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How to get latest updates on the Level Election results?

In this post today, we will list several ways you can get the latest updates on the local-level election results. Find them all below.

The local-level election has largely been conducted on Baisakh 30 with 64 percent of voters turning out to vote for their favorite candidates. Now, the counting of the votes has begun for most local bodies. The candidates, cadres, and their supporters will now be eager to find out their fate as the voting continues. While many will keep themselves tied to their TVs for live updates on the elections, there are more options available. You can avail of any of the sources depending on your location, convenience, and access to the devices and internet.

Below are many sources which you can use to get the local-level election results.

Official website of the Election Commission of Nepal

The election commission has been providing various information regarding the local election to the people through their official website, The website is also free for browsing from Nepal Telecom GSM mobile. There are information regarding voting techniques, voters’ information, and all the timelines. Voters can even view the information of their voter registration number and the booth for voting in their ward on the Election commission website. This website is the official way of election updates in Nepal.

ECN Mobile app

The Election Commission has launched a mobile application for election-related information to disseminate to the public. The app also includes voters’ information as available on their website and also the candidate’s name as well. It also provides the election vote count update from the app tab. The app is available on android and iOS platforms.

Call center

If it requires asking the Election commission about some election information, you can make a call to their call center at Kantipath. People can make a call to this ECN number Toll-Free number: 1660-0144222, for free of cost. The call center is not only for asking queries during the elections and the election procedure. But it is also for the complaint of any violation of the code of conduct during the election. EC tells that they will act promptly to the complaints and the queries.

Election News in Online news portal

Online news portals are very fast in providing election updates to the people through their websites. Some portal like Onlinekhabar has also started a separate section ( for the election update in Nepal. Kantipur has also started a separate portal for the election result and updates. You can go to Kantipur’s portal at Setopati has also started its election result update with the separate portal at Ekantipur was ahead before in providing the latest election result. But they are in high competition to update it soon after the results and in between.

TV, FM radios.

Two decades ago, radios are the only means to update people about the election. People used to stick to the radios for the election vote count update at that time. Now they have a multitude of options including tens of FM radios, Television channels, and more. Now it is very easy to tune in to FM radios and even TVs from your mobile, on the go. Nepal TV, Kantipur TV, AP1 TV, News 24 TV, Nepal TV, and Avenues TV are the most popular ones for providing the latest reports and results.

Among them, Kantipur, Ntv, and APN 1 seem to be providing fast and correct information. Although the analog cable TV is already shut down in city areas, you can still watch those Nepali TV channels on the analog cable. As the telecom operators have already launched their TV streaming apps, you can also watch television channels using mobile apps on your phone. Either you can use, the Ntc Wow time App or Ncell iflix.

Nepal Election result by SMS

For the parliamentary and state elections, you can send a message to 388484 to get the latest results. This is a Collaboration of Sparrow SMS and Kantipur publications.

  • To get the latest result of the Nepal parliamentary election result by SMS, you need to send a message of the format “District name”<space>” Area number” to 38484 and you will a get message of the latest result. For example, to know the latest result of Kathmandu Area no 1, you need to send a message with the text “Kathmandu 1” to 38484
  • Similarly, to get the latest result of state elections by SMS, you need to send a message of the format “District name”<space><Area number><space>”state number” to 38484. For example, you need to message Jhapa 1 A or B to 38484 for the latest results of Jhapa 1 A or B.

You can even get the election result of the local level election from SMS. For that, you need to send a message M<space>{Nagarpalika or Gaupalika name) to 38484 for getting the result for Mayor or Chairman. For the deputy chairman or deputy Mayor, you need to send a message U<space>{Nagarpalika or Gaupalika name) to 38484. This is a collaborative effort of Kantipur Radio along with Sparrow SMS.

You can select any one of them. Now you don’t have to be glued to FM radios for the election update. The app and its website are very easy to search for information. Even for the election result, you can use the same methods. There may be other unofficial apps and websites, which we have not included here.

If you know any other means, do mention them below for the election update in Nepal.

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