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All New Ncell App Features; How To Use Them

On January 26, 2021, Ncell released its latest update for the Ncell app enriched with new features, new animation, and a new user interface (UI). This update is Ncell’s biggest and most important app update to this date. The latest updated app is currently available on both Android and iOS platforms. In this article we will talk about all new Ncell App features as well as how to use them to their full potential.

Furthermore, Ncell is giving always a 1GB Data Pack for 7 Days to every Ncell App user. If you are using the old version of the Ncell app, then you can update and get a free 1GB Data pack for 7 Days. Not forgetting to mention, Ncell still provides free Daily 10 SMS to Ncell App users.

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New Ncell App Features

User Interface

One of the most noticed updates starts with the app’s user interface. It feels modern, fresh, and nicely animated. Also, the color combination is nicely put as well as every other icon and card.

When in default, there is a greeting that changes according to time and says Good Morning or Good Evening along with Hi followed by user’s name. Just below it is weather information. Beneath it are some top picks that Ncell recommends. There are 3 picks placed in 3 cards horizontally. Each card has a different color theme and different picks.

If you want to change, then you can easily change this with other 5 sections such as Offers, Recommended for You, Notifications, VAS Notifications, and Pack Alert. You can easily change it by tapping on the Hamburger icon placed just below your profile icon where your photo, name, and phone number are shown at the top left corner. Tap the Hamburger icon and select your favorite one to go with.

On the second half-section, there’s a horizontal line followed up by Network information and Missed Call information. Both this information is shown via nice icons. Below is an animation section that has a slide effect to it and rotates with 3 cards. Balance information card, Data Pack information Card, as well as Free Daily SMS Card, are the cards.

Below this card are three bars that also animation. This animation and bar show the time and cards animation. Beneath is a 3D tray where 5 icons are placed horizontally. These five icons represent 5 different sections; Ncell Support, Search, Transaction (Call history/details), Shop, and My Services. Likewise, all information is placed in 3D Tray in Profile Edit Section also.

Ncell Support


One of the exciting updates of the new Ncell app features is Ncell Support. You can easily access this feature by tapping the first icon in 3D Tray placed at the bottom of the main menu. The company has integrated a Chatbot aka Digital Buddy named Maya in the app, to assist its users. Simply type Hi and Maya will reply with a greeting and her introduction.

Similarly, if you type anything that Maya doesn’t understand then she will apologize as well as list out some of the things that she can do for you. She can help you with Balance Inquiry, Service Inquiry, and Recharge.

  • Just text Maya and she will look after you. That’s it.

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You can access the transaction in the third icon of the 3D Tray Placed at the bottom. In this section, you can find all your Call & SMS records, Top Up records, Internet records as well as VAS. All the records are shown in labels as well as in Infographic according to Day wise.

  • Tap on Usage Section or Activities and see your stats.
  • Simply press on Voice & SMS, Top UP, Internet, or VAS to check their stats.



In the shop section located at the fourth icon of the same 3D Tray. You can find all the Data Packs, Voice Packs, as well as Other Packs that Ncell currently offers. All the Packs are labeled differently in 4 sections; Data, VAS, Voice & SMS as well as Roaming. All packs in every section are labeled in cards nicely.

  • Press on any Pack you like and click Activate.

My Services


In this section located at the fifth icon of the 3D bar, you can see all the services and packs you are currently enrolling in. You can see your Balance, Data, Voice & SMS as well as VAS. Each section will show you your stats accordingly. The arrangement of information is very attractive, easy to read and cards are also nicely placed.

  • Just Go To My Services
  • Click on Balance, Data, Voice & SMS or VAS to see your stats accordingly.

Trouble Tickets


On the My Profile section, there’s a 3D bar for Trouble Tickets which is also one of the new Ncell App features. In this section you can tell the company about your issue you are facing. Just press on the card and press create. Then click on if its a Major or Minor problem and choose the category of your problem. After that, fill the boxes as per your problem. Finally press on register. Your trouble is now about get fixed.

  • Press on Trouble Tickets 3D bar in My Profile section
  • Click on create
  • Select Major or Minor Problem
  • Choose category as per your trouble
  • Fill out all the boxes according to your problem
  • Press on Register, that it.

Add New Account

new ncell app feature

Now, with the update, you can add another account also. This feature is located in a 3D bar in the My Profile section. Here you can add another account also apart from your main account. It could be your relative’s account, family member account, or your friend’s account. Simply tap on the bar, enter the number and fill the OTP code sent. That’s it your good to go now.

  • Tap on thee Add Account bar
  • Enter your number
  • Fill the OTP code sent
  • That it.

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If you want to use the new features in Ncell app, just install the new app or update the already installed one.


Ncell has heavily updated the app. It is a complete overhaul of the old app which makes it convenient for the users in many ways. Talking about other Nepali apps, the use of mobile App is growing rapidly in Nepal. The government has also launched Nagarik App to deliver public services online.

The new Ncell is nicely updated as well as the new Ncell App features are admirable. Likewise, the company has promised to gift its app users from time to time, so using their app should be beneficial for both parties. This time it was a 1GB Data Pack for 7 Days, who knows what gift the company has planned next.

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