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Everything you need to know about a Toll-free phone number 

You must have heard of toll-free numbers and even dialed one of them. You must have noticed several companies and organizations promoting toll-free numbers to their customers. But, do you know why business houses and organizations have a toll-free number? Recently, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has also instructed the ISPs to implement a toll-free number. Are you wondering how a toll-free number works? If you have these queries, then your questions will probably get answered here in this article.

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Differences between Toll-free number and Local landline number 

1) Number Format 

How would you know if the given number is a toll-free number? It is easy to identify it from the local landline number. A Toll-free telephone number is a landline number, but it differs from the usual local landline number that we acquire. 

In the Nepalese context, Nepal Telecom issues both the numbers but have a different format. A landline number is seven digits long in which the first digit is an area code that varies from 4 to 6 according to the place. In contrast, a toll-free number is 11 digits long in which the first four digits are access codes (1660), followed by Area code (01), and a five digits subscriber number. 

Format of Toll free number in Nepal: 1660+Area-code+five-digital-customer-number.

2) Calling charge 

When we make a call, a certain amount gets deducted from the phone balance depending upon the call duration. The one at the receiver end does not need to pay for the call. But it is the opposite in the case of toll-free numbers. 

A toll-free number is free of charge. Interestingly, the one who dials the toll-free number does not have to pay for the call. However, the call receiving party is liable for the cost of the call. The host issuing the service pays for each call received. Find the voice call tariff in Nepal Telecom.

3) Uses 

A toll-free number has a specific use. A 7 digit landline number is a regular landline number issued by people for communication purposes daily. It is generally present in all companies and organizations. 

But, an 11 digit toll-free number is issued for customer-service purposes. It means those firms that receive suggestions, queries, and complaints from customers in a vast amount issue a toll-free number such as banks, hospitals, airlines, business houses, etc. for their customers’ convenience. 

Toll-free phones are also used as help-line numbers to feel free to seek help and support from social organizations. 

Read Nepal Telecom’s Call transfer service specially for businesses.

How to register for a Toll-free telephone? 

Toll-free numbers, often dubbed as Advanced Free Phone Service (AFS), is a landline number issued by Nepal Telecom in Nepal. The registration process for the free calling number is easy and inexpensive, which is as follows: 

  1. Form for Registration

    Download a toll-free form from Nepal Telecom’s official website and fill it.

  2. Submit Documentation required

    Submit a copy of the PAN, office registration letter, and a registration request letter to the Nepal Telecom’s office.

  3. Payment of the Toll free number registration

    Pay for the process according to the toll-free tariff. The standard registration charge is NRs. 1,000 and the cost of each receiving call is the normal voice tariff rate.

  4. Rental amount

    Rental amount per month: Rs 1000 (with 400 minutes free call).

  5. Pay for STD deposit

    If you need an STD facility, you need to put Rs 15,000 as a security deposit.

Read Nepal Telecom landline phone inquiry.

Features of the service in Nepal Telecom

  • Available across the country
  • 10 simultaneous call from a single number
  • Welcome voice message
  • Charge to the receiving party who has taken this service: Reverse charging.
  • Idle for businesses that need customer relations.

Why would a company need a toll-free number? 

Especially businesses and corporate houses use toll-free numbers. They usually assign such numbers to customer care service and marketing. Apart from the fact that it is easy to set up and saves customer’s money, a toll-free number has some notable benefits. 

A firm with such a free calling number appears reliable and trustworthy to the customers. The service eliminates customers’ unnecessary costs, so it encourages customers to have a cost-friendly calling experience. Customers feel free to contact such numbers as it lowers the barrier of paying for the call.

Such a free calling phone number helps improve the firm’s image as it will appear to take care of its customers. The calls of the customers do not get ignored. It shows concern towards customers. It shows that the firm is ready to provide instant service and support. 

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Hopefully, this article clears a lot of your doubts about toll-free numbers. Several countries use the free calling number service for the same purposes, but the codes in the numbers vary in different countries.

Do you have any service experience using such a number? Share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

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