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What’s in Smart cell SIM: Coverage, Tariff and more.

If you are fed up of the same old Ntc Ncell network (no matter how good and reasonable they are), you now have an option for new mobile network to choose. You might have already heard of Smart Telecom which is an upcoming mobile operator, challenging the duopoly of Ntc and Ncell. It is already operational in 25 districts of the country. They call their service brand name as Smart cell.

Smart Telecom is the third largest operator of Nepal Telecom industry, after Nepal Telecom and Ncell. After operating mobile network in western remote areas, it is now being available in different other parts of the country. From many years, Smart Telecom SIM and network is also available here in areas surrounding Kathmandu city. Below include the whole list of areas.

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It is just recently that they have operated some base station towers in Kathmandu, so their network is also available here in the capital. They are also gearing to expand their mobile network to different parts of the country. Now, they only have 2G GSM network with  EDGE for data services. As they have recently got the technology neutrality license for 4G LTE,  we can expect smart cell 4G very soon. More about it here.

We have a Smart cell SIM with us to find what’s inside, from the main balance to bonus and more. The smart cell sim is available in all of the 25 districts where the network is available. You can even find the sim card of Smart cell here in Kathmandu.

Smart Cell SIM card cover

Price/ Cost of a Smart cell SIM

Smart cell SIM costs Rs 99 with main balance of Rs 50. The main balance can be used for call, SMS to any network and internet data. Smart Telecom also provides bonus amount when you recharge Rs 100 or above in each month. The bonus balance comes only from the second month of the SIM activation. The bonus balance of Rs 162 includes

  • Rs 100 of talk time , 50 SMS within Smart cell network and Rs 50 for other networks.
  • Recurs every month if there is recharge of Rs 100 or above.
  • The bonus amount will come for a year only.

The validity of the Smart cell SIM card is six months. The problem with the Smart cell SIM card now is it only has regular SIM card inside. As most of the SIM slot available in smartphones are either micro or nano, they will surely make the three in one SIM card available, as with Ntc and Ncell. According to a feedback from Facebook, the SIM card we had was a stocked one and the All in one SIM is already available in the market.

Call Tariff of Smart cell

There are two call tariff of smart cell, namely business hour and happy hour. The call tariff for both hours in listed below as:

S.NSmart cell Tariff nameCall periodCall rate within Smart cell’s networkCall rate to others network
1Business Hour10 am to 10 pmRs 1.5Rs 2
2Happy Hour10 pm to 10 am50 paisaRs 1

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Data tariff  / SMS tariff of Smart Cell

Data tariff and SMS tariff of Smart cell has two hours: namely Normal Hour and Happy hours. Here is the table of smart cell’s data and SMS tariff.

S.NSmart cell Tariff hourUsage periodSmart cell data rateSMS to within networkSMS to other networks
1Normal Hour6 am to 10 pmRs 2/ MBRs 1Rs 1.25
2Happy Hour10 pm to 6 amRs 1/ MBRs 0.50Rs 0.75

Coverage of Smart cell network and SIM

Smart Telecom coverage: Blue represents the already covered districts, while red represents the planned area.

As we have been asked regularly for the current availability of Smart Telecom network, here is the list of districts having the coverage of Smart Telecom mobile network.

S.NDistricts with Smart cell network

Plan of coverage expansion of Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom is also extending its network coverage to different parts of the country. Here is the part of the list for their plan to expand the Smart Telecom’s mobile network. The list below is for the expansion to happen recently. It is known that they are working to expand in all remaining parts of the country. Read here for the 4G launch of Smart Cell.

S.NDistricts to cover with smart cell mobile

If you want to know more about Smart cell SIM, do feel free to ask us.

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