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Worldlink Internet Packages, All The Offers, and Price

Worldlink has been a key player in promoting connectivity in Nepal. Offering a reliable internet connection with an additional TV package has distinguished it from other ISPs in Nepal. Especially in cities, Worldink has become a household name because of its consistent internet and TV offering plus many extra features. Let’s find out the Worldlink Internet & TV packages, offers, FUP limit, and Price below.

Before the internet service boom, Nepalese were dependent on Nepal Telecom’s Dial-Up technology. It offered an offensive speed of 56 kbit/s on a shared scheme, but now the scenario has changed for good. Many private ISPs have entered the market and thus the customers have benefited from the healthy competition.

worldlink 25th anniversary theme image
Worldlink’s Distinct 25 years

Over a series of many posts, we will be detailing the major ISPs in Nepal, their packages, as well as costs. These posts will offer a glimpse into one of the leading ISP, Worldlink, and the nature of their services, offers, and costs. It will also be helpful to the readers to figure out whether to choose Worldlink internet service based on the packages and offers it provides at the price mentioned below.

Established in 1995 Ad till date, WordLink has continuously thrived over the two decades. It is safe to say that Worldlink holds the widest clout. While most Nepalese were reluctantly using stagnant ADSL or Ncell’s exorbitantly costly data, Worldlink provided a greater escape. Since the very beginning, it has remained one of the top three telecommunication service providers in Nepal.

Worldlink’s infrastructural apparatus, commendable customer service, and emphasis on continuous improvement of its services have made it the go-to ISP in Nepal for years now. Check out the Internet history of Nepal.

Offering unlimited internet with a capacity for gaming was one of the legacy WordLink established. The approach made it popular among teenagers and later caught the eye of corporate and institutes too. Now the company has overseen a glorious silver jubilee. Find the achievements of the Worldlink in these 25 years of service.

Before we get down to the details of WorldLink’s internet plans, and packages, let’s first talk about its array of services. Besides its high-flying internet plans, comes along with a NetTV subscription, the pioneer IPTV in Nepal. These days the company has begun rolling out dual-band router “5G” in place of the dated single-band router. Do read why to choose a Dual-band router.

Besides, with the launch of Photon Lite, and Photon 600 internet plans, the company has introduced a Mesh WiFi system with WiFi 6 technology (Nokia Beacon 3.0) that assures less band interference and better speed with more consistency. WorldLink also comes with a NetTV Streamz+ subscription, which is NetTV’s upgraded IPTV solution.

As an ISP, WordLink first prioritized internet speed and increment for years. Now as technology has expanded, it has bundled NetTv, a Kathmandu-based IPTV service that offers a range of features like video on demand, Youtube streaming, and others. This feature enables watching YouTube over a non-smart TV as well.

Worldlink offers its broadband internet service in three categories – Residential, Enterprise, and Corporate. Below is the breakdown of different packages, costs, and more details.

1 Gbps Package | Nimsdai Special Edition Offer

WorldLink has begun offering its market-leading 1 Gbps internet package. Branded Nimsdai Special Edition, the flagship package comes with Nokia Beacon 3.0 Mesh system. The 1 Gbps plan makes WorldLink only the second ISP in Nepal to offer the package in that speed category.

WorldLink has set its 1 Gbps internet package up for Rs.39,999 which equals 3,333 per month. The ISP says the package will be the best option for those who are into gaming, streaming, watching videos in HD format.

1 Gbps package cost

WorldLink’s 1 Gbps package comes with an annual payment option for Rs.39,999 but installation and drop wire don’t incur any charges. The customers though will need to turn in Rs.500 in deposit.

WorldLink 1 Gbps planCostDual-bandDrop WireONU deposit
12 monthsRs.39,999  Rs.500

Similarly, the superlative speed package has an additional option for the Mesh system. The users can install Mesh nodes to get an uncompromising WiFi performance throughout the area where the network is required. For the first Beacon Mesh node, customers need to pay Rs.8,000 in the rental charge, Rs.3,000 in installation, and Rs.2,000 in deposit. Similarly, they need to pay the same amount for an additional amount. WorldLink has allowed up to 4 nodes as an option for customers.

For Mesh system

Mesh Wifi CountBeacon 3.0 Rental chargeBeacon 3.0 DepositSmart Installation
1st BeaconRs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
2nd BeaconRs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
3rd BeaconRs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
4th BeaconRs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000

NetTV cost

Customers can also subscribe to NetTV with the 1 Gbps package which also comes with an annual subscription. For NetTV, the primary STB and installation come at no cost but incurs Rs.500 for deposit. Customers need to pay Rs.2,000 for secondary STB, and Rs.500 in deposit. Do remember, you get a dual-band router with the package for exceptional WiFi performance.

One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB DepositSTB installation
12 MonthFREERs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500FREE

WorldLink has launched its 600 Mbps fiber broadband plan as its latest premium offer in response to the ongoing internet speed war in Nepal. Before Worldlink Photon 600 was the country’s fastest internet plan ever but later 1Gbps plan superseded it. The ISP has announced that it will introduce Nokia Beacon 3.0 Mesh router system to complement its blazing 600 Mbps speed package.

WorldLink Photon 600
WorldLink Photon 600

A 600 Mbps internet package is an elite class offering that should meet all the needs of any moderate to heavy internet user. From gaming to work-from-home, to large files uploads/downloads, streaming, the 600 Mbps fiber broadband would surely give a joy-ride experience to the subscribers.

Photon 600 cost

Worldlink has set its ultimate internet offer Photon 600 exclusively for annual renewal which comes for Rs.30,000. To set up this package, a customer will have to pay Rs.500 deposit. Meanwhile, Dual Band (ONU) drop wire, installation charges won’t be included in the first-time installation costs.

One Time ChargeDual Band (ONU)Drop WireDeposit ONUInstallation
Photon 600 installation cost

Photon 600 with NetTv

If you want WorldLink’s NetTv with the Photon 600, then you will have to fork out Rs.500 in deposit for the primary STB and Rs.2,000 for the secondary STB. The charge on STB installation is free of cost.

One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB DepositSTB installation
12 MonthFREERs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500FREE
Photon 600 with NetTv

Apart from 1Gbps and 600 Mbps Photon, WorldLink also announced to upgrade the existing users from 150 Mbps to 200 Mbps.

Photon Lite: 300/225/200 Mbps

WorldLink’s predecessor to Photon 600, now titled Photon 300 Lite brings three internet packages – 300/250/200 Mbps. Likewise, these packages come with NetTV for your complete home entertainment solution. Whether you are a moderate or heavy user, this should do well for you.

The lite edition comes with two payment options – 3 months and 12 months. As for the costs, the basic 200 Mbps package costs Rs.4,050 for 3 months and Rs.14,400 for 12 months. Similarly, the 250 Mbps package comes for Rs.4,350 and Rs.15,600 for 3 and 12 months subscriptions respectively.

The 300 Mbps plan meanwhile, comes for Rs.4,950 for 3 months, and Rs.18,000 for an annual subscription.

Worldlink Photon Lite3 months12 monthsNetTV subscription
200 Mbps (1 NetTV)Rs.4,050Rs.14,4001 NetTV
250 Mbps (2 NetTV)Rs.4,350Rs.15,6002 NetTVs
300 Mbps (3 NetTV)Rs.4,950Rs.18,0003 NetTVs

The packages do have a Fair Usage Policy attached to them and the VAT will be added extra to the corresponding costs of each package. However, Telecommunications Service Charge (TSC) is included in the Internet Service Charge.

Most importantly, WorldLink has increased its basic speed plan from 150 Mbps to 200 Mbps meaning the latter will be its basic plan for the new customers. The company did so while launching the 1 Gbps package and has also reshuffled the price in the lite category a bit.

With an intent to offer premium broadband service at an affordable cost, WorldLink has brought the 200 Mbps package for just Rs.3,300. But this package is only for customers who don’t need a TV subscription. With this high-speed package, you can stream, play online games, and download HD videos and large files of GBs within minutes.

You will also get a dual-band router (5G router) free under this package to help you with flagship broadband performance. The package doesn’t incur charges on installation and cable but you will need to pay Rs.1,000 on deposit. And though the package doesn’t come with a NetTV service, you will get a Time Back benefit that will compensate you for the duration of disconnection of your internet. Besides, you also get WiFi Mobility which allows you to connect to the WiFi hotspots across Nepal for free.

200 Mbps packageCostValidity
Without TVRs.3,3003 months

SME Packages

WorldLink’s SME packages are for Small and Medium Enterprises. They come with either 10 Mbps or 20 Mbps speed with 2X bandwidth, prompt support, and SME boot camp. The customers have two options to choose from under the SME package – SME Prime and SME 24.

The major difference between them is the double bandwidth timeframe. The former provides double bandwidth from 7 AM- 7 PM. Meanwhile, the latter delivers the double bandwidth round the clock.

SME Prime

The SME Prime comes in three different renewal packages –  1, 3, and 12 months. The package costs Rs.2,00 per month for a 10 Mbps connection and Rs.3,000 for a 20 Mbps connection. Similarly, it would cost Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 30,000 for 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps connection respectively.

Speed (Mbps)10 Mbps20 Mbps
1 MonthRs. 2,000/-Rs. 3,000/-
3 MonthsRs. 5,400/-Rs. 8,100/-
12 MonthsRs. 20,000/-Rs. 30,000/-
13% VAT applicable

SME 24

The higher plan under the SME package brings 24 hours of double bandwidth to the subscribers. Similar to its subordinate version, the SEM 24 plan comes in a 1, 3, and 12 months subscription. In terms of bandwidth, the same 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps plans are available here too.

If you subscribe to a monthly plan, a 10 Mbps connection will come for Rs. 3,000. Meanwhile, it would cost you Rs.4,000 for a 20 Mbps connection. Similarly, it would cost Rs. 30,000 and Rs.41,000 for 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps connections respectively on 12 monthly subscriptions.

Speed (Mbps)10 Mbps20 Mbps
1 MonthRs. 3,000/-Rs. 4,000/-
3 MonthsRs. 8,100/-Rs. 11,000/-
12 MonthsRs. 30,000/-Rs. 41,000/-
SME 24 costs

In terms of Value Added Services, both the SME packages come with Safenet, Time Back, and WiFi Mobility.

SME Installation Cost

Despite two different packages under this plan, the first-time installation costs the same. To set up the SME package, you will have to pay fiber router rental for either 1, 3, or 12 months. Next, WorldLink will charge Rs.500 on Drop Wire, and another Rs.500 for the Deposit which is refundable. Installation charge though would be free.

INTERNET1 Month3 Months12 Months
Fiber Router RentalRs. 2500/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 1000/-
Installation ChargeFREEFREEFREE
Drop Wire ChargeRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Refundable DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/
SME plan installation cost

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Enterprise Solutions

Besides the regular internet offering, WorldLink also offers Enterprise Solutions. These include the following:

  • Dedicated internet,
  • NetTv for Hospitality,
  • Data Connectivity,
  • Semi Corporate Plan,
  • Service Co-Location,
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS),
  • Email/Web Hosting Services,
  • International Private Leased Circuit,
  • Managed WiFi Service, and
  • Dark Core Connectivity.

One of the highlights among its Enterprise Solutions is Dedicated Internet. It provides a seamless broadband connection to its customers with an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. The customer is provided internet over a dedicated IP address with consistent bandwidth. To acquire this service, you will have to head over to this page and fill up this form.

Under this category, Worldlink is also offering NetTv service for which the customer will also have to fill a form and submit it online.

What is FUP and Why it Matters?

The infamous Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is implemented by all the private ISPs in Nepal. Basically what it does is restrict users from incessantly consuming more bandwidth than an average user. The ISPs justify this as a measure to provide a consistent performance 24*7.

The idea is when a user consumes too much bandwidth, the other user’s browsing experience is affected. Although customers may argue otherwise about a dedicated service, this has been a norm for years in Nepal. If you have felt a lag in internet speed around 6 to 9 or beyond, it is FUP throttling your speed to maintain uniform service for all during peak hours.

It is necessary to keep track of your internet usage. Worldlink just like any other ISP may contact, warn or completely throttle your connection upon extreme use. So to facilitate users to check on their FUP status, Worldlink has its own app.

Download the app on your mobile phone, log in with your assigned id and password. Then scroll below, you will see the FUP count. If the color is green, you are consuming bandwidth within the limit, and you are fine. But if you have exceeded the daily usage limit, it will turn yellow, and you should be on alert.

A normal user would never have to come across FUP as they mostly surf Facebook, surf some YouTube videos, and google some pages and visit sites. But those who are heavy internet users, who share large videos on the internet, use torrents regularly, they may experience some restrictions someday.

Worldlink has set a daily usage limit on users before FUP strikes in. If you are still on a 20 Mbps connection daily usage limit is 25 GB and for a 30 – 40 Mbps, subscription 35 GB bandwidth is allowed. If you exceed this limit then FUP will come into effect, and you will experience a throttle in internet speed.

Our Verdict

WorldLink has been the leader in the Nepali ISP market since its operation. With the internet speed war in full swing, the company has done its best to respond with a befitting counter to other ISPs. Its Photon 600 is Nepal’s fastest ever to date. Meanwhile, it also takes credit for launching Nepal’s first-ever Mesh Router system.  

WorldLink has expanded to 77 districts and aspires to contribute to Digital Nepal Framework. The ISP has also acquired a 40% stake in Khalti, Nepal’s prominent digital wallet to take its services far and wide in the country. Credit where it’s due. WorldLink knows how to gain momentum and seize the opportunity. It has acted with tenacity and fortitude in the ISP market and continues to make long strides despite all the odds.

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Tell us what do you think of the Worldlink Internet and TV packages, Offers, and Price in Nepal. Do put your comment below.

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