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Unlimited Internet and FUP, what does it mean?

Unlimited Internet and Fair Usage Policy FUP has been together since long. Here unlimited internet means the availability of limitless internet usage without downloading caps. This FUP limits the use of the internet or the speed after the consumption of a certain volume of data. Nepali ISP’s and telecom operators also have this sort of policy in their unlimited internet offer and data packs. This post we are making people informed of FUP on unlimited internet and its impact.

What is FUP?

The term Fair Usage Policy a.k.a FUP is the policy or the rule employed by ISP to its customer. As per the rule, service providers implement FUP to customers for an equal and even amount of data distribution. Not everyone on the internet uses the same amount of bandwidth or the data that is provided to him/her. There will be some customers who use the internet in the high amount which might affect the whole quality of the network and depreciate the internet experience for many users in the network.

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ISP (Internet Service providers) keep on monitoring the usage of the internet from their subscribers for each cycle to assure the steady running for all customers. A Fair Use Policy is given in Gigabytes (GB) / MB of data and applies to all Mobile/internet services. FUP in unlimited internet aims to ensure ISPs are able to provide quality internet services to all their customers. They also need to make sure that no customers are disadvantaged by the behavior of others.

Service providers apply FUP rules so that excessive data consumers shouldnot affect the data usage experience of others.

How does it affect you?

From the definition, it is clear that FUP is implemented for providing quality internet equally to every customer. Fair Usage Policy actually affects you if you’re one of the customers who make excessive or inappropriate use of the internet services provided by ISP. Like for people who prefer video streaming or FTP or torrents to upload or download big files like movies.

But If you don’t use peer to peer software like the torrent, file-sharing or other high bandwidth content software to upload, download large files, you are unlikely to be affected by our Fair Use Policy.

Impact of Fair Usage Policy

Data transfer limits are not changed under the fair usage policy. The data transfer speed remains the same as subscribing until the usage of that data limit. While you cross a certain amount of data ie. in GB/MB, ISPs decrease the speed of the internet.

The usage level after the decrease of speed varies from ISPs and they have their own rules, not usually disclosed to their customers. As per rule, they need to declare the FUP rules before buying. The speed also varies according to the availability of the network during the time and the number of users on the same at the time period.

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FUP in Unlimited Internet Nepal

Most of the ISPs in Nepal are coming with unlimited internet packages these days. Are they truly unlimited? No, they are not. None of the ISPs in Nepal provides truly unlimited internet. All the ISPs like WorldLink, Vianet, Subisu has implied FUP on their internet. You cannot use data as much you want on the speed they have provided.

Similarly, Mobile phone operators like NTC, NCell, Smart Cell are coming with unlimited data packs. Ntc unlimited night data pack at Rs 90 was only a true unlimited internet as of now. Many customers keep on complaining about the speed throttle after consuming a certain amount of data. It is all due to FUP which reduces the bandwidth after a certain amount of data has been used.

You like it or not, ISPs and telecom companies worldwide use this kind of policy for internet bandwidth management. Only the thing matters are the threshold of internet bandwidth limit in FUP for each cycle, that the ISPs / telcos need to tell beforehand. Customers also need to be aware of such caps and bandwidth if it suits their usage before buying. We recommend you read how to connect the internet at home.

If you have any queries and feedback for FUP in an unlimited internet offer, do comment below.

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