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IPTV / Video streaming service in Nepal: Ntc, Ncell to launch app soon

The way people watch television is being changed with the entrance of IPTV service in Nepal. It has been around a year that the high quality digital TV with broadband internet has started in Nepal. Most of the ISPs in the capital are offering internet services bundled with the high definition TV service. Now, it is the turn of telecom operators to step in the video  service. With which, the IP television and video streaming will be more ubiquitous. It will also enable people to watch high quality TV and videos on the go. Here in the post, we will discuss IPTV and Video services in Nepal.

IPTV is a television service which uses broadband internet connection to deliver high quality HD TV channels and value added video services.


The fiber to the home (FTTH) connection enables remarkable high speed internet access, delivering broadband data connectivity and IPTV service. Private ISPs like World Link, Subisu, Vianet are offering FTTH service with speeds in 2 Mbps to tens of Mbps. Among them, two ISPs namely Worldlink and Vianet have partnered with New IT Ventures for their NetTV service, with their broadband internet. Whereas Subisu, Broadlink have their own IPTV service with the brand name clear TV and broad TV respectively.

NetTV: TV and Video streaming app in Nepal

The state owned telecom operator, Ntc is also planning to provide IPTV with their FTTH and IP landline phone. As the Ntc FTTH network is not available in most areas (not even everywhere in capital), it doesn’t seem good to invest for IPTV in such limited network. With the extension of Ntc FTTH to different areas and cities, they are known to bring IPTV service with FTTH. After the implementation of TDM migration project, Ntc can even provide the IPTV service with the IP phones.

Though the video service from ISPs is available in cities, it is still out of reach to several people due to the high price. It also needs to be expanded to several other areas, along with making it affordable.

Features of IPTV service in Nepal

Here are some of the features of IPTV service that they can provide in Nepal. Some of the services could be made available with the traditional TV services in Nepal. Among which, only few are being  available now.

  • High speed internet and IPTV coexist using set top box.
  • Full HD high quality TV broadcast.
  • Catch up TV ( to never miss any important TV programs by recording in your set top box).
  • Videos On demand (VoD), Movies on demand, TV shows.
  • e-learning
  • OTT apps in IPTV
Some HD channels in BroadTV

Ntc, Ncell’s Video streaming app to launch

As Ntc and Ncell have launched 4G, they are looking for different ways to make proper utilization of the high speed data. Ncell had already launched a music streaming app while Ntc’s music app is on the way. It is known that Ncell is launching their video service with app soon. Similar is the case with Ntc that they are mulling to provide video streaming service with their mobile network (3G, 4G). Although the NetTV app is already available here for the mobile video service, it is not clear whether they will consider them or similar other apps or make their own video service app for the video streaming.

As with the current trend to include TV broadcasting through 4G broadband mobile network, the telecom operators may have also thought of the service through MBMS technology. As the reach of 4G mobile network will be enormous, at least for Ntc, as per the latest news, the television service through mobile network will revolutionize the way people watch TV in Nepal. It will definitely be there in the long run.

With the launch of the video streaming service, people do not always need to go YouTube for watching videos. As the video content and server be available here only, the service will be more affordable than streaming video over YouTube. Let’s wait for how Ntc and Ncell bring the video service in Nepal.

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