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NTA requests to use SIM card in own name

NTA, the telecom regulator has informed people to use SIM cards registered in their own name. Earlier, NTA had announced to bring KYC system for SIM card registration which is not in place now. As Government plans to launch Nagarik mobile (Citizen) app to deliver government services digitally, they want to make use of the SIM card for that purpose. For which, the usage of SIM card on own name is necessary.

People are using SIM cards either registered on their own names or family/relatives. Some of them might have been using the SIM card registered on someone they don’t even know or have met. During the early days of Mobile, it was very difficult to get a new SIM card. People need to wait for months and queue in long lines to get a SIM card. So, they might have bought from random people at a very high cost.

NTA now requests people to use SIM cards registered on their own name. They have already termed it illegal to use SIM card registered in others name. Now that Government wants to deliver all of their services through Citizen app, they want to link customer’s mobile number to the mobile app. Before, we guessed that the Government will be using Nagarikta number (ID) in the app but now with the notice, it seems they are planning to use mobile number as a unique ID.

NTA notice

NTA suggests using the SIM card by only registering in their own name.

What to do if you use other’s SIM card?

If you have used SIM cards registered in others name, you can change the registration name by going to the operator’s customer center. Suppose you have an NTC SIM card registered in others name, you need to visit Ntc office counters with your Nagarikta (Citizenship) ID. It will be better if you carry the Nagarikta (Citizenship) of the person originally owning the SIM card. This can only happen if you know the name of the person whose SIM card you have been using. By going there, you have to fill a form to request for the SIM name transfer.

In case of Ncell, you just need to visit nearby Ncell centers. Show the proof that you have been using the SIM card from some time. Then you can get it registered in your name.

As the Government’s citizen app will link your mobile number for all of the services, it is better to register the SIM cards on your own name or be left out of the digital services. I think that is the worst case for now for the illegal sim usage. Later NTA will put a system in place to prevent all the unauthorized use of SIM cards. So, you need to transfer the SIM ownership to your name sooner or later.

Tell us what do you think of registering/using the SIM card on own name?

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