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Frequency bands in Nepal for Mobile

As we have been getting requests from people throughout the world regarding the operating frequency for different mobile technologies in Nepal, we are here providing you the different frequency bands for the running mobile services here. It is the regulator body (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) which provides a chunk of frequency in different frequency bands to the Mobile Operators. Mobile communication has started in Nepal from 1999 with the launching of GSM service by Nepal Telecom. (For more history, click here)

At first, it was only in 900 MHz for 2G GSM and then after several years, 1800 MHz was available. The private operator, then Spice Nepal started service in Nepal in 2005 with Mero Mobile Brand (Now Ncell). Nepal Telecom enjoyed full monopoly until Mero Mobile service launched to different parts of Nepal.


In 2002, CDMA mobile service launched in Nepal by UTL which is still operational in 850 MHz bands. Similarly, Nepal Telecom also has the CDMA mobile service operating in the same 850 MHz band which comes from WLL, limited mobility to a full mobility service now.

As 4 MHz bandwidth in CDMA 850 MHz overlaps with EGSM band (900 MHz), that small chunk is made unavailable to the operators. Smart Telecom and NTSTPL have also got small chunks of bandwidth in GSM 900(EGSM)/ 1800 MHz. UTL, the Indian investment of telecom in Nepal operated CDMA in 1900 MHz band before whereas it is now made vacant as per NTA directives.

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3G and 4G

3G (WCDMA) Mobile service was launched in Nepal by Nepal Telecom in 2007 which is on 2100 MHz Frequency band. Ncell even started its 3G service from 2010. Both of the operators have got 10 MHz bandwidth each in the 2100 MHz band. The latest addition to the technology in Nepal is LTE (4G).

Nepal Telecom launched 4G service in 1800 MHz band on Jan 1, 2017. Nepal also has WiMAX internet service which is operational in 2300 MHz by Nepal Telecom. On June 1, 2017, Ncell launched 4G in Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, and Banepa. Click here to know more about Ncell 4G coverage. On October 29, Smart Telecom, the third largest telecom operator has launched its 4G service in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Click to read for more information on Smart Cell 4G. Ncell has already operated 3G in 900 MHz in rural areas, reaching out to 54 percent people. Nepal Telecom has launched 4G in 60 cities of 37 districts on Oct 2, 2019.

Frequency bands in Nepal for Mobile

Table for Frequency bands in Nepal

Here is a table for all the frequency bands in Nepal for different technologies.

LTE (4G)1800 MHz, 800 MHzNepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Cell
GSM900 MHz/ 1800 MHzNepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Telecom
CDMA800 MHz/ 1900 MHzUTL, Nepal Telecom
WCDMA (3G)2100 MHz, 900 MHzNepal Telecom, Ncell
WiMAX2300 MHzNepal Telecom

To make our portal more informative, we have provided the cellular frequencies for different mobile services in Nepal. We hope this information is helpful for all those people coming to Nepal or those who want to buy phones to use here in Nepal, as many countries have different technologies and frequency band for mobile technology and they even use customized handsets for their own frequencies.

Take China as an example, who prefer their own (China made) TDD technology like TDSCDMA, TDD LTE and you need to be careful while buying phones there. Similar is the case for other countries like the US, Australia where they use other frequency bands for some technologies.

Recently handset manufacturers have started putting all frequency bands (quad-band, Pentaband) and all technologies to make it a universal phone, considering their overseas market. Even though you have to be careful while expending your hard earned money. There may be some regional version of the same smartphone (as you can see in iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones and even Chinese ones).

If you have a query regarding frequency band for 2G, 3G, and 4G in Nepal, do ask us or contact us in our social network: Facebook page.

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