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Nepal Telecom Landline Telephone; Cost, Connection, Transfer Info

Nepal Telecom is the only landline telephone service provider in Nepal. Although the charm of the landline phone has decreased, there are businesses or people who prefer to have it in their office or home. Well, in this post we are here to provide you detailed information about Nepal Telecom Landline Phone for the cost, the process to connect, ownership transfer, location transfer, etc.

Traditional phones which run a copper wire from the telco office (exchange) to the customer premises are called landline phones. Some people also call it a fixed line or fixed telephone or just telephone. Technical people also term it as PSTN phones (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Due to the wired connection, landline phones are more robust and provide better voice communication than wireless ones. This is the main reason for many people to prefer this telephone service.

Inside a country, the Landline Phone number starts from the area code and the local number. Like 01 is for Kathmandu Area Code. Whereas if you are abroad, you need to put the country code (+977) and then the area code (without 0) and the local number to dial the respective phone.

It is a requirement to have an NTC landline phone for an ADSL connection. So, you need to follow these steps if you want to have the ADSL line at home. Or you can fill the landline and ADSL connection together at once. Find the details about the Ntc ADSL service.

Cost of Nepal Telecom landline phone.

The cost of new Ntc landline phone is Rs 1635 which totals as:

  • Deposit: Rs 750
  • Installation charge: Rs 320
  • Ownership Charge: Rs 575

You also need to buy a telephone itself to actually make a call which ranges from above Rs 1000 for a good quality one.

Earlier the cost of landline phones used to be very high, but due to the surge of mobile networks, its popularity has gone down so with the price.

Previously, people used to pay a couple of tens of thousands to get a landline phone connection at home. It was also a matter of pride for people to have a fixed phone at home.

These days, you can also have a telephone line at home from Fiber. Nepal Telecom is migrating its old copper-based lines to fiber. Therefore, look for fiber connection availability to get the telephone service (with similar costing) from FTTH. Find the details of the NTC FTTH fiber internet service.

Rental Charge

As the landline phone is a postpaid service, you need to pay a certain amount every month with some free calls. The rental amount for the landline service is Rs 200, and you will be able to make 175 free calls (Ntc to Ntc). For calls to other networks, the cost includes if you have not used up the rental. The cost of calls after the rental charge for local NT numbers is Rs 1 per minute (without tax). Find the details of all the call charges in Nepal Telecom.

How to connect the Ntc landline phone at your home?

To connect Nepal Telecom (NTC) landline phone at your home, you need to follow the steps as

  • Go to the Nearest Telecom office, and ask for a form for telephone service.
  • Fill the form with your information details, location and pay for the required amount (mentioned above).
  • Then you can either meet the technical personnel there or they shall call you for estimation of the copper wire with the location.
  • After finding out the nearby distribution point, they shall come to your home and get the connection.
  • Normally it takes one or two days to get the connection based on the workload and the day of your form fill up (if there is any holiday, it can prolong).
  • The telecom staff will only install the wire to your place and then connect it to your phone at home. Make sure you have the dial tone and the ability to call phones before they leave.

Hope you are able to get the information for installing a landline phone to your home or office.

How to Recharge Ntc landline phone?

Here is the process to recharge your Ntc landline phone.

  • Get a recharge card and scratch the pin number
  • Dial 1412 and enter your landline number along with the pin number to recharge.
  • Or Dial *412# and follow the options to recharge landline from USSD.

There are more methods to recharge/bill payment of Nepal Telecom Landline Service. So do check out: How to Pay Ntc Landline phone bill?

How to transfer your landline phone from one place to another?

You also need to transfer your Ntc landline phone, if you move from that place. To transfer the landline phone’s location, you need to follow the process as:

  • Visit Nepal Telecom office and ask for the location transfer form of landline.
  • Fill the form with all of your details, together with the charge
  • Nepal Telecom charges Rs 320 for the location transfer of landline phone.
  • After the payment, they will connect a new line to your new location, with the same subscription.
  • If your new location is in the same Nepal Telecom exchange area (like Naxal to Naxal area), then you do not need to change your number. Otherwise your telephone number will change accordingly.

How to change the name transfer of landline service?

To change the landline phone owner name, you need to follow the steps as:

  • The original owner and the new owner need to visit Nepal Telecom’s office with their citizenship and photo.
  • Fill a form there with the details and submit
  • Pay for the landline phone owner change charge of Rs 678.
  • Then the phone ownership transfer will be successful.

Check out: How to check and change SIM registration name?

How to divert calls from Landline phone?

You can transfer/divert the calls from a landline using some code. The code differs based on the type of landline exchange or the manufacturer. So, we are providing you all the options among which you can try to divert the landline calls.

Option 1: *21*number whom to forward#. If it works, it is fine otherwise try option 2.

Option 2: For this option, you need to take the lock code (LC) from the Nepal Telecom office. Then try dialing *21*LC*number whom to forward#

Find the methods for Call forwarding, Call waiting service.

So here is all the information about Nepal Telecom landline phone. If you have any specific queries about the landline phone, then you can comment below.

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