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How to subscribe Ncell SMS/message pack?

Ncell, the private telecom operator had provided a message/SMS pack, a long time ago. SMS pack allows you to send a large no of messages to your friends, family. It is also used when you have to send the same text/message to multiple numbers of people, like during the festival period. In this post, we provide you all the information about the Ncell SMS/message pack and the process to subscribe.

There are two SMS packs in Ncell, namely Ramailo SMS and Mazzako SMS pack, which you can buy for your Ncell number.

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Ncell SMS alert

Ramailo SMS pack

Ncell Ramailo SMS allows you to send unlimited SMS to any Ncell number at just 10 paisa per SMS. But you need to activate the Ramailo SMS in your prepaid number, which shall cost Rs 2 per day. The price is exclusive of the regular taxes.

Ramailo SMS packCost without taxPrice after tax
Ramailo SMS activationRs 2 per dayRs 2.55 per SMS
Rate of 1 SMSRs 0.10 per SMSRs 0.13

You can select this ramailo SMS if you need to send a huge number of text messages within a day.

Mazzako SMS

Ncell also has an SMS pack that can be used for a month. The Mazzako SMS pack allows sending 1000 text messages in a month at just Rs 19 (exclusive of taxes). This is also valid for Ncell prepaid customers.

Mazzako SMS pack (1000 SMS)
Cost without taxPrice after tax
Mazako SMS activationRs 19 per monthRs 24.26 per month

How to buy SMS/message pack in Ncell?

To activate both of the SMS/message pack (Ramailo and Mazzako SMS) in Ncell, you need

  • to dial *17119# (USSD code) and select either Ramailo or Mazzako SMS inside.

You can also subscribe recurring Ramailo SMS for one time or regular. For which you can send a message either D1 or D to 17119 for one time or recurring Ramailo SMS pack.

Remember this package is valid for only Ncell number. If you want to send a message to other operators, regular rates apply. Similarly, in the case of Mazako SMS, regular SMS rates apply if the number of SMS crosses 1000 in a month.

Tell us which SMS pack will you prefer in your Ncell number. If you compare this with the Ntc SMS pack, which one do you like the most, do comment below.

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