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Ncell reduces data tariff, as per NTA directives

Ncell has abated the price of data tariff. The mobile operator has come to the reduction of the pay per go data tariff after the directives from the regulator, NTA.

Ncell has recently implemented a new next-generation billing system which will further add innovative services, packs to its customers.

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Earlier the price of Ncell data tariff (without any data pack) was Rs 2.75 per MB, which does not include the applicable taxes. But the cost per MB (with tax) was Rs 3 per MB.

Now, with the tariff slash, the cost of 1 MB is Rs 2 per MB(without taxes).

The tariff slash comes into effect from Bhadra 4, 2076.

Before, we also posted an article regarding Ncell’s hesitant to reduce the tariff as per NTA directives. But now that the pay per go data tariff reduces, we believe Ncell is moving as per customer’s demand.

Flashback to the early Ncell days, the data tariff (without packages) was Rs 6 per MB. Then they reduced it to Rs 3 per MB which has been abated further.

Pay per Go data tariff

Pay per Go data tariff cuts the balance of your account immediately after the consumption of the data. This is in contrast to the data packs which has some fixed volume to use within a certain period.

Although the data packs would cost you less, there are still some people who do not like the idea of having the deadline as they are unsure of the consumption of the volume by that time. If you are not a frequent mobile data user or do not consume higher data volume, then pay per Go data tariff suits you well.

So those who used the data without the packs were the one complaining to the regulator for the highest tariff. This reduction might have come as a relief to them.

Tell us in the comment below if you use data packs or the pay per go tariff.


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