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How To Solve SMS Problem in Ncell, Ntc, and Smart Cell; Top 5 Methods

Have you ever experienced that you send SMS to your loved ones but it gets failed or sent but they never receive it or vice versa? Well, this issue is both frustrating and irritating for not to find any solution. In this article, we will tell you about all the issues causing the problem as well as discuss their solutions. Let’s get started and see “How To Solve SMS Problem in Ncell, Ntc, and Smart Cell”. Plus there’s a bonus below, checking it out will help you a lot.

Whether your telecommunication service provider is Ncell, Ntc, or Smart Cell, you can use the method used below. All the issues, as well as solutions, are hand-picked. So, these methods should work for you and you should be freed from the problem.

how to solve sms problem in ncell, ntc and smart cell

However, before discussing the problem and its solutions, you need to make sure of few things listed below.

  • You have a SIM card that should be working properly.
  • Your phone isn’t locked.
  • You have SIM that has enough balance to send SMS or block sending/receiving
  • Check if the SMS was sent or is still pending or failed
  • Your Network has a good signal
  • Your message settings should be checked with the SIM you send SMS with
  • See if you have Blocked senders Number

If you all checked all these things then let’s look at all the methods to solve the SMS problem. With that being said, let’s solve all these SMS problems.

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Top 5 Methods To Solve SMS Problem in Ncell, Ntc, and Smart Cell

1. Mobile Message Center Number

  • Go to your Messaging App
  • Then, Go To Settings/Menu options
  • Choose More Settings if you have one or you can skip this
  • Click on SMS Center Number
  • Select Your SIM
  • Enter Your Mobile Message Center Number for your SIM (as mentioned below) and Press ok
  • Restart Your Phone

In case of new phones, the configuration of message center could be different. So please try to find out the message center in the settings.

In iOS, you can change the settings by dialing **5005*7672*MessageCenterNumber#. Do check the message center number below for Ntc, Ncell, Smart Cell.

If you are confused about your SMS Center Number then worry not, we have got your back. SMS/Mobile Message Center Number for Ncell, Ntc as well as Smart Cell is listed below.

  • Ncell’s Mobile Message Center Number: +9779800009000
  • Ntc’s Mobile Message Center Number: +9779851028801
  • Smart Cell’s Mobile Message Center Number: +9779610000204

Sometimes if you find the SMS center number to the same as that of above, removing +977 could be a trick to solve the problem. Otherwise the number with the country code works fine mostly.

Majority of SMS problem comes in for handsets brought from abroad as it has Message Center Number of the foreign operator. However, replacing it with the right Mobile Message Center Number will make everything fine. Each individual telecommunication service providers have a different Mobile Message Center Number. So, double-check your Mobile Message Center Number before putting it.


To change the Mobile Message Center Number, first, open your Messaging App. Then, go to the settings or menu option. Go to more settings if you have or you can skip this if you don’t have one. Press on SMS Center Number and select your SIM. Put your Mobile Message Center Number according to your telecommunication service provider and click save or ok. Now, restart your device. It’s done, that’s it.

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2. Deregister from iMessage if Switched from iPhone to Android


On iPhone:

  • Go To Settings
  • Tap on Messages
  • Turn iMessage Off

Whenever you switch from iPhone to Android or other devices, you have a high probability of experiencing such SMS problems. This is because you haven’t turned off iMessages. Thus, Apple continues to route all SMS through iMessage. Therefore, turning iMessages Off is a must while switching to other devices.

If you still have iPhone then simply go to settings and tap on messages. From there, simply turn off the iMessage. It’s that simple.


On Android:

What if you already switched to Android or any other device. Worry not, you can still deregister from iMessage online through Apple’s official support portal. Just visit the site listed above. Scroll down to No longer have your iPhone section. Enter your number inside the box and also put the confirmation code that you received. After this, hit on submit and its done, enjoy.

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3. Clear Data/Cache of Messaging App

  • Go To Settings
  • Find and click on Applications
  • Click All Applications
  • Find You Messaging App and Click on it
  • Go to Storage
  • Clear Data/Cache
  • Restart your device

Sometimes the big burden of collected Data, as well as Cache, can be the main cause of the problem. Thus it makes us experience such types of SMS problems. However, you can simply delete the Data and Cache of the Messaging app.

Just go to settings and find Applications. Go to applications and click on All Applications. Simply, find your Messaging App and click on it. Press on storage and then clear Data as well as Cache and restart your device. If a big load of Data, as well as Cache, is the root problem then it should be fixed.

If you have tried the above methods and still you have some issue with SMS, then you can try to factory reset the phone, but only after backing all of your data.

4. Install another messaging app

  • Go To Play Store or App Store
  • Search for messaging apps
  • Install the one you like
  • Make it the default Messaging app

One of the causes of the problem can be the messaging app itself. To eliminate the problem, you can simply change it with any other third-party messaging apps. If your handset supports, we also recommend you to go for Google Messages with the RCS Chat support, which has plenty of offers like that of messengers.

After installing and making the freshly installed messaging app default, every SMS message will now come in this app as well as you can send SMS from there.

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How To Fix Font Error in Received SMS (Unreadable)

  • Go To Settings
  • Click on Display Settings
  • Press on Font Style
  • Download and apply missing font that sender use

Sometimes, you receive an SMS with symbols that you cannot read. The text error in SMS is simply caused by Fonts. If the sender uses a custom Font (for the text) that you don’t have then that causes the whole problem. Simply search for the Font, download it and apply to get rid of the problem, It’s that easy. However, if you don’t know the font then you can simply ask them and carry on with the rest of the process.

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All the methods mentioned above will surely work if you have experienced such SMS problem and font error problem in SMS. Furthermore, if nothing helps then you can leave a comment down below. We will look up to it and tell you about the solutions and what you can do.

Last but not least, did any method helped you with your SMS sending/receiving Problem? Do you think we missed any other method to fix the problem? If yes then do comment down the method below, we will add it asap. Hope this “How to Solve SMS Problem in Ncell, Ntc, and Smart Cell” article has been great to you.

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