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Ntc bus WiFi Internet service during bus travel; Free WiFi and more


Nepal Telecom announces the collaboration with Cybernetics to provide Ntc bus internet service for public bus transport. The service has started from Ashad 12, 2074. Ntc and Cybernetics have reached a deal before to start the Ntc bus WiFi internet service in long and short range vehicles.

Ntc bus Wifi internet

With this service, passengers in the bus can access to free internet, multimedia video using WiFi in their phone, laptop or tablet. Ntc bus internet service will be available in all of the 75 districts. As Ntc CDMA covers all the major routes and destination, they are using this service to provide internet in the bus. To get the service inside their bus, the bus providers need to contact cybernetics.

Any vehicles like Bus, Microbus, car can use this easy and affordable service. As known, there will be a  storage device in the bus itself to access the songs, video, films and download some apps for free as well. They can also know the location of their vehicle with the device.

Till now, we have found WiMAX ODU to have used in the buses for Free WiFi. It was first made available with tourist buses and then became ubiquitous, even taxis have got this now. As the unlimited data option is not available now, the bus providers were seeking another option for WiFi in their buses. This could fill the gap for the internet service in bus. But the maintenance of the device and the sustainability of the free WiFi in the bus is still questionable.

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