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How To Know and Pay Ntc Landline Bill in Nepal?

Gone are the days when you have to queue in line for more than an hour to pay your NTC landline phone bill. Previously you need to visit the Nepal Telecom counter and put a lot of effort like traveling, queuing just to know the bill amount. Chances are you need to return back again to get the money required to pay (if the amount is quite higher) as they could only get the bill amount by reaching the counter. In this post, we shall discuss the ways to know and pay landline phone bill from home and using mobile too.

Still, some people visit Nepal Telecom (NTC) counter to know and pay the landline bill but a majority check themselves easily and then pay it through recharge cards or online payment services.

Nepal Telecom is only the landline service provider here in Nepal.

How to get the PSTN landline bill of Nepal Telecom?

To know the PSTN landline bill, there are three easy ways namely IVR, SMS, and website.

From IVR

Through PSTN bill inquiry System (IVR) means, customers

  • need to dial 1606 from their landline phone and
  • after several announcements, they need to dial 1 for language and 1 for landline bill, and then 1 for individual bill month to know the balance for that specific month.
  • You can even know the pending bill amount directly by dialing 2.

From SMS

Using SMS, you can also know the bill amount of PSTN landline phone,

  • by sending a message of the format CB*LandlinePhoneNo ( which should contain the area code with 0) and send it to 1415.
  • Read in detail about the landline bill query from SMS.

From Website

You can also check the landline telephone bill from Nepal Telecom’s own website. There is a portal for this online bill check purpose where you can get the details of the bill.

  • Go to the portal (
  • Select the PSTN landline phone and choose the month for which you want to get the bill.
  • Enter your PSTN number and the account number for your last paid bill.
  • Click the “Check bill” button to get the bill for this account for that particular month.

After knowing the billed amount, you can use some of the services to pay the Ntc landline bill from wherever you are, including your home. You don’t need to visit their counter for the NTC landline bill payment.

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How to pay landline bill from home?

To pay for the landline bill from home or anywhere, you can either use a recharge card or MPOS or wallet or digital banking. Find the process for each method of phone bill payment here.

Pay Ntc landline bill Using Recharge card

The bill payment of landline number from the recharge card is available in Nepal Telecom from the year 2012. Find the process to recharge the Ntc landline account with the recharge card as

  • Go to the online recharge portal of Nepal Telecom (
  • Enter the subscription number of the landline
  • Enter the recharge pin number as mentioned in the recharge card.
  • Click recharge for the payment of the above PSTN landline number.

Similarly, you can use IVR code 1412 and enter the Pin number, your landline phone for recharge.

Whereas you can also dial USSD Code *412# on your GSM mobile and select landline service to perform the recharge with the card’s Pin number.

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Using Pinless recharge or MPOS

There is this pinless recharge method available in some shops. You can also pay the landline bills using MPOS as

  • Visit the nearby shop where the MPOS is available.
  • Provide them your landline number and the money to pay.
  • Then they will pay for your landline bill using their Master SIM card.
  • This process is more convenient if you can find the MPOS shop in your area.

Using online banking or mobile banking

You can also pay the landline bill using online banking aka internet banking or mobile banking. For this, you need to take those services for your bank account and enable the login in the mobile apps.

  • Go to the website or mobile apps of the bank account.
  • Enter your login.
  • Go to the payment section, find NT Topup, then select NT landline.
  • Then enter the amount (as found above) to pay.
  • Put the landline number below in the format Area code (without 0)+ Number.
  • Click submit. In the case of mobile banking, you need to enter the MPIN number.

Using Digital payment apps

You can also pay the landline bill using digital payment apps including some mobile wallets or direct bank payment apps.

  • Just log in to those apps (eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, etc)
  • Find the payment for Nepal Telecom services, select landline.
  • Enter the landline number and the amount to pay.
  • Confirm to make the payment.

Find popular digital payment apps available in Nepal.

Having explained all the processes, which method do you prefer first for knowing the bill amount and then for payment of the known landline bill. If there is an issue with the above landline bill payment method, do comment below.

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