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Nepal Telecom’s Call Transfer Service to Support Businesses in Pandemic

Nepal Telecom informs the public about call transfer service that is beneficial for the pandemic period to support businesses and companies to carry out their work from home. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we changed our lifestyle and our business approach. We assimilated to the work-from-home method to carry out our professional life.

In such an unusual situation, when the customer or service recipient calls the office/shop, due to the absence of the employee, they couldn’t receive the calls or give the service. To facilitate this situation, Nepal Telecom is here to deliver the call transfer service that can provide some relief to its customers.

Even though the Government has put off Coronavirus lockdown, businesses and employees have not resumed all of their work from physical offices. So this service comes handy for those businesses.

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How does call transfer work?

In a call transfer service, we can transfer the incoming calls of the landline telephone of Nepal Telecom to another mobile number, CDMA number, or landline phone. In case of direct incoming calls, or busy line, or if the phone does not pick up, the customer can transfer the call to another number of Nepal Telecom.

This service of Nepal Telecom is beneficial to pick up the telephone calls on another phone without missing any incoming call in the office.

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How to get a call transfer service?

The customer can register for the call transfer service free of cost by visiting the nearest Nepal Telecom office. After receiving the service, the customer himself can use the four-digit lock code number as required for a direct call transfer. That is, an incoming call to one number can be transferred directly to another number.

If the number called is busy, then the call can be immediately transferred to another number via a busy transfer service. If no one picks the phone even if the bell rings up to four times, the call transfers to another number as required via no answer transfer.

The customer can change the lock code used for call transfer or other purposes by himself. These services are available on landline numbers of Nepal Telecom across the country.

To activate and deactivate the services, you have to dial some keywords. You can obtain the details from either the nearest Telecom office.

After getting the lock code, you can learn about the number to dial in your landline telephone for the call transfer.

To conclude, Nepal Telecom’s call transfer service is helpful for businesses and companies to redirect their office’s incoming calls to another number, which is at hand reach. Their customers can contact via call transfer service, so this service encourages the work from home methods during such a pandemic situation.

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