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Nepal Telecom Starts Telephone Inquiry Through Online

What would you do if you need to find the landline telephone number of someone? Of course, you seek yellow pages. Well, the yellow pages here in Nepal are quite outdated. So people prefer to find the number with a single click or call. Now that NTC starts the PSTN telephone inquiry online, it has become very convenient for people.

Sometimes it is also easy if the telephone number changes but you only have the old number. After the change in a telephone number, Ntc updates its database so that you can get the latest number. You can search the telephone number of an individual or the Corporate.

Previously, you used to call Nepal Telecom landline phone inquiry at 197 where you need to ask the individual or the corporate name with the location. Then they will answer the number by looking into their database. Here are the other customer care or inquiry number in other Ntc services.

landline phone

Suppose, you need to find the number of a bank branch at a particular location, then you ask the call center operator for that. Then you will get the number for that particular bank at that location. This process takes around 2 minutes of time, but sometimes due to some issues in voice quality and the ascent, you may get a different number. So, although the process is quire, it may be erroneous or inefficient sometimes.

So, the online method that Ntc started just now for the telephone enquiry is the most effective one. There are chances that people may complain that putting the telephone number online is a security threat. They may argue fake calls or intentional fraud calls trouble people due to the number available in the portal. But one should know the full name and the address of the telephone owning person to get the number. And the chances are that the number could be in the name of any family member.

How to find a telephone number in Nepal?

To find a Landline/PSTN telephone number in Nepal,

  • You can make a call to Nepal Telecom at 197 and ask for the number of a person or organization.
  • Now you have an online method from a portal with which telephone number search is quite easy.
    • Go to the NTC portal for the telephone inquiry here.
    • Select the customer type as either individual or corporate.
    • Type in the District, Address, and the full name.
    • Click inquiry now to get the telephone number.
    • If there are multiple numbers of the same name, you will get the options and you can easily get the number you need out of them.

Telephone number structure in Nepal

You all know the structure of a telephone number globally, which has a + sign, Country code, local Area code, and the telephone number.

  • Global telephone number of Nepal: +977615543210 (just an example).
  • Local telephone number in Nepal: 014543210 (just an example)

Take, for instance, the telephone number for a number in Pokhara is +977 (country code), 61 (local area code), and a seven-digit number. You need to dial this number if you are abroad.

But if you need to dial a number locally inside Nepal, then you need to dial 0, local area code and the seven-digit number. For instance a number in Kathmandu, you need to dial 01-4123456. Previously you could identify the location from the local number itself, but these days it is quite difficult.

Tell us what do you think of the Nepal Telecom landline/PSTN telephone number inquiry system, in the comment box below?

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