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Things to consider before choosing an ISP in Nepal

We all have been through the pain in selecting a good ISP at least once. Endless hours of browsing through ISP’s website makes thing more confusing. All ISP claim them self to be the best in the town, their website makes you feel like you should get everyone of them. So the question comes down to this: which one to choose? Well there aren’t any specialized algorithm that filters out the best ISP, it all depends on your need. Nevertheless, we have listed out the major pillars that make a ISP a worthy of a choice.


It doesn’t matter if the service is good or the price is low but it isn’t available in your area. If you are inside the Kathmandu valley than you may have lot of ISP to choose from. It’s best to call the ISP to check whether it’s available in your area. Ntc’s ADSL covers all of 75 districts, while WiMax covers 68 districts. meanwhile, WorldLink has coverage in 63.

Upload and Download speed

This might be the most important factor that everyone looks for. We know how tedious task it is to head over the individual ISP website. Think carefully the task you will be doing with the internet service. Is it just plain web browsing or some serious video streaming? 5 Mbps seems to be the benchmark speed in Nepal nowadays with most ISP providing that speed at reasonable cost. We know how tedious task it is to head over the individual ISP website. So sit back and relax we have a whole article just for that:

Comparison of different ISPs in Nepal: Speed and offers.


This may be the bottleneck for most users but over the few years the costs are actually decreasing with increasing bandwidth rate, mainly because of competition among the ISP. Since you require a modem for the connection, some rent the modem with a deposit fee or you may have to buy it. Other cost includes installation fee (Most ISP install free of cost), wire costs, deposits, taxes. If you choose to install a package of few months at a time, there will be deduction in price.

Terms of Service

There comes a lot of strings attached with nearly every ISP. Its best to inquire all the terms of service before you make a hasty decision. For example, there may be data restriction (if limited service is used), the downfall data speed after the data package is depleted.


Add-ons are special features that ISP give you to make it look that you are getting good bang for buck. The most common Add-on in Nepal is the TV connection along with the internet connection. With the government’s policy to encourage digital TV connection (with HD TV), this might be the package well-suited for you.

Reliability and customer support

The things listed above doesn’t count at all if the service isn’t reliable. Reliability isn’t something to be measured by download speed or anything. The best way check the reliability of the ISP is to ask the current users of that particular ISP. There may be your friend or neighbor using the same ISP, ask him/her about the reliability and customer service and make sure to ask as many people as possible.

Now, lets be real , clearly there isn’t a single ISP that satisfies all the above mentioned criteria. If you choose for one of the factors we listed above then you may have to compromise one another. There will always be sacrifices. No matter what your preference is ,whether it may be speed or cost, don’t forget to be sure about the most important factor of all: RELIABILITY.

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