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How To Use Ntc Easy phone Service? | Buy, Tariff, and Recharge

Nepal Telecom (NTC or NT) introduced the SIP phone or VoIP phone service in Nepal in 2010. They have branded the service as NTC Easy phone service. With the Easy phone SIP service, subscribers can make economical calls from their computer with high-speed internet. This way, customers can make a call using Nt Easy phone from computer. They do not need any mobile or telephone handset. They have now launched the Easy phone app in mobile as well. The cost of the tariff of the voice calls will be cheap or economical as compared to normal costs or tariffs.

How to make VoIP or SIP calls from Ntc Easy phone application?

  1. To make a SIP call or VoIP calls, first, you need to take an account from Ntc. You need to visit Ntc offices to buy the SIP account of Easy phone service. You will be provided an account number and password.
  2. Then you need to download Easy phone software either on desktop or mobile. You can download the apps on the Mobile phone. Click the Easy call app to download for Android OS.
  3. Enter the username and password in the NTC Easy phone web portal.
  4. Then you can make a call either national or international through the application. Make sure you have got a headset with a microphone in case of computer usage.

What is the tariff of Ntc Easy phone SIP or VOIP service?

As you can make calls to any part of the world with Easy phone SIP application, here is the tariff of the Easy phone service in Ntc.

Country Per minute Tariff (Rs.) Pulse Duration Per Pulse Rate (Rs.)
USA/Canada Rs. 1.5 15 sec 0.375
India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand Rs. 2.5 15 sec 0.625
Malaysia, SouthKorea, Bangladesh Rs. 4.00 15 sec 1
Macau Rs 5.00 15 sec 1.25
Israel, Taiwan, Pakistan Rs. 6.00 15 sec 1.5
Japan, Russia Rs. 8.00 15 sec 2
UK, Australia Rs. 10.00 15 sec 2.5
Countries having Budget Call Services except countries listed in Group A,B,C,D & E and Somalia (252), Falk Land Island (500), Cuba (5399), N. Korea (850), Papua New Guinea (675), Soloman Island (677), East Timor (670), Satellite Phone (882), Global Networks (882), Inmar Sat (870) and Iridium (881) ONLY. Rs. 20.00 15 sec 5
Nepal (NT PSTN/GSM/CDMA network) Rs 3.00 15 sec 0.75

You can also make a call to another SIP account free of charge. This is a similar application called NT Pro (Not Available for now).

How much does it cost for Ntc Easy phone SIP account?

You can take the NT Easy phone SIP service account, by filling a form in Ntc counters. You need a copy of your citizenship document and a passport size photo. The charge of an account is Rs 50 which includes Rs 44 Talk time value.

How to recharge the Easy phone Account?

You can recharge your Nt SIP account using EasyCall PCC (Prepaid Calling Card) cards, NT Recharge Card, and Namaste Recharge card.

You can recharge from a recharge card using a GSM phone. Here is the process.

  • From the NT recharge card, dial 1412 and press 5 for SIP recharge.
  • From Namaste Recharge card, dial 1413 and press 3 for Landline recharge option, Put SIP Account number 604xxxxx).
  • Using Nepal Telecom recharge card, you can also recharge your Easy phone account from the web recharge portal.

If you have any queries for NTC Easy phone or SIP phone, do ask us.

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