WiFi makes it stand out from the wired internet in your home. The extra setup like internet cables is not mandatory, like in the case of ISP for this wireless broadband. The price of the packages is Rs 999 per month with a limited data volume (25GB) per month.

So, all those who are using unlimited data (with FUP) in a month from ISPs, might not find it alluring. But if you are in such a place where wired internet is not feasible, Ncell’s HomeNet internet service is definitely a lifesaver. We can say this wire-free internet will definitely be popular if they provide consistent internet speed. Please read here for the people’s expectations with internet service.

As the Wireless broadband solution seems to be built over the 4G network, you can get an average internet speed of around 8 Mbps. But there are chances that you may get a little degradation in the speed.

If you can get stable 4G internet speed and choose your package as per requirement, then there is a high chance of the service being an alternative to home internet from ISPs

Why is Ncell Wireless internet HomeNet service valuable?

We all are familiar with internet facilities in Nepal. Lockdown has also proved that the internet is a necessity, whether it is in-home or workplace. But people are not satisfied with the speed and amount they pay to the ISP for their internet connection.

Ncell claims to provide a fast and secure internet connection, not chained by wires and backed by 24*7 customer support; this service is a new WiFi world to Nepal. Since this service is wireless, it allows you to get the internet at your ease while providing other features. Let’s have a look at the features of this service here:

1. Bundled Offer

You will get two bundled sims, one to put in the CPE with main data and another SIM to use in mobile with 5 GB data, and all-net 100 voice minutes.

2. Consistent Internet Experience

The dream you had of fast and consistent internet speed will be fulfilled at your work or home with this service. The internet service not only frees you from inconvenient cables but also from the worst internet experience you had before. Find how to check your internet speed on your PC or Mobile?

You can get the free 100 mins Ncell to Ncell voice packages in the additional SIM. You can order the Ncell wireless internet from the eSewa, Ncell Axiata website, online banking, and Khalti. Similarly, you can pay for the package using POS-VFT and recharge cards as well.

The Ncell Wirefree+ subscription comes with a single package called Max. You can get the package at your convenience.

The data volume that comes with the packages is 250GB at Rs 999 per month. You need to pay a one-time charge of Rs 1500 for registering the monthly package. Whereas if you buy half yearly package, you don’t need to pay the one-time charge and it only costs Rs 5449 for six months.

Out of 250GB, 100GB data is for regular full speed after which you get a throttled 2 Mbps speed for 150GB data volume. After the 150GB of data, you will get unlimited data at a speed of 512 Kbps.

Plus for the half-yearly plan, the throttled data speed will be accumulated for the next months.

Ncell Wirefree+ WiFi ServiceMax (Per month)For half yearly
Wirefree+ Data Volume in Main SIM250 GB250 GB
Data with regular speed100GB100GB
Throttled Data Volume150GB150GB
Throttled Speed2 Mbps2 Mbps
One time charge1500
Total Activation charge24995449
Another SIM with Mobile data (all net)5GB5GB
Voice (minutes) All-net in Mobile SIM100100
Wirefree+ 4G Router DeviceFreeFree
Price (Rs) (incl. of taxes)Rs 9995449

The cost of the service per month is inclusive of the taxes and the data volume in the WiFi recurs every month.

Availability of Ncell Wirefree+ HomeNet Wireless internet

For now, the Ncell Wirefree plus wireless internet is available in areas where Ncell 4G is available. As stated in the earlier package, the location ranges from Kanchanpur, Baitadi, and Dadeldhura in the Far-west to Morang, Sunsari, and Dhankuta in the East. Find where Ncell 4G coverage is available and visit the nearest Ncell center to check if you can subscribe to Ncell 4G Wireless Unlimited Home Internet service at your place.

Things to know about the availability and criteria of Ncell HomeNet WiFi

  • This service is available only in the selected locations only. Contact the Nearest Ncell center to get more info on this.
  • Ncell will provide Wirefree+ 4G Router for free with the cost of an internet pack. Wirefree+ Router works on both 2.5GHz and 5 GHz spectrum Wifi.
  • HomeNet Router has one year of warranty. If anything goes wrong, Ncell will replace it for free for the warranty period.
  • Two SIM cards for free, One to put inside the router and the other to use in Mobile.
  • Provides 5GB of all network all-time data in the bundled SIM, that comes along with the HomeNet purchase.
  • All-net voice package of 100 mins included every month, in mobile SIM.
  • The internet only works in your home location (Fixed internet) where it gets connected first. You cannot use the device’s internet at other locations.
  • After the data is consumed, you will get internet service at 2Mbps for an additional 150GB data Volume. Then you will get unlimited data at 512Kbps speed.
  • The Wireless broadband service called Wirefree+ HomeNet is based on 4G.
  • PayG (Pay as you Go) is not available with this service.
  • In case of any queries, you can make a call to 9008 from the Ncell number or 9809008000 from any other number.

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To sum up, this service seems very practical and eye-catching to people who need an instant internet connection at your home. Some people may also opt for this wireless service for a backup internet solution.

As the company says they will use a dedicated spectrum for this broadband service, we can expect higher and more reliable internet speed.

We suggest you read regarding the Ncell data pack purchase online.

Please comment on your thoughts below about Ncell Wirefree+ Unlimited WiFi Internet service, in the comment section below.

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