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Vianet Internet Packages and Prices; Ultraboost, FUP & More

Vianet is one of the leading Internet Service Provider in Nepal. Launched back in 2002 AD it has continued to be at the forefront among the crowd of ISPs with impressive offers. Let’s Learn about their Vianet Internet packages and prices in this post.

Vianet has become a credible ISP among consumers because of its diverse offerings and sophisticated FUP. It also offers UIltraboost which enables users to boost their internet speed up to 100Mbps so that they could download a file quickly. They have another feature called service Assurance to ensure the connection is up and running throughout validity.

The company is also bringing Viasshop and Viasecure to help users with more exciting facilities and security. These add-ons will enhance internet consumption for the users and keep them satisfied.

Vianet has upgraded its NetTv (IPTV) platform to ViaTV recently. You can upgrade your TV subscription on your Set-Top box by updating the version with a few clicks.

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Vianet offers a very robust plan for its customers with plenty of add-ons. Let’s explore their packages and costs below.

Vianet Purple Pack: Availability and Cost

Vianet teamed up with Ncell to serve a unique combination of ISP and telecom services for the first time in Nepal. Dubbed All in One, the customers get a cost-effective package on 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps from Vianet. Along with this, they would also get a Ncell sim for free which comes with a 4 GB monthly data pack for one year, totaling 48GB plus, voice calls, and SMS. Besides, the internet package, the customers will also bag 3 ViaTVs solutions for their home.

Vianet Purple Pack is a cost-saving affordable internet solution. To subscribe to this package, customers will need to pay Rs.500 for a WiFi device, and an additional Rs.3500 for 5Gz WiFi. The installation will come for free.

The package brings many services from Ncell too including voice calls and SMS. You can find all the detail in the table below:

SIM Offers in Vianet Purple PackAmount
Mobile Data4GB/m (Total 48GB in 1 year)
Mobile Data using Vianet Mobile AppFREE *
Voice | Ncell-Ncell50 mins/m
Call to Vianet call center Ncell No.FREE *
SMS | Ncell-Ncell50/m
Ncell offers in Vianet Purple Pack

Vianet’s Mammoth 100 Mbps Offer

On the occasion of New Year 2078, Vianet launched an incredible 100 Mbps internet connection offer. The offer will provide subscribers a mammoth 100 Mbps connection at a cheaper price at no additional cost albeit the offer is up for grabs for a limited period only.

What Is In The Offer

This existing user will benefit handsomely from this generosity. Subscribers will also get a significant speed bonus while upgrading to/ or renewing their 1-year package at the same price. Check the table below for details: 

  • 30 Mbps becomes 50 Mbps + 1 viaTV (Rs. 15,000 yearly) 
  • 40 Mbps becomes 75 Mbps + 2 viaTV (Rs. 17,400 yearly)
  • 60 Mbps becomes 100 Mbps + 3 viaTV (Rs. 21,600 yearly)

While subscribing to this offer customers will receive an NRs. 1,000/- reward points that they can utilize to get a discount on your next payment.

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Vianet Internet Packages and Prices

Vianet provides its customers with home and office packages. It also extends the office plan further with Corporate Package for large-scale businesses. Its Home Plan begins at 25 Mbps for NRs. 1,500/- for EXTRA Value TV+. It has SUPER Value TV+ and MAX Value TV packages with improved bandwidth.

Its business plan comes titled SOHO. It features plans for small offices with minimum users to homes with larger family sizes. SOHO plan is affordable for you if your Home Plan can’t meet your requirements. SOHO Plan gives you a higher bandwidth for more people at a moderate cost.

The corporate Plan meanwhile is for the large-scale organization. If your business has a large internet consumption and needs the most fulfilling package then it is for you. This plan is the most ideal for those who demand higher bandwidth with unlimited users’ connectivity.

Vianet’s Bhayankar Offer

before we begin with the standard packages let’s start with Viant’s bumper offer that challenges other ISPs. The affordable Bhayanker offer is ideal for customers opting for a low-budget internet plan.

The package lets subscribers enjoy a 20 Mbps internet connection at NRs. 800 only that amounts to mere NRs. 9,600 annually. This package just like WrodLink’s Tahalka offer is available on annual basis only.

Bhayankar Offer  DurationCost
20 Mbps12 monthsNRs. 9,800/-

Ek Rupaiyama Set-Top-Box Offer

Vianet’s incessant offering also includes an aggressive set-top box offer at NRs. 1 only. This offer is available for just Falgun month of 2077 BS. So if you were only subscribing to the internet and planning on adding a TV service, this is the right moment for you to grab the opportunity.

You can find all the information regarding this here.

Now let’s finally explore the regular offerings from Vianet.

Home Plan

Home Plan is Vianet’s most popular and subscribed plan. It is a home solution bundled with TV service today namely ViaTV. Currently, there are various plans available under this package.

EXTRA Value TV+DurationPriceUltra-boost
25 Mbps1 monthNRs. 1,500/-1 GB
30 Mbps3 monthsNRs. 4,500/-3 GB
30 Mbps12 monthsNRs. 13,500/-15 GB

Vianet’s starter pack begins at 25 Mbps for NRs. 1,500/- per month. If you want a higher bandwidth pack, there are 30 Mbps for 3 months at NRs. 4,500/-. You can purchase 30 Mbps packs for 12 months too for NRs. 13,500/-.

What is Ultraboost?

Ultraboost is a unique add-on service from Vianet. Ultraboost lets you boost your internet speed up to 100 Mbps and use the bandwidth you get as per your internet package. You can use this service when you need to watch videos or download heavy files regularly.

How Do You Subscribe to Ultraboost?

If you want to acquire Ultraboost you have to visit this link and log in with your username and password. Then go to service Details and choose Ultraboost. Finally, click on Turn On and Ultraboost will be activated on your subscription.

SUPER Value TV+DurationPriceUltra-boost
35 Mbps1 monthNRs. 1,700/-1 GB
40 Mbps3 monthsNRs. 5,100/-3 GB
40 Mbps12 monthsNRs. 15,300/-15 GB
The charges are exclusive of 13% VAT.

Vianet is offering Super Value TV+ at 35 Mbps. It will cost you NRs. 1,700/- per month. Just like the previous package, the next package will have the same speed for 3 and 12 months validity. You will fork out NRs. 5,100/- and NRs. 15,300/- for 3 months and 12 months respectively.

MAX Value TV+DurationPriceUltra-boost
60 Mbps1 monthNRs. 2,200/-1 GB
60 Mbps3 monthsNRs. 6,450/-3 GB
60 Mbps12 monthsNRs. 19,140/-15 GB

This is the premium package under Home Plan. The package comes with a massive 60 Mbps that will be ideal for heavy users and netizens. For 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months you will have to pay NRs. 2,200/-, NRs. 6,450/- and NRs. 19,140/- respectively.

You will be subject to 1 GB, 3 GB, and 15 GB Ultraboost on 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months subscriptions.

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First Time Installation Cost

Different schemes are available for the first-time installation. If you are installing on monthly basis, you will have to pay NRs. 2500/-. However, installing Vianet with renewal at 3 months and 12 months intervals will cost you NRs. 1500/- for each.

Duration1 Month3 Months12 Months
ChargeNRs. 2500/-NRs. 1500/-NRs. 1500/-
Fiber Device DepositNRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-

Vianet’s SOHO Plan

SOHO stands for Small Office and Home. Vianet offers this plan for small to medium level offices which require higher bandwidth for multiple users with 24*7 connectivity assurance. There are three variants of this package. Let’s explore them below.

Fiber Biz Silver: 20 Mbps

Duration1 month3 Months6 Months12 Months
CostNRs. 2,100/-NRs. 6,000/-NRs. 11,800/-NRs. 21,050/-
FTTHNRs. 2,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-
ONUNRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-
TotalNRs. 5,100/-NRs. 8,000/-NRs. 13,800/-NRs. 23,050/-

The beginner SOHO plan kicks off at NRs. 2,100/- on per month payment. If you intend to pay for the entire 12 months period, it will come to NRs. 21,050/-. Installing this plan will require an additional FTTH of NRs. 2,500/- on a monthly basis, and NRs. 1,500/- for other plans. The ONU will cost NRs. 500/- while installation will be served for free.

Fiber Biz Gold: 30 Mbps

Duration1 month3 Months6 Months12 Months
CostNRs. 3,100/-NRs. 8,900/-NRs. 17,400/-NRs. 32,500/-
FTTHNRs. 2,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-
ONUNRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-
TotalNRs. 5,100/-NRs. 11,900/-NRs. 19,400/-NRs. 34,550/-

The medium plan Fiber Biz Gold pack will offer 30 Mbps bandwidth. It will cost you NRs. 3,100/- on monthly renewal while it will cost you NRs. 5,100/- on first-time installation. If you pay for the whole 12 months subscription it will cost NRs. 34,550/- including FTTH and ONU device.

Fiber Biz Platinum: 40 Mbps

Duration1 month3 Months6 Months12 Months
CostNRs. 6,100/-NRs. 17,400/-NRs. 33,000/-NRs. 62,550/-
FTTHNRs. 2,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-NRs. 1,500/-
ONUNRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-NRs. 500/-
TotalNRs. 9,100/-NRs. 19,400/-NRs. 35,000/-NRs. 64,550/-
The charges above are exclusive of 13% VAT.

The Fiber Biz Platinum is the highest category in its SOHO Plan. This package will cost you NRs. 6,100/- if you pay per month and the first-time installation will cost NRs. 9,100/-. Paying every 3 months will cost NRs. 17,400/- and for 12 months it charges NRs. 62,550/-. The first-time installation will total NRs. 64,550/- on this setup.

The best part of this plan is all the packages will be free of FUP restrictions. It means users can surf the Internet all day and night during the validity period without ever caring for the red flag.

If you run a business and have many customers requiring connections, it is the ideal choice for you. As for which plan is most suitable it will depend on the number of users you will need and the number of devices altogether.

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Corporate Plan

Vianet’s flagship offer Corporate is for large business organizations and agencies which require high bandwidth and reliable connection throughout. To subscribe to this plan, you will have to log in to this page and fill up a form. Later a Vianet representative will work on the details and a field team will visit you and install the service.

Vianet’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Like any other ISP in Nepal, Vianet subjects its customers to FUP so that they could provide a comfortable browsing experience to all during peak hours. It assesses the users’ internet consumption on 3 tiers and triggers its restrictions.

For a 12 Mbps package, a user may get a 450 GB allowance per month. If the user surpasses beyond 550, Vianet will activate its tier 1 restriction and throttle the speed to 8 Mbps. Then Vianet will apply tier 2 FUP if the user goes beyond 650 GB. This will slow down the internet at 4 Mbps. When the user gets even beyond 650 GB per month, the speed will be throttled down to 2 Mbps for the entire remaining period. You can learn more about Vianet’s FUP quota here for different packages at this link.

Tell us what do you think of Vianet ISP and its Internet/TV service packages, offers, and prices in the comment below.

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