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Vianet Internet Packages, FUP, Offer, and Price in Nepal

Vianet is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Nepal. Launched back in 2002 AD it has continued to be at the forefront among the crowd of ISPs with impressive offers. In this post, you will find all the internet packages, offers, FUP, and Price of Vianet in Nepal.

With CG Net ensuing an internet speed war in Nepal, Vianet has launched its own response to it with a compelling offer that we will discuss below.

Besides, the ISP offers its packages for residential use and small home offices.

Vianet has also upgraded its NetTv (IPTV) platform to ViaTV. You can upgrade your TV subscription on your Set-Top box by updating the version with a few clicks.

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Vianet offers a very robust plan for its customers with plenty of add-ons. Let’s explore their packages and costs below.

Vianet Nepal Internet Packages, Offers for Residential

Vianet 2 Gbps Internet Package with XGS-PON technology

The private ISP Vianet launched Nepal’s first-ever 2 Gbps internet package backed by the XGS-PON technology. The company introduced the package for users who are in need of extremely fast internet speeds. It says the revolutionary package will set a new standard in Nepal’s internet industry.

The 2 Gbps package is currently available in select areas inside Kathmandu but the private ISP says it will soon expand the package through the city.

Ultra-fi: Vianet’s Ultimate Offer

Vianet has launched Ultra-fi packages in response to the ongoing speed war among the ISPs in Nepal. The Ultra-Fi offer brings three packages – 250 Mbps, 150 Mbps, and 120 Mbps at affordable costs. All these packages also bring Vianet’s TV solutions as well.

Vianet Ultra-fi
Vianet Ultra-fi | IMG source: Vianet

The Ultra-fi offer comes with a 5 GHz router which helps with uninterrupted and consistent internet performance across your devices. With either of these plans, you should bid adieu to anxiety while downloading or uploading large files, or gaming and streaming content.

Ultra-fi Packages | 125/175/250 Mbps

Ultra-fi 125 Mbps is the starter plan under Vianet’s mega offer. It comes for Rs.1,400 per month renewal. For 3 months subscription, it will cost you Rs.4,050. This plan costs you Rs.13,200 on 12 monthly renewals. The 125 Mbps plan also brings with it one Via TV.

Duration125 Mbps (1 Via tV)175 Mbps (2 Via TVs)250 Mbps (3 Via TVs)
1 monthRs 1,400Rs 1,550Rs 1,900
3 monthsRs 4,050Rs 4,500Rs 5,550
12 monthsRs 13,200
(Effectively 1100/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!
Rs 15,000
(Effectively 1250/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!
Rs 18,000
(Effectively 1500/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!
Vianet Ultra-fi offer

The 175 Mbps is its most publicized moderate plan (sic). This plan costs you Rs.1,550/Rs.4,500/Rs.15,000 on 1/3/12 month’s subscriptions. Likewise, this plan brings with it 2 Via TV set-ups.

Vianet’s ultimate Ultra-fi plan comes in the form of 250 Mbps blazing speed. Like the other two plans, this one also comes with 1/3/12 months subscriptions which cost you Rs.1,900/Rs.5,550/Rs.18,000 respectively.

In the high time of Nepal’s ongoing speed war among the ISPs, this is Vianet’s best offering to date. If you have been thinking of switching or want an upgrade, you can count on these packages. These are high-speed broadband that should meet all your download and streaming needs. Speed is becoming less relevant these days.

Ultra-fi Installation Cost

Vianet’s ultimate broadband offering incurs charges on 1/3 and 12 months. In it, the installation charge costs Rs.500 for 1 and 3 months. However, Vianet is not charging fees for installation on 12 monthly subscriptions.

Meanwhile, a subscriber will have to fork out Rs.2,500/2,00 and Rs.1,000 for Dual Band WiFi setup on 1/3 and 12 months subscriptions respectively.  Meanwhile, a subscriber will have to pay Rs.500 for WiFi Device Deposit.

Vianet internet1 month3 months12 months
Installation chargeRs 500Rs 500Rs. 0
Dual-Band WiFiRs. 2,500Rs. 2,000Rs. 1,000
Fiber WiFi Device DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500
Ultra-fi installation charges

Ultra-fi: 200 Mbps for non-TV users

Vianet has also announced an affordable package for non-TV users. By revising the existing Ultra-fi plan, it is offering a 200 Mbps plan for just Rs.999 a month on a yearly subscription.

The package would be an ideal fit for those whose only requirement is high-speed internet and not a digital TV. To get a subscription, you only have to pay for the internet service and Rs.500 for a  dual-band router. The installation charges are free. Meanwhile, you will also have an option to buy the same package with ViaTV. For this, you will have to pay Rs.1,100. The set-top box comes for free in this with-TV package.  

Vianet packageWithout TVWith TVDual-band routerSet-top-boxInstallation
200 MbpsRs.999Rs.1,100Rs.500FreeFree

For multiple ViaTVs

Likewise, there is an option to add more ViaTVs under this affordable package. If you want 2 ViaTV subscriptions, you can buy the 250 Mbps plan. This will cost Rs.1,250 per month annually. Similarly, the 300 Mbps connection is also available which brings you 3 ViaTV subscriptions for Rs.1,500 per month. This is also a yearly subscription.

For multiple ViaTVsNumber of TV subscriptionsCost
250 Mbps2 ViaTVsRs.1,250
300 Mbps3 ViaTVsRs.1,500

The package is one of the cheapest offerings for the 200 Mbps speed segment in Nepal. The ISP says the affordable plan is a reflection of its commitment to provide value for money services to its valued customers.

Vianet Mini-Pack

Vianet has launched a cost-affordable internet plan under its Mini line of products. The Mini-pack comes with a 75 Mbps fiber broadband plan at a cost-friendly Rs.800 a month. The annual pack also comes with Ncell data of 4 GB per month totaling 48 GB in 12 months.

The pack will be an exceptional fit for those customers whose internet consumption is limited and who need a super cost-friendly internet deal. Vianet has already offered its premium Ultra-fi pack. But the Mini-pack hits the sweet spot for many as it comes with a respectable 75 Mbps internet for a price below Rs.1,000, along with calling for many in the country.

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Vianet Purple Pack: Availability and Cost

Vianet teamed up with Ncell to serve a unique combination of ISP and telecom services for the first time in Nepal. Dubbed All in One, the customers get a cost-effective package on 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps from Vianet. Along with this, they would also get a Ncell sim for free which comes with a 4 GB monthly data pack for one-year, totaling 48GB plus, voice calls, and SMS. Besides the internet package, the customers will also bag 3 ViaTVs solutions for their homes.

Vianet Purple Pack is a cost-saving affordable internet solution. To subscribe to this package, customers will need to pay Rs.500 for a WiFi device, and an additional Rs.3500 for 5Gz WiFi. The installation will come for free.

The package brings many services from Ncell too including voice calls and SMS. You can find all the details in the table below:

SIM Offers in Vianet Purple PackAmount
Mobile Data4GB/m (Total 48GB in 1 year)
Mobile Data using Vianet Mobile AppFREE *
Voice | Ncell-Ncell50 mins/m
Call to Vianet call center Ncell No.FREE *
SMS | Ncell-Ncell50/m
Ncell offers in Vianet Purple Pack

Vianet Business Solutions (SoHo)

Under Small and Medium Enterprises, Vianet offers commendable internet plans for business needs. The plan comes on 1/3/6/12 months renewals and also comes with ViaTV set up. The offer comes under Fiber Biz Silver/Gold and Platinum packages. In terms of speed, the SME Internet plan comes for 25 Mbps, 35 Mbps, and 50 Mbps speed.

Vianet Soho plan
Vianet SoHo plan

There are a lot of perks with the SoHo plan. The business-friendly package comes with priority support from Vianet. It provides a loss-less internet with dynamic public IP. All these contribute to the seamless connectivity that an enterprise requires.

Fiber Biz Silver TV + 25 Mbps

The starter plan in the SoHo plan comes for Rs.2,500 per month renewal. For 3/6/12 months, it will cost Rs.7,100/24,000/25,000 respectively.

Duration1 month3 months6 months12 months

Fiber Biz Gold TV + 35 Mbps

Duration1 month3 months6 months12 months

The moderate plan Fiber Biz Gold comes at 35 Mbps speed. This package will cost Rs.3,500 per month. For 3/6/12 months, it will cost Rs.10,000/19,500/35,650.

Fiber Biz Platinum TV + 50 Mbps

Duration1 month3 months6 months12 months

The premium plan under the SoHo package is Fiber Biz Platinum which clocks at 50 Mbps. This plan costs Rs.6,500 per month. For 3/6/12 months, it will cost Rs.18,500/35,100/65,650 respectively.

Installation Charges

The SoHo plan costs Rs.2,500 for a 1-month installation. For 3/6/12 months, it will cost Rs.1,500. Vianet charges Rs.500 for a WiFi device deposit.

For internet1 month3 months6 months12 months
Installation chargeRs 2,500Rs 1,500Rs 1,500Rs 1,500
Fiber WiFi Device DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 500

A business house with a dozen employees that need seamless connectivity can subscribe to this package. However, you now have the ultimate option of a 250 Mbps plan too which can fulfill all your internet demands online.

Delightfully, all the packages under SoHo don’t include sharing ratio and evade FUP. The costs are inclusive of TSC and BSS charges. However, a 13% VAT is applicable on the prices above.

Enterprise Offer (Corporate Plan)

Besides conventional internet plans, Vianet also offers a corporate plan that brings customizable services to the customers as per their demands. This includes internet, intranet, Zoom, ViaTV, web hosting, etc. To acquire this service, you must go to this link and fill out a form.

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Vianet’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Like any other ISP in Nepal, Vianet subjects its customers to FUP so that they could provide a comfortable browsing experience to all during peak hours. It assesses the users’ internet consumption on 3 tiers and triggers its restrictions.

For a 12 Mbps package, a user may get a 450 GB allowance per month. If the user surpasses 550, Vianet will activate its tier 1 restriction and throttle the speed to 8 Mbps. Then Vianet will apply tier 2 FUP if the user goes beyond 650 GB. This will slow down the internet to 4 Mbps. When the user gets even beyond 650 GB per month, the speed will be throttled down to 2 Mbps for the entire remaining period. You can learn more about Vianet’s FUP quota here for different packages at this link.

Vianet Contact Number and Log in

The main office of Vianet Communication is located on the 4th floor, Prera Business Center, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Meanwhile, you can also contact the ISP for support and maintenance services through multiple digital means.

Vianet ContactNumbers

Toll-free(NTC) : 16600188444

Additionally, you can also contact Vianet at the Viber chatbot, its official Facebook page, or at its portal Or you can log in to the Vianet app to learn more about your subscription.

Our Verdict

Vianet has established itself as a major ISP in Nepal over the years. With Value-Added Services and improved internet packages, it is becoming another good alternative for the growing number of internet users in Nepal.

The ongoing speed war frenzy has also influenced Vianet and has launched its mega internet plan in the form of Ultra-fi. Besides, it has also improved bandwidth speed on its SoHo plan. As the ongoing internet upheaval intensifies, we might as well see Vianet offering even bigger and better fiber broadband packages.

What are your thoughts on Vianet’s position in the ongoing #internetspeedwar in Nepal? Do share with us how you think Vianet internet packages, offers to stand up to the rest at present in our comments section below.

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