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Ntc Vs Ncell Data pack

Nepal Telecom and Ncell are competing well in alluring customers for their data services. As customers are also demanding affordable data services, they are in the race to provide cheap data packages. The competition is actually benefiting the consumers but there is always a limit for the operators to reduce their price. You can also find the comparison of Ntc and Ncell for the COVID-19 lockdown offer for data packs.

Both the SIM cards are readily available to buy and the data pack subscription in both of them is also easy. This post, we are comparing Ntc vs Ncell data pack. If you hold a dual SIM phone, this comparison will help you which SIM should you use for your data requirement.

Currently, NT holds a higher number of subscribers than Ncell. But both the telecom operators have a fair share of the data market. The majority of the data subscription comes from the ubiquitous GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G.

The internet tariff without any data package in Ncell Rs 2 Per MB whereas for Ntc it is at Rs 1 per MB. Till now, all of the GSM technologies be it 2G, 3G or 4G can use the offered data packs.

Having said all, the real competition is for the data package is in GSM 2G, 3G, and 4G services. Nepal telecom now integrates all of its affordable data and voice packs into a seasonal offer called Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring offer. Whereas for Ncell, they revise their data packs to target several customer types like high volume and low volume users.

Ntc vs Ncell data pack Comparison

Here are some of the main comparative points for the Ntc vs Ncell data pack.

Without package tariff:

  • Ntc charges Rs 1 per MB without any data packs whereas Ncell charges Rs 2 per MB. Ncell also provides Rs 1 per MB for the customers who subscribe to their 30 days of data packs. That remains operational until the validity period of the pack. Ntc has a simple and cheap tariff for consumers who do not buy a data pack.
  • Pay per go tariff of Rs 1 and Rs 2 are exclusive of the regular taxes which will be added on top of it. Whereas for data packs, the price is mostly inclusive.

All-time data pack

  • The Cheapest all-time data packs in Ntc is 5 paisa per MB, through 140000 MB at Rs 700 valid for 28 days. For Ncell, the lowest cost for all time data pack is 5 paisa per MB, through 25 GB data at Rs 1275, valid for 30 days using the Ncell mero plan offer.
  • For all time small data packs, Ntc has [email protected] Rs 15 for a day and 250MB @ Rs 25 for a day. Whereas Ncell has 35 MB @ Rs 11.5 for a day and 75 MB @ Rs 19.15 for a day.
  • The medium cost in all-time packs is around Rs 100 data packs in both Ntc and Ncell. With Rs 100, you can get 800 MB in Ntc valid for 7 days. Whereas for Ncell, you can get 500 MB for all networks, 500 MB for the 4G network, and 500 MB for night time, valid for 7 days at Rs 95.77. Ntc has a separate 4G pack of Rs 100 where you can get 1000 MB for 7 days.
  • Ntc now has a large volume data pack which is also valid for a longer duration (2 months, 4 months). The two data packs in Ntc for such huge data are 30 GB volume at Rs 1600 valid for 60 days and 60 GB volume at Rs 3000 valid for 120 days. The cost per MB comes at around 5.3 and 5 paisa respectively. This sort of huge volume pack is suitable for heavy multimedia users and also people seeking an alternative to their home broadband WiFi. Whereas for Ncell, the highest validity period is 30 days only and the largest data volume is 25 GB, with the Mero plan offer.

Night data pack

  • Now there is a Night data pack in Ntc which provides 400 MB at Rs 12, for a Night. There is no night data pack in Ncell, except for the bonus in some of the packs.
  • NTC also has unlimited data packs for a night and 7 nights. The cost of the unlimited night data pack for a night is Rs 18 whereas, for 7 nights, the price is Rs 90.

4G offer

  • For 4G offer, Ntc provides four-packs at Rs 15, Rs 25, Rs 100, and Rs 240 (100MB, 400MB, 1 GB, and 3GB) including 100% more data volume. Ncell provides a similar 100% data volume and Night volume in the data pack at Rs 11.5 to Rs 453.30 for 105MB, to 9 GB. If you do not consider the night bonus, you can take 2/3 rd of the above volume to compare with NTC.

Day data pack

  • NTC has just two day data packs of Rs 10 and Rs 15 that includes 80MB and 250MB for day time (6 am to 6 pm) respectively. Ncell has no similar data packs for day time but has 24 hours pack of Rs 11.49 to provide 35 MB in all network, all-time, 35 MB in night time only, and 35 MB in 4G network.

Social Media pack (FB pack)

  • Social media pack of 200MB valid for a day costs Rs 15 in Ntc which is 7.5 paisa per MB. Ncell Facebook pack of 20 MB all time and 20 MB night valid for a day costs Rs 11.49 which is nearly 29 paisa per MB. Ntc Social media pack now works with FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter as well while the Ncell FB pack is only for Facebook browsing. There is also a day pack in Ntc whereas, for Ncell, you also get 7 days and 30 days pack.

Unlimited pack

  • One hour unlimited pack in Ntc costs Rs 20 with which you can get unlimited voice, data, and SMS for an hour. Similarly, Ncell has an unlimited data pack that costs Rs 22.6 with unlimited data only. For both the cases, Fair usage policy (FUP) applies. With Ntc you can make calls and SMS inside its network at a lower cost for an hour, so it is better than that of Ncell.  Similarly, there is an unlimited data option at night time in Ntc. Read Ntc unlimited data pack.
  • Ncell has named an unlimited data internet offer which is actually not unlimited. 1 GB unlimited offer in Ncell costs Rs 892.55 valid for 30 days. After the consumption of 1GB data early, customers can continue to surf at 32 kbps for the rest period.  There is no such monthly unlimited data offer in Ntc.

1 GB per day data offer

  • For those users with higher data volume, Ntc provides 1 GB data per day which comes as cheap as Rs 30 per GB. There are daily, 7 days and 28 days pack in such 1 GB per day data pack at Rs 45, Rs 250 and Rs 850.
  • Ncell has recently launched the Always-on Data pack with which you can get up to 1200 MB per day at Rs 979 for 30 days. The cost per 1.2GB data per day to compare with NTC comes at Rs 32.

Extra offer

  • Ncell provides a monthly and weekly data pack with the Mero plan offer, with which you don’t need to worry about unfair main balance cut after the consumption of the data volume. With this plan, the data service will stop after the data volume in the offer in over. They have several monthly plans in the offer at Rs 199 to Rs 999 with several other advantages.
  • Similarly, there are 2 GB and 6 GB weekly data packs with the Mero plan in Ncell. Ntc does not have such a recurring weekly or monthly data pack.

COVID-19 data offer Ntc Vs Ncell

Both the operators have launched special data packs for this COVID-19 lockdown to facilitate people for higher data usage.

  • Ntc brought Stay connected data offer with 1 GB (all network) + 3GB(4G) = 4 GB at Rs 100 for 5 days. There is an another pack of 2 GB (all network) + 8 GB (4G) = 10 GB at Rs 200 for 7 days. Whereas for Ncell, there is a Stay safe data offer with 10 GB (all network)+ 5GB (4G) at Rs 293.69 for 7 days. Both of the packs have 7 days validity while the data rate of total volume for both comes around 2 paisa per MB. But you need to make sure if you have a stable 4G network in your place to use both of the packs.
  • Now both the operator also has a special data pack targeted to students for online learning. Ntc terms it as eShiksha data pack while Ncell calls it “Mobile class data offer“. The eShikshya offer includes two data volume: 3GB (all time)+ 3 GB(5am to 5pm time)= 6GB at Rs 260 and 9 GB (all time) + 6GB (day) at Rs 500 for 28 days. Similarly, Ncell mobile data pack includes 4 GB (all time) + 2 GB (Video) + 10 GB(Microsoft team) at Rs 191.54 for 7 days. As per validity, Ntc wins in this case whereas if you use Microsoft team application for learning, the Ncell package may be suitable but it is costly for a month.

Subscription method

For NTC, you can either use *1415# to subscribe to the pack or remember different keywords for SMS to 1415. For Ncell, it is *17123# or SMS with keyword to 17123.

The Verdict:

Ntc and Ncell are going head to head for the data packs as they have a target to increase their data revenue. For the on the go data tariff (without any data package), Ntc is cheaper than Ncell so many people who do not want to buy data pack, they prefer Ntc. Similarly, for high volume data users, Ncell is marginally cheaper.

Read in details about

Latest Ntc data pack and

Latest Ncell data pack.

The social media pack including FB is also found to be cheaper in Ntc comparing the same 7 days FB pack. Ntc social media pack also includes Twitter but for Ncell it is only for Facebook. For one hour unlimited pack, Ntc seems to be better in price and the added value of unlimited Voice and SMS.

Meanwhile, Ncell provides some unlimited monthly, weekly data packs and a new Mero plan (with some unique features), which is not there with NTC.

With the advantage in different categories, there is no clear winner or favorite for the data pack. So, we leave it to the public to select one as a winner based on the comparison above.

Highly recommended to check: Ntc vs Ncell vs Smart Cell 4G data pack.

We hope you liked the comparison between Ntc and Ncell data pack. Please share your opinion on which one do you prefer in the comment box below.

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