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Toll-Free Numbers of ISPs in Nepal For Inquiry/Complain

We all indulge in internet surfing; from basic browsing to sharing investments, doing business meets, or digital payment, watching multimedia, etc. However, internet connection is not always perfect. Disconnections and speed fluctuations still remain very common issues. Whenever this happens all we want is to restore the connection asap. Therefore, today we have compiled the list of toll-free numbers of ISPs in Nepal that you can call for complaints/inquiries, and resume your internet service.

NTA’s Ruling for Toll Free Service

Last June Nepal’s telecom regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority mandated that all the ISPs in Nepal provide toll-free service. While initially, four major ISPs complied, now more companies have followed the suit.

Regarding the matter, NTA Director stated, “Deluge of complaints about poor internet connection is lodged at the NTA office due to the lack of toll-free numbers by their respective ISPs. However, once the companies provide this service, it will result in greater convenience on the customers’ part as they will be able to directly consult with their service providers.”

He further added that the policy “will help filter the complaints according to their nature so that they could address the concerns more efficiently.”

In the beginning, only four internet companies Nepal Telecom, WorldLink Communications, Subisu, and Broadband Nepal launched the toll-free service. Bemused at the complacency, NTA warned of repercussions if other companies lagged behind in the initiative and now it seems like they have all acknowledged the gravity of the situation.

Importance of Toll-free number

Toll-free numbers are provided by organizations for their customers. These are exempted from any charges regardless of the counts and duration of the calls.

Companies provide this service so that the customers could reach them for inquiries and solutions to the issues they are having. In Nepal, a number of ISPs have grown but their customer service is still not adequate. Customers have long complained over the lack of proper response from the ISPs to sort out their connections and bandwidth-related issues. The lack of toll-free service made it worse.

Therefore, last year NTA issued to every internet service provider to launch the service or face reprimands. Gradually most of them have complied with this initiative.

With this service coming into effect, customers will be able to reach their ISPs for restoring their connection and acquiring technical support almost immediately.

Below is the list of Internet Service Providers and their toll-free numbers. Now you can call them and make an inquiry in case you suffer from sudden internet disconnection, slow speed, or other issues. Check the list below to find your ISP and save the contact.

S.NInternet service providerToll-free number
1Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. (Nepal Telecom)1498, 198
2Worldlink Communications Ltd.166001-55050
3Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd.166001-59999
4Broad Band Nepal Pvt. Ltd.166071-52004
5Techminds Networks Pvt. Ltd.16605651222 (NT), 9801575666
6East Link Technology Pvt. Ltd.166001-95985
7Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd.166001-58887
8Himalayan Online Services Pvt. Ltd.16600149520
9Arrow Net Pvt.Ltd.,16600142222
10Metrolink Business Group Pvt.Ltd.16607156222
11Big Marshyangdi Net Pvt.Ltd.,9801565666
12Prabhu Digital Ltd.16600178999,
13Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.16600150999
14Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd.061-540188,
15Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd.16600188444
16Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.16600100822
17Super Eight Network Pvt. Ltd.9801575750
18Infonet Communication Pvt. Ltd.1660774002
19Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd.16602358666
20Broadlink Communication Pvt. Ltd.9801571235
21PDS Server Pvt. Ltd.16605651120
22Ultra Net Communication Pvt. Ltd.16601166729
23Web Network Pvt. Ltd16607156555
24First Link Communications Pvt. Ltd.16602358555
25Everest Wireless Network Pvt. Ltd.9801571005 Ncell, 16608352003 Ntc
26Simple Media Network Pvt.Ltd., (SIMTV )9801544000
27Mahakali Digital Network Pvt. Ltd.1660017899 NTC,
9801571999 Ncell
28Shangrila Informatics Pvt. Ltd.16600102725
29Sustainable Networks Pvt. Ltd.16600119335
30Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd.9801571570
31Kriti Darshan Media Pvt. Ltd.16602558558
32Dish Home Pvt. Ltd.16600122000
33CG Net 16600110013
Toll-free numbers of ISPs in Nepal

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Analysis of the numbers

As the term itself implies, toll-free numbers are free of conventional charges but there could be certain limitations. Some of the toll numbers are regular phone numbers. Mostly they are of Ncell.

Meanwhile, most of the contacts that start with 1660 are of NTC and it is possible that these numbers are carrier restricted meaning that if you make a call from NTC to Ncell or vice-versa, it may include a certain charge. Furthermore, for those on Ncell, it is not possible to call and connect on 1498 which is a Nepal Telecom toll-free number.

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Note: As the term itself implies, these toll-free contacts are free of cost. They don’t charge any calling or tax charges. So making an instant connection with the call center, helps you to get a prompt response for your query/complaint to solve your internet service problem.

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