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Nepal Telecom ADSL internet is one of the revolutions for home internet in Nepal. NTC has time again increased the speed whereas decreased the price of the unlimited ADSL internet. This post we will provide all the information, offers, price, and speed of Ntc ADSL. You can also find the common frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Ntc ADSL.

First, let’s know about ADSL technology.

What is ADSL?

ADSL is one of the popular internet technologies which provides simultaneous data and voice through the PSTN landline phone. It stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line, where the download speed is always higher than upload.

Here the same copper wire that runs to your home provides you the telephone and internet service. A special splitter or filter needs to be installed that splits the main line into a landline phone connection and an internet connection to the modem.

ADSL filter

Nepal Telecom uses ADSL 2+ technology for its current ADSL service.

ADSL History and speed

Nepal Telecom ADSL was introduced in Nepal in the year 2065 by Nepal Telecom. That time, the basic speed that you can get for home use was 128 kbps and 256 kbps. Similarly, for organizations, they provided ADSL speed of up to 512 Kbps. That time, getting such hundreds of Kbps speed for internet usage and download was a big thing.

Over time, Ntc’s ADSL speed changed for a number of times. First, they increased the speed to 384 kbps and then later changed it to 1 Mbps download. Nepal Telecom then increased the ADSL speed to 5 Mbps download from 1 Mbps. Though they level up the download speed profile, the actual speed that a customer gets depends on the link quality, joints, and the distance of the copper cable. Whereas the upload speed remained mostly the same as it has limitations due to the link quality.


Ntc ADSL cost (Unlimited and volume-based)

There are two types of ADSL packages now; unlimited and volume-based. The cost of the unlimited internet of 5 Mbps is Rs 800. If you pay for six months or a year, you need to pay Rs 4300 or Rs 8000 which is discounted compared to pay per month.

Similarly, the cost of volume-based ADSL in Nepal Telecom is as follows:

  • 15 GB data @ Rs 200 for 30 days
  • 25 GB data @ Rs 300 for 30 days
  • 40 GB data @ Rs 400 for 30 days
S.N Ntc ADSL packages Cost of ADSL package Duration
1 Unlimited 5 Mbps pack Rs 800 30 days
2 15 GB Volume based pack Rs 200 30 days
3 25 GB Volume based pack Rs 300 30 days
4 40 GB Volume based pack Rs 400 30 days

Ntc ADSL offer

If you pay for a more month subscription, you will get a discount on the Ntc ADSL internet. As the price of a month’s ADSL internet is Rs 800, you will get at Rs 716.67 with six months subscription and at Rs 666.67 with 12 months subscriptions.

S.N. ADSL unlimited 5 Mbps subscription period Cost
1 1 month Rs 800
2 6 months Rs 4300
3 12 months Rs 8000

How to get an ADSL internet connection?

To connect ADSL internet service, you need to follow these steps.

  • You need to have a landline phone to connect ADSL internet. So if you do not have ADSL, you can first get a landline connection (contact your nearest Ntc office).
  • If you are applying for a new landline then you can also apply for the ADSL connection together.
  • If you already have a landline phone, you need to visit the Ntc exchange to fill a registration form together with the citizenship of the owner and pay the registration charge together with the monthly or yearly charges.
  • Buy an ADSL modem (with WiFi) from the local market (costs around Rs 1500 for a good one) and take it to the NTC office for configuration. You can also do the configuration on your own.
  • After getting the confirmation time for the ADSL connection to your landline from Ntc, you can connect the configured modem. NTC now enables the ADSL on your phone line by doing some sort of wired connection within a day or two.
  • Make sure all the indicators in the ADSL modem/router are a green color. The DSL indicator shows that you are connected to the NTC office or not. Whereas the internet indicator shows if your ADSL modem (together with the username and password) is configured rightly.

Read How to Connect the Internet at home?

It is mandatory to have an NTC landline telephone at your home to get an ADSL internet connection.

Ntc ADSL registration charge

The registration cost of Ntc ADSL is Rs 200 for volume-based and Rs 300 for unlimited internet.

Ntc ADSL speed

At present, the speed of Ntc ADSL is 5 Mbps. It has been more than 2 years that the 5 Mbps speed is there with the ADSL. 5 Mbps is the download speed that a customer gets in total. Suppose you have multiple mobiles, computers connected to the ADSL link, then the 5 Mbps internet will be distributed among them.

If you are not getting 5 Mbps speed in ADSL, you need to contact Nepal Telecom to change the profile and check the ADSL link connection.

As most of the ISPs in Nepal use FUP for the fair usage of the internet service, so the customer could get less than the assured speed. As known, there is no such limitation (FUP) for the bandwidth caps in ADSL. But the speed degradation may be due to the quality of the network. Check here for how to solve ADSL problems.

There is no FUP in Nepal Telecom ADSL internet.

This new price of Ntc ADSL is now the cheapest among all of the ISPs in Nepal. Private ISPs are providing internet speed of up to 50-60 Mbps which is possible due to the use of Cache servers for several applications like Facebook, YouTube, and more. But the actual internet speed might come down based on the no of subscribers, time of usage, and more.

Factors affecting ADSL speeds

The ADSL technology used by Ntc is ADSL 2 + technology which can provide maximum speeds up to 24 Mbps, for acceptable link distance. NTC ADSL can practically provide speeds around 10 Mbps with different packages. But they provided the speed up to 5 Mbps download till now. The speed depends on the distance of the copper cable from the exchange to customer home and link quality. Shorter the distance, better will be the link quality and the speed. Similarly, the no of connections/joints have also impact on the quality and speed of Ntc ADSL.

It also depends on how you connect the ADSL line in your home and no of users connected simultaneously through the same ADSL. If there is more than 1 person using the same ADSL either through ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi, the total speed will be divided among the users. So, in such a case, you always get speed less than the promised one.

The problems with ADSL internet are the issues in link quality from connection/ joint, ADSL modem problem, ADSL port problem, or other minuscule problems.

Although ADSL also has some sort of speed limitations by technology as compared with the Fiber internet, 5 Mbps speed is also a good speed for most of the home internet users. There may few people who prefer very high speed for their multimedia requirements and their professional work. For whom, ADSL should not be the choice.

Read the comparison between ADSL and FTTH internet to find which one is better.

FAQs related to ADSL

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to ADSL in Nepal Telecom.

Why my ADSL internet is very slow?

ADSL internet speed depends on the quality of the link with the copper wire that runs from the telecom office to your premises. There may be more joints at your home and the issue at the telecom end. First, you need to check on your premises if the cable is not joined at multiple points. Even then the speed is low, then contact Nepal Telecom nearby exchange. Sometimes visiting the office can solve the problem quickly.

Do I need a landline connection for the ADSL service?

Yes, you need to have a landline phone at your place to connect or register for the ADSL service. You can visit the Ntc office and follow the procedure as mentioned above.

I have forgotten the password of Ntc ADSL.. what to do?

If you have forgotten the password of ADSL, then you need to contact Ntc to get the required password.

I have forgotten the password of Wifi connected to ADSL… How to reset or change?

If you have forgotten the password of the Wifi connection with your ADSL, you need to connect your modem with your PC through LAN cable. Enter the IP address ( of the modem in your browser. Use admin as username and admin as password unless you have changed it. Check the default IP address and username, password printed in the device itself. Got to the WLAN setup page and change the password as you want, save it.

What is the maximum download speed of Ntc ADSL?

The maximum download speed of Ntc ADSL is 5 Mbps as Nepal Telecom has maintained the profile for this download.

What is the maximum upload speed of Ntc ADSL?

The maximum upload speed of Ntc ADSL is 100 Kbps. You may notice a huge difference between upload and download as the ADSL technology name suggests it to be.

I checked the download speed with ADSL but I only get 300 KBps, why?

Some of the internet speed is shown in KBps, not Kbps. As you see there is a capital B in the download speed, the KBps is shown less as 1 KBps = 8Kbps. So you have multiple by 8 to get the actual speed in kbps.

How can I increase my ADSL internet speed?

Well, 5 Mbps is the maximum internet download speed, that you can get with ADSL now. If you have got significantly less download speed than 5 Mbps, you should contact Ntc to check the link or adjust the profile from their end. If 5 Mbps is your current speed, then that is the maximum speed of Ntc ADSL now.

Is ADSL speed good enough for me?

If you are a single user or a few devices at home and do not share the internet connection with others, then ADSL speed is also good for you. This will also suit your multimedia requirements. But if you have multiple devices (like 4 to 5) using the internet most of the time, then you will not get speed as you require.

Similarly for people with high uploads, then ADSL may not be the right choice for you. If you prefer to use Nepal Telecom internet only, then we suggest you check Ntc FTTH fiber internet.

Tell us what do you think of Ntc ADSL price, speed, and offers, do comment below if you have any queries for it.

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