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ISPs to Issue Separate Bills for Internet and TV Services

ISPs will now issue separate bills for internet and TV services following a 3-points directive from NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority).  Internet Service Providers Association Nepal (ISPAN) has informed the telecom authority that its member service providers will comply with the NTA directive and will soon start implementing the bill’s policy.

ISPAN has informed that it has started the implementation of the directive from Bhadra. The internet service providers will now start issuing two bills for internet and IPTV services in phases.

NTA declared that ISPs issuing a single bill for both internet and TV service is illegal in August. The authority had objected to ISPs’ practice of charging fees for internet, TV, and router service without mentioning separate fares for each.  

NTA reasoned that doing so violated the bundling and cross-subsidy conditions ISPs agreed with NTA for the service approval.

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ISPs to issue separate bills for internet TV and other services

As ISPAN announced that service providers will adhere to the directive of NTA, they will have to clearly state the amount they are charging for separate services. This includes service charges for internet, IPTV, router, maintenance, etc. Service providers must maintain transparency in regard to the payment they charge to their subscribers and issue separate bills.

sample of internet and tv bill

NTA argued that outlawing bundled services is one step to contain the spiraling yet ‘unnecessary’ internet speed war in Nepal.  

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A summary of the 3-point NTA directive to ISPs regarding separate bills

  • NTA declared that bundling the service of internet, TV, ONU, and others is illegal. This breaches the condition pertaining to the Non-Cross-Subsidy agreement.
  • The authority admitted to finding that ISPs have been jointly operating and providing internet and TV services in a bundle.  It likewise asked the service providers to issue separate invoices for both internet and digital TV services.
  • In the invoice, the ISP must clearly mention how much it is charging its subscriber for each service. As per the agreement. This includes separate charges for internet service, maintenance, installation, router charges, etc.  

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