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Subisu Internet Packages, Offers, And Prices

Subisu is one of the most prominent ISPs in Nepal. Subisu internet packages and other services have made it a go-to ISP around the country from rural to urban areas. After its launch in 2001, it has been a very reliable source of internet for many households in Nepal.

Subisu has continuously expanded its offerings. Currently, it bundles internet with TV by default and adds many digital facilities for the customers. Let’s learn more about Subisu Internet packages, TV service and costs in this post.

The privately owned ISP offers its service packages in three categories, namely: Fiber Internet, Fiber Internet with Clear TV, and Clear TV Subisu’s IPTV solution. The company has also installed Nokia’s 100G optical network for the ultra-fast broadband.

Fiber Internet Packages and Prices

Subisu’s basic fiber internet plan starts at NRs. 1400/- before taxes for 20 Mbps on a month. The 35 Mbps fiber net will be available for NRs. 1450/- per month.

You can acquire a flagship 45 Mbps connection for NRs. 1550/-. Check the table below to know how the Subisu Internet package costs on various durations.

Fiber Internet Speed Price1 month3 months12 months
20 MbpsNRs. 1,400/-NRs. 4,050/-NRs. 13,200/-
35 MbpsNRs. 1,450/-NRs. 4,200/-NRs. 13,800/-
45 MbpsNRs. 1,550/-NRs. 4,500/-NRs. 15,000/-
Subisu internet packages listed are without Clear TV and costs are exclusive of taxes.

Initial One Time Set Up Costs

If you are installing Subisu internet for the first time, it will take into account ONU installation and router charges. Subisu first offered its fiber internet on a 2.4 GHz ONU device, but now it has followed suit with Worldlink and has put a 5 GHz ONU device on offer for even connection. The cost will vary due to the ONU you choose on your first-time installation.

Many ISPs call it a 5G Internet, which is actually different from a 5GHz device, find out the comparison.

Subisu has priced its 2.4 GHz ONU for NRs. 2,212/- if you are subscribing to a three months package irrespective of any speed it will come down to 1770/- for three months and then a mere NRs. 885/- on 12 months basis.

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Subisu First time Installation Items and PriceMonth3 months12 months
ONU ActivationNRs. 2,212/-NRs. 1770/-NRs. 885/-
Wire ChargeNRs. 850/-NRs. 885/-NRs. 885/-
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFree
Subisu first time installation cost for internet service

Subisu 5GHz Package in Internet

So, if you want to purchase the 5 GHz Wi-Fi router device, you will have to pay a little more. It is illustrated in the table.

First Installation Cost for 5GHz in SubisuMonth3 months12 months
ONU ActivationNRs. 4,867/-NRs. 4,425/-NRs. 3,982/-
Wire ChargeNRs. 885/-NRs. 885/-NRs. 885/-
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFree

Subisu’s Premium Internet Solution with Clear TV

Subisu offers its Fiber internet and IPTV combination under the Premium category. The bandwidth packages range from a 30 Mbps connection to a whopping 60 Mbps which would be more than enough for all your internet requirements. Read below to learn about the packages and their variables.

Internet with Clear TV Packages1 Month3 Months12 Months
30 MbpsNRs. 1,550/-NRs. 4,400/-NRs. 14,500/-
40 MbpsNRs. 1,850/-NRs. 5,350/-NRs. 17,000/-
60 MbpsNRs. 2,200/-NRs. 6,350/-NRs. 21,000/-
Subisu Premium (TV with Internet) packages and price

The internet and TV combo package starts at a commendable 30 Mbps for Nrs. 1,550/- per month before taxes. It will cost NRs. 4,400/- on 3 months subscription and Nrs. 14,500/- for 12 months.

Vianet’s best package in terms of speed is 60 Mbps that will be the ultimate solution for your internet and TV requirements.

60 Mbps combo package starts at NRs. 2,200/- on a monthly basis. You will have to pay NRs. 6,350 and NRs. 21,000/- for 3 months and 12 months respectively.

5GHz package

Vianet’s premium category also gives you the option to choose from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ONU device. If you are having issues with your current internet connection or want to ensure everything will always work as promised you can purchase the 5 GHz ONU device. Subisu Calls the dual-band internet service as Gigfiber 5G internet.

Subisu Installation cost for premium packages (TV and Internet)1 Month 3 Months12 Months
2.4NRs. 2,212/-NRs. 1,770/-NRs. 885/-
5 GHzNRs. 4,867/-NRs. 4,425/-NRs. 3,982/-
Set-top boxNRs. 3,097/-NRs. 2,655/-NRs. 1,770/-
Wire ChargesFreeFreeFree
Subsiu Installation cost for premium packages and price

The Premium category also requires a Set-Top Box for TV connection. It will cost NRs. 3,097/- for a monthly renewal plan. Whereas it costs NRs. 2,655/- and NRs. 1,770/- for 3 months and 12 months subscriptions respectively.

The Wireless Alternative

Apart from Fiber and Fiber+TV solutions, Subisu offers unlimited Wireless internet too. This service has an option for 6 month payments unlike other plans. Check the lists below for their various plans and prices.

Subisu Wireless Speed1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
2 MbpsNRs. 1100/-NRs. 3150/-NRs. 6,000/-NRs. 10,800/-
3 MbpsNRs. 1650/-NRs. 4800/-NRs. 9300/-NRs. 17400/-
5 MbpsNRs. 2500/-NRs. 7,350/-NRs. 14,000/-NRs. 27,600/-

The basic plan starts at 2 Mbps for NRs. 1,100/-. The customer will have to fork out NRS. 10,800/- for a yearly renewal. There is choice for 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps connections as well. You can find more about its Set Up charge here.

The Wireless Package is for those areas where Fiber infrastructures have not been established. It is ideal for those whose internet demands are very limited to social media browsing and occasional file downloads.

Subisu has long served with cable Internet over coaxial cable but as the internet shifted towards fiber it gradually lost its relevancy. As Subisu has replaced its Cable net with Fiber, Wireless net is a better option in those places where fiber has not reached.

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Subisu’s Fair Usage Policy

Subisu, like any other ISP in Nepal, has its own Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The ISPs argue that FUPs are put in place to deliver a uniform browsing experience for all the users.

If some users are downloading large files or streaming high quality videos, it will cause conflict with other users as they all require optimum bandwidth for smooth browsing.

FUP restricts users from hogging bandwidth and provide the same efficient service to all. Different bandwidth subscribers are assigned different FUP parameters. Once they surpass the limits imposed, they will see their speed affected. Check below to find out varying FUP on different subscriptions.

Subscriptions20 Mbps35 Mbps45 Mbps
Bandwidth Allotted700 GB800 GB1150 GB
Fall Back7 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps

As the table illustrates if you are on 20 Mbps connection, you will get 700 GB bandwidth per month. If you exceed that limit, FUP will kick in and your speed will be throttled down to 7 Mbps. for 35 Mbps connection you will receive 800 GB per month and fall back to 10 Mbps if you cross the limit. If you are on 45Mbps, 1150 GB will be allotted to you and fall to 12 Mbps if FUP is triggered.

For those on Internet and Clear TV combo, there is a different set of parameters. Check the table below to learn about FUP policy on the premium category.

Subscriptions30 Mbps40 Mbps60 Mbps
Bandwidth Allotted750 GB900 GB1300 GB
Fall Back7 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps

If your monthly bandwidth limit has been surpassed, a Subisu representative may give you a call to alert you. They will throttle the connection if you continue to browse to the same degree.

Your connection will be disconnected at worst if you don’t stop your exorbitant internet consumption. You need to stay alert not to surpass the limit set by Subisu, for consistent browsing.


In this post, we covered various packages and prices of Subisu’s Internet and TV solution. If you want an internet connection and TV solution Subisu can be your ISP. The integrated services have become the norm today and Subisu has stood up to the occasion.

Are you on Subisu internet? How have your experiences been? You could leave a comment down below.

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