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How to Buy a Nepal Telecom Postpaid SIM Card?

Details of Ntc Postpaid SIM card

Postpaid SIM card has many advantages over prepaid SIM, whether it be in Ncell or Ntc. The mobile number starting from 9851 also has a higher value for businessmen and corporate users. In this post, we are providing how to take a Postpaid SIM card in Nepal Telecom (NTC). You can also find the tariff of NTC postpaid below.

The call tariff in the NTC Postpaid number is also lesser than that of their Prepaid. The call rate of NTC postpaid for normal hours is Rs 1 (exclusive of tax) whereas it is Rs 1.5 in prepaid. Find the call rate in both prepaid and postpaid for different hours below.

SNServicePeak Hour (Normal)Off-Peak Hour (Night)Pulse
  6:00 AM to 10:00 PM10:00 PM to 6:00 AM 
1GSM Post-PaidRs. 1.00 per minuteRs. 0.55 per minute10 seconds
2GSM Pre-PaidRs. 1.50 per minuteRs. 0.55 per minute10 seconds (Read more)

Similarly, for friends and family (FNF) calls, the call rate for GSM postpaid is Rs 0.55. Read more about FNF. There is no difference in data tariff between Postpaid and prepaid in Ntc.

Why postpaid?

If you use the telecom services heavily and spends more than Rs 300 per month, then postpaid SIM is for you. Businesspersons, celebrities, political figures, IT professionals are most likely to carry postpaid SIM. There are some who think of using postpaid SIM to make their social status higher with their mobile number only. Using postpaid, people get low cost per call and some of the features which are exclusive to postpaid only. Read in detail, Prepaid vs Postpaid, which SIM to choose?

Cost of NTC Postpaid SIM card

The cost of an NTC postpaid SIM card is Rs 500. Here is the breakdown of the NTC postpaid SIM card cost.

SNPost-Paid Subscription Charge with STDCost
1Credit LimitRs. 460
2Ownership ChargeRs. 565 0
3SIM activation chargeRs 40
 TotalRs. 500 (Read more)
Nepal Telecom

Monthly rental of Ntc Postpaid SIM

With the postpaid SIM subscription, you have to pay a certain amount per month which is called rental. With the rental amount, you will be provided some free resources to spend or use for a month. There are two monthly rental offers in Nepal Telecom postpaid. The regular rental charge is Rs 300 (without taxes) per month whereas there is another Rs 900 rental charge. You can choose either of the packages while buying Ntc postpaid SIM card.

The regular one will provide free talk time and data worth Rs 300. But for Rs 900 pack, there is 3.3 GB of data and Rs 500 free resource. There are more postpaid packs that use the rental balance.

Previously you can use the NTPro app for the postpaid number which will charge you an additional Rs 100 per month. But Ntc has now stopped this app and service. Till now, the NTPro app is not available for the prepaid number. Similarly, the international roaming service is also available for postpaid only but they are soon to bring it to prepaid also.


To buy the NTC GSM postpaid SIM card, you need to follow the following steps.

  • First, you need to visit Ntc office counters which open from 10 am to 3 pm on regular office days.
  • You need to carry a photo and your citizenship certificate (Nagarikta) or any government ID (like Passport, License, Voter ID, etc). In case, you want the postpaid SIM in the name of your company, you need to have the company registration, photo, and citizenship of the owner.
  • You need to fill a form for the NTC postpaid.
  • You can also select the number in the range 98510 or 98511 or 98512 or 98513. As 98510 is already used, you can get a used number and there is a chance of getting regular calls from others in that.
  • After paying the amount mentioned above, you will get a new SIM card (which is three in one) that can be adjusted for all three sizes, regular, Micro, and Nano-SIM.

All in all, a postpaid number suits people who use the telecom services heavily (monthly more than Rs 300 or Rs 900). As the call is cheap and the number range of 9851 looks premium, people with heavy usage prefer Ntc postpaid SIM.

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