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How To Check If Current SIM Is Registered On Your Name?

As per the rule, it is illegal to use a SIM card registered in another’s name. NTA had also asked people to use a SIM card that is registered in their own name. Another reason is that Government has started to use mobile numbers as identification on the Nagarik app. They also want to prevent the use of someone else’s SIM card for criminal activities. So, people have been searching for ways to find out if the current SIM that they are using is under their own name. In this post, we are providing the method to check the registration name for the SIM card/mobile number that you are using. Also, find the process to transfer Ntc and Ncell SIM ownership to your own name if you have been using it for a long time.

NTA was also developing a process to apply the e-KYC system for SIM card registration. In the first place, they have also put a limit on the number of SIM cards to register on one name, which is two. As known, they will use digital information like fingerprint or retina for the SIM card registration. But it seems like it will take more time to implement the e-KYC system.

SIM card

Nowadays it is very convenient to get a SIM card, from the local shops, stationaries. But 10 years back, it was quite different. People had to wait for months, queue in lines even in the night time to get the SIM card. As it was harder to get the SIM card, people were bound to buy it at a high price, from the third person. Those SIM cards were registered in other people’s names, someone they don’t even know. But others get it in the name of their family, relatives, or even friends.

Let’s find the process on how to check the SIM card owner name for both Ntc and Ncell number.

NTC SIM card name check


To check the registered name for Ntc SIM card/mobile number,

  • To check the registered name by USSD, you need to dial *922#.
  • Then you will get the display notification of the SIM registered name.

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How to change the SIM card name in Ntc?

If you find above that the SIM card/mobile number that you are using is not registered in your name or is incorrect, follow the steps as: (Requirement: You need to have used the number for a long time, greater than six months).

  • For prepaid, you need to Visit the Ntc office to change the SIM ownership with your valid identification issued by Government like the Citizenship, Passport, or Driving license (NTA has made it mandatory to carry original citizenship). Together you also need to provide a copy of your ID and identify 5 to 7 called numbers (for the proof of your usage) for validation. Then you need to fill a “Kabuliyat Nama” form with a photo of yours. Similarly, if you have found any error in your registered name, you can change it in the same way.
  • For postpaid, you also need to visit the Ntc office together with the original owner and his/her Nagarikta. Both of you need to provide the Citizenship copy. In case the original owner cannot be present, you have to present “Warisnama” and a copy of Citizenship. Fill a form with your photo and then it takes some time to transfer it to your name with some cost. In case of transferring ownership of sim registered on the company name, they should present the PAN number and registration of both at the NTC office.

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Ncell SIM card name check

Ncell logo

To check the name for Ncell SIM card/mobile number, you need

  • to dial *9966# which will tell the name of the registration for that SIM.
  • You can also press whether the name displayed is correct or incorrect.

Ncell customers can also check the SIM card name from their Ncell app. If you do not have the app, then download the app and log in to check the owner name.

How to change the SIM card registration name in Ncell?

If you find the registered name is not on your name or incorrect, Ncell tells you to visit the nearest Ncell center with valid Government IDs (Citizenship, Passport, or Driving license) to register in your name. If you provide proof of using the SIM card for more than two months period, then Ncell staffs do the SIM ownership transfer easily.

Hope the above method helps you to find the name of the SIM card owner and change it to your own name if you have been using it from some time. Tell us what do you think of the process to check the SIM card owner and the ownership transfer in the comment below.

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