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Ncell Voice Pack at 2 paisa Per Minute and Unlimited Night Pack

Ncell provides several voice packs to its customers for some time and in several forms. Now Ncell users can enjoy calls at even cheaper rates. With the Ncell new voice pack, customers can call at as low as 2 paisa per minute. Similarly, there is an unlimited night voice pack in Ncell at a very affordable rate. Find all the information about the Ncell voice pack along with the process to buy or which code to dial as below.

As per the need, there are daily, weekly and monthly packs available to the customers. Update: Ncell has even added 3 days and hourly voice packs which are completely new. Voice packs are a good option for those who use voice calls frequently. Using voice packs are relatively cheaper as compared to the regular price for the call.

Some of the next generation youngsters or the always-online people prefer to call their friends, family using OTT apps like messenger or Viber. But they can only do so when the called person is online. Due to this, the traditional voice call traffic is decreasing gradually in number in totality. So, Telecom operators try to attract people to make the call through their network, using those voice packs.

Now the unlimited night voice pack makes it easier for worry-free communication with your loved ones. These people are more attracted to the Ncell unlimited voice/data pack so they take the unlimited pack/offer regularly.

Ncell Voice call rate (Without Package)

Here is the voice call rate (tariff) in Ncell without any voice package.

S.N.Voice call rates (pulse rate: 10 seconds)Call Rate (per minute)(with taxes)
1Ncell to Ncell and all other networksRs. 2.54
2Ncell to  My5 numbersRs. 1.26
3Ncell to Ncell (Night tariff: 10 pm -6 am)Rs. 0.88

Here is how you can activate the My5 service, which allows you to call 5 numbers at a discounted call rate,

  • you need to call 5599 and add numbers easily
  • OR dial *5599# to activate, add numbers in the service.
  • My5 service activation charge is Rs 20 (without taxes) per month.

Similarly, to activate the night voice tariff in Ncell, you need to

  • dial *1006#
  • Activation is free of charge.

Ncell Unlimited Night Voice Pack

With the unlimited night voice pack, you can make endless conversations with your friends, family over the night period from 10 pm to 6 am.

The cost of an unlimited night voice pack is Rs 10 (exclusive of taxes) and the price with tax is Rs 12.77. Once subscribed, the night voice pack remains valid for 24 hours.

Find the process below for how to take all voice packs including the unlimited night voice pack by USSD code, IVR, and SMS method.

Now Ncell provides free Night SMS as a bonus with all of their voice pack. Find the number of free SMS for night time with each of the voice pack below.

Daily Voice pack

There are two Daily voice packs, one of 12 minutes and another of 22 minutes, valid for a day with the price of Rs 9 and 12 respectively including tax. Now you can get 12 and 22 free Night SMS with the subscription of the two-day voice pack of 12 and 22 minutes respectively.

Hour voice pack

This is the recent addition of the voice pack in Ncell. You can get 60 minutes of on-net talk-time valid for an hour at Rs 17 (inclusive of all taxes). On-net call means you can make a call within Ncell numbers only. So, the tariff of a 1-minute call becomes 28 paisa.

3-day voice pack

There are two 3-day packs of 55 minutes and 225 minutes. The 225-minute pack is the newest option available now which is actually 75 minutes per day for 3 days. The 55 minutes pack costs Rs 31.92 (inclusive of taxes) whereas 225 minutes pack costs Rs 48 (inclusive of taxes). You get 55 free night SMS with the subscription of the 55 minutes 3-day voice pack.

Day and Night voice pack

A night voice pack of 120 minutes costs Rs 8.94. Similarly, with the same price of Rs 8.94, there is a day voice pack of 35 minutes. Free night SMS with each of the night and day voice pack is 35 and 120. Find the day unlimited voice pack with the cheapest rate below.

Now Ncell has recently launched a Night call and SMS pack. With the offer, you can make 480 minutes call and 480 SMS for night time at Rs 12,77. Read more about the Ncell night call pack.

Weekly pack

Similarly, there are weekly voice packs of 75 and 125 minutes on-net talk time is available at Rs Rs 62.57 and 71.51 and respectively. Here, the number of free night SMS with the weekly pack is also 75 and 125. We find that the number of SMSes and the number of voice minutes is the same.

Monthly pack

Now the customer can enjoy 425 minutes and 720 minutes talk time for only Rs 204.3 and Rs 306.46 respectively in the monthly pack.

Night voice packs are only valid from 10 pm to 6 am. Whereas Day voice pack is valid from 5 am to 5 pm. The validity of the daily voice pack is 24 hours. Similarly, 3 days for the 3-day pack, 7 days for the weekly pack, and 30 days for the monthly voice pack.

You will also get free night SMS to use within the Ncell number with the monthly voice pack. The free night SMS of 425 and 720 comes as a bonus with the voice pack of 425 minutes and 720 minutes respectively.

Long minutes voice (Endless Kurakani) offer

Ncell has brought this special longer minutes voice package to suit people’s requirement for endless communication, for the loved ones. With this package, you can make on-net calls at specific minutes per day, which ranges from 100 to 150. The 7 days pack of 100 minutes per day costs Rs 95.77 whereas 15 days pack of 125 minutes per day costs Rs 191.54.

Similarly, the voice package of 30 days at 150 minutes per day costs Rs 381.79. You will also get a discount on off-net calls (Rs 1.28 per minute) with the subscription of this package whereas you can make a call to Ncell numbers at 64 paisa per minute, after the consumption of the mentioned minutes. Find the details of the Ncell Endless Kurakani offer.

Cheapest voice pack

The cheapest of all is the day unlimited pack (720 minutes) which costs Rs 15.32, which can only be used from 5 am to 5 pm. The cost of this pack is 2 paisa per minute. Here, the bonus free night SMS that comes with the voice pack is 720.

All-net Voice Pack (to all Networks)

You can also get all network voice pack in Ncell. Using this pack, you can make a call to any local number, which could also be of Ntc and Smart Cell. There is a 24-hour pack of 20 minutes which costs Rs 20 (without taxes). The cost of the all net voice pack in Ncell becomes Rs 25.54, after including taxes. Read details about all Net voice pack in Ncell.

All Ncell Voice packs

Here are the different voice packs in Ncell.

S.NNcell voice packPrice (inclusive of tax)Price per minute (paisa)Night SMS bonusValidity
1Daily 12 minutesRs 11.490.96121 day (24 Hrs)
2Daily 22 minutesRs 15.320.7221 day (24 hrs)
3Day pack 35 minutesRs 8.940.26355 am-5 pm
4Day unlimited (720 mins)Rs 15.320.027205 am-5 pm
5Night 120 minRs 8.940.0712010 pm-6 am
6Unlimited Night voiceRs 12.77very less10 pm – 6 am
7Unlimited hour pack (60 minutes)Rs 17Rs 1valid for an hour from the activation
83 days 55 minutesRs 31.920.58553 days
93 day 225 minutes (75 minutes per day)Rs 480.213 days
10Weekly 75 minutesRs 62.570.83757 days
11Daily 100 minutes for 7 daysRs 95.770.137days
12Weekly 125 minutesRs 71.510.571257 days
13Daily 125 minutes for 15 daysRs 191.540.1015 days
14Monthly 425 minutesRs 204.30.4842530 days
15Monthly 720 minutesRs 306.460.4372030 days
16Daily 150 minutes for 30 daysRs 381.790.0830 days

All of the voice packs can be used for on-net calls which means you can only use them to call any Ncell numbers only. Don’t forget that the Night SMS bonus is also on-net that is within the Ncell network only. There is also a separate all-net voice pack as mentioned above.

How to buy Ncell voice packs with code?

Customers can buy Ncell voice packs using USSD, IVR, SMS, VFT, and the Ncell app. Find the code for the Ncell voice pack subscription below.

  • Ncell customers need to dial the code *17118# and choose the new voice packs accordingly.
  • Ncell customers can also activate these packs using IVR service by dialing 17118 and choose the packs as per the instruction provided.
  • SMS subscription is also available for the customers, where customers need to type the pack they want to buy and send SMS to 17118. Users need to type 15 for the one-day pack, 30 for a 3-day pack, and 70 for the weekly pack and send SMS to 17118. Similarly, customers need to send 300 to 17118 for the monthly pack.
  • For the night unlimited voice pack, you need to send a text NU to 17118.
  • You can also take the voice pack using Virtual Fund transfer (VFT) from the nearest Ncell shop/center and also using Ncell mobile app.
  • To take all Nepal voice packs, you need to dial code *17118*7# for the all-net voice pack.

READ: How to check the remaining volume of Ncell data?

How to know the remaining minutes/balance in the Voice pack?

To know the validity of the voice pack and the remaining minutes/balance in Ncell, you need to

  • either Dial *100#. 
  • OR Type ‘S’ and SMS it to 17118

Tell us what is your idea about the Ncell voice pack, have you taken the Ncell voice pack before, Do put your feedback in the comment section below?

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