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Subisu Internet Packages, Offers, And Prices

Subisu is one of the most prominent ISPs in Nepal. The pioneer of Cable internet in Nepal has evolved to stay competitive with time. With its affordable broadband plans and Value Added Services, the ISP has been a default choice for thousands of households in Nepal.

Always updating its services, the company has yet again upgraded its services amidst the internet speed war in Nepal. The current plans are a perfect mixture of high-speed and low-cost solutions for Nepali internet users. Likewise, it also bundles its entire broadband plans with a 5 GHz dual-band router to improve the WiFi experience for its customers.

The privately-owned ISP offers its service packages in two categories – Residential Solutions, and SME Solutions. The company has also installed Nokia’s 100G optical network for ultra-fast broadband.

Now, let’s get down to Subisu’s revamped internet packages, their costs, and other details.

Residential Solution

Under Residential Solution, Subisu offers three different packages –Fiber to the Home, Fiber Connection with Clear TV, and SME Solutions. Each package in it comes with distinct characteristics suited to customers with varying needs.  But despite that, all these packages are ample enough to meet the everyday need of every internet user such as social media browsing, downloading files, watching videos, etc.

Fiber to the Home

Subisu starts off from the ground with strong momentum. Its basic fiber plan shoots with a massive 150 Mbps fiber broadband plan. This costs Rs.13,274 annually and comes with a 5 GHz router.

As for one-time installation costs, it incurs Rs.1,327 on ONU Activation and Rs.885 on Wire. This totals Rs.15,486 for the first-time setup. Meanwhile, the Installation charge is waived.

Subisu’s FTTH plansAnnual CostONU ActivationWire ChargeTotal
150 MbpsRs.13,274Rs.1,327Rs.1,327Rs.15,486
300 MbpsRs.15,044Rs.500Rs.500Rs.17,256

The fastest plan under this category rocks at 300 Mbps. And it comes for Rs.15,044 annually which totals it to Rs.17,256 while installing it for the first time. Likewise, the One Time Fee remains the same here.  

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Fiber Connection with Clear TV

Subisu hits the ground with the internet speed war at this premium tier with 3 different premium plans. Unlike the FTTH pack, all these come with a Clear TV subscription. The 5 GHz dual-band router complements its high-speed plan profile.  

The first in the category, the 200 Mbps plan costs Rs.14,942 annually. This totals Rs.18,924 after the setup charges. The 350 Mbps plan comes for Rs.18,482 totaling Rs.22,464 with other charges.

Subisu Fiber internet with TV plansAnnual CostONU ActivationWire ChargeSTB ActivationTotal
200 MbpsRs.14,942Rs.1,327Rs.885Rs.1,770Rs.18,924
350 MbpsRs.18,482Rs.1,327Rs.885Rs.1,770Rs.22,464
650 MbpsRs.21,239Rs.1,327Rs.885Rs.1,770Rs.25,221

Subisu’s best offer comes in the form of a 650 Mbps plan. It stands right up against WorldLink’s Photon 600, and Classic Tech’s 625 Mbps plans. Coming to the price, Subisu has set it for Rs.21,239 which totals Rs.25,221 with the initial set up costs.

One Time Fee

If you want Subisu’s premium tier Fiber Connections with Clear TV, you will need to pay Rs.1,327 on ONU Activation, and Rs.885 for fiber cable. Subisu takes care of the installation charges itself. Meanwhile, you will need to pay an additional Rs.1,770 for STB activation for Clear TV. The 200 Mbps, 350 Mbps, and the 650 comes with 2 TVs, 3 TVs, and 4 TVs subscription respectively.

Why Choose Subisu’s Premium Plan?

Starting from the base, all the plans of Subisu offer a blazing mixture of speed and affordability. The time has changed where you had to choose between a two-digit pack and a 300 digit pack with a gulf of difference in cost. Any internet package will be ideal for your internet needs, be it for social media browsing, torrenting, streaming, etc. However, you can still be selective of the packages depending on your internet needs.

Subisu's 650 Mbps plan

Though the starter 200 Mbps is good enough for any customer, you may still want to ride high with a higher number. The 650 Mbps elevates your internet capability beyond expectations and you can exploit its application from beyond regular browsing, to streaming to AR/VR, Smart Home, IoT, and else. And that’s where your choice comes into play.

Anyway, whether you choose the 150 Mbps pack with no Clear TV, or choose a Fiber Connection that comes with Clear TV and massive high-speed plans, it’s all about your needs and the choices. But rest assured, you won’t be compromising your broadband needs with either of these plans.

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SME Solution

Subisu’s Small yet Ample SME solution provides a decent fiber broadband performance to suit everyday office needs. Unlike, other packages, they come with monthly subscriptions. Moreover, the packages escape Fair Usage Policy so the subscribers can ‘abuse’ the internet to meet their demands as required.

There are 4 different plans under SME Solutions. Starting at the base, there is a 20 Mbps plan. It costs Rs.2,810 monthly and Rs.5,310 including Rs.2,500 for first time installation. The 25 Mbps plan comes for Rs.3,385 on monthly renewals and costs Rs.5,885 after adding Rs.25,00 for installation.

Meanwhile, the 30 Mbps plan comes for Rs.3,960 monthly which totals Rs.6,460 with installation charges of the same amount. The highest of the category, 35 Mbps plan costs. 4,535 on monthly renewal and totals Rs.7,035 with installation charges included.

Subisu’s SME plansMonthly CostInstallationTotal
20 MbpsRs.2,810Rs.2,500Rs.5,310
25 MbpsRs.3,385Rs.2,500Rs.5,885
30 MbpsRs.3,960Rs.2,500Rs.6,460
35 MbpsRs.4,535Rs.2,500Rs.7,030

Requirements for an SME Solution Subscription

If you want to connect your office with Subisu’s SME Solution, you need to follow a set of criteria. First, you need to pay for a quarterly term in advance. The Purchase order should come with a letterhead of your organization with it signed and stamped clearly. Besides, Subisu also requires PAN/VAT registration documents of your enterprise with the contact. The subscription runs for a minimum of one year.

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Subisu’s Fair Usage Policy

Subisu, like any other ISP in Nepal, has its own Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The ISPs argue that FUPs are put in place to deliver a uniform browsing experience for all the users.

If some users are downloading large files or streaming high-quality videos, it will cause conflict with other users as they all require optimum bandwidth for smooth browsing.

FUP restricts users from hogging bandwidth and provides the same efficient service to all. Different bandwidth subscribers are assigned different FUP parameters. Once they surpass the limits imposed, they will see their speed affected. Check below to find out varying FUP on different subscriptions.

Subscriptions20 Mbps35 Mbps45 Mbps
Bandwidth Allotted700 GB800 GB1150 GB
Fall Back7 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps

As the table illustrates if you are on a 20 Mbps connection, you will get 700 GB bandwidth per month. If you exceed that limit, FUP will kick in and your speed will be throttled down to 7 Mbps for a 35 Mbps connection you will receive 800 GB per month and fall back to 10 Mbps if you cross the limit. If you are on 45Mbps, 1150 GB will be allotted to you and fall to 12 Mbps if FUP is triggered.

FUP With Clear TV

For those on the Internet and Clear TV combo, there is a different set of parameters. Check the table below to learn about the FUP policy on the premium category.

Subscriptions30 Mbps40 Mbps60 Mbps
Bandwidth Allotted750 GB900 GB1300 GB
Fall Back7 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps

If your monthly bandwidth limit has been surpassed, a Subisu representative may give you a call to alert you. They will throttle the connection if you continue to browse to the same degree.

Your connection will be disconnected at worst if you don’t stop your exorbitant internet consumption. You need to stay alert not to surpass the limit set by Subisu, for consistent browsing.


In this post, we covered Subisu’s speed war-inspired Internet and TV solution. These are bigger, better and uplift your internet experiences to the next level. The basic speed plan starts off 150 Mbps and that proves that the ISP is ever committed to keeping its users updated with the latest trends in the internet market.

With Subisu, you get high-speed fiber broadband, an IPTV subscription, plus a 54GH z router to augment your internet performance. If you want an internet connection with the power punch and the affordability, Subisu will serve you right. The integrated services have become the norm today and Subisu has stood up to the occasion of the speed war.

Are you on Subisu internet? How have your experiences been? You could leave a comment down below.

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