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How to Transfer Balance in Ncell? [Easy Steps]

Ncell subscribers can transfer the money/balance from their account to another Ncell number. The balance transfer can only apply to the main balance of their mobile. This service benefits any Ncell number to send balance anytime to their friends or family’s number of Ncell Nepal using some code. Here is the process for how to transfer the balance in Ncell from another Ncell number.

Ncell prepaid subscribers can send a balance of amount Rs 10 to Rs 200 at a time to another Ncell number. So here the minimum balance that can be sent is Rs 10 and the maximum amount to send is Rs 200 at a time.

Ncell limits the no of transfer to only 3 times, so the maximum balance that can be transferred in a day is Rs 600.

This money transfer service will help customers to avoid any inconveniences due to the unavailability of balance.


Remember the balance transfer cannot be done from Ncell to Ntc or other operators’ numbers or even from Ncell prepaid to Ncell postpaid SIM and vice versa. So, the balance transfer is only allowed from Ncell to Ncell number.

How to transfer balance in Ncell?

Time needed: 1 minute.

To transfer balance in Ncell, you need to follow the following steps

  1. Dial 17122 to activate the transfer service for one time

  2. Dial a USSD code number with receiver mobile number and amount.

    dial *17122*<Type receiver’s mobile number>*<Type transfer amount>#
    Balance transfer in Ncell

For example, to transfer Rs. 10 money from your Ncell number to another Ncell number of your friends or family, you need to dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*10#. where 98XXXXXXX is the receiver’s mobile number.

Suppose A is the sender and B is the receiver of the balance. After sending the required balance either from the USSD code or mobile app, the balance gets deducted from A and it adds to the balance of the B.

Ncell Balance transfer Service charge

The service charge of the money/balance transfer is

  • Rs 1 (excluding taxes) per balance transfer. So after the addition of TSC and VAT each of 13%, the service charge becomes Rs 1.28.
  • So if you send Rs 10 from your mobile to another mobile, the other mobile will receive Rs 8.76. They calculate the received amount by subtracting the service charge from the sent amount.
  • If the receiver has some pending amount for services like a loan, then they will also deduct that amount from the sent balance.

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To know more information about the money/balance transfer, customers can

  • dial 17122 to listen to the IVR information.

You can only transfer the money only from Ncell prepaid to another Ncell prepaid number. It is not possible for the balance transfer in Ncell from Ntc or other operator’s SIM. This balance transfer service helps people to avoid inconveniences due to the sudden unavailability of balance or any pack. The balance recipient can use the transferred amount for making calls, sending SMS/MMS, and surfing the internet.

Balance Transfer from abroad

People living abroad also want to send the balance/money to their phone. There are people who take their Ncell SIM cards while traveling. So they want to send the balance for roaming or use immediately when they land in the airport upon arrival. For this, there is no such balance transfer but you can use your debit/credit card to recharge your Ncell number online >>

Comparison to Ntc

Compared to Ntc, Ncell has some limitations for the money transfer. First Ncell customers can only send the balance 3 times a day. Second, Ncell takes some service charge for each transfer, as mentioned above. Whereas in Ntc you can only send the balance 5 times and is completely free. Read more of the Ntc balance transfer >>

Let us know your feedback on the Ncell balance transfer process, in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

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