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Comparison between Ntc vs Ncell vs Smart Cell 4G data

Mobile phone internet has become the most reliable and affordable source of the internet these days. This is also more important as people want to use the internet on the move. The growth of smartphone users is exponential, increasing both in the mobile internet user and the volume from each one of them. Now, Mobile (cellular) internet is portable and accessible from most of the places in the country whether it is an urban or rural place. The revenues from mobile data usage have also increased dramatically over the years in Nepal. Among them, the major sources being 3G and 4G. This post we are doing the Ntc vs Ncell vs Smart Cell 4G data packs comparison.

The two main mobile phone operators have been ruling the telecom industry for a decade. Smart Cell has been in the market for 4 years but is taking longer to stand out among the telecom service providers. Now that Smart cell has launched 4G service in Kathmandu & Pokhara, will it be able to beat the two existing operators in terms of coverage, price, and speed? For that, we will conclude in the end.

Here, we have compared the 4G data tariff and packages of three Telcos. First, let us have a look through the different data packages, these companies have been providing for us.

Nepal Telecom 4G data packs

                                                              Nepal Telecom 4G Data packs
Data Volume(MB)Price (With Taxes)Validity (Days)Cost Per MB (paisa)

Ncell 4G data packs

                                                                  Ncell 4G Data packs
Data Volume(MB), including bonusPrice (With Taxes)Validity (Days)Cost per MB (paisa)


Smart Cell 4G data packs

                                                               Smart Cell 4G Data packs
Data Volume(MB), including bonusPrice (With Taxes)Validity (Days)Cost per MB (paisa)


The data packages compared above are 4G data packages. For Ncell and Smart Cell, the latest data packs provide a bonus of the same volume of 4G data in the same period, which is also combined there.

What we can say from the above-mentioned data rates is that the price of the data package is decreasing significantly due to the competition. More affordable and selective packages (as per customers demand) are being provided to users.  All operators are trying to attract customers by providing suitable and affordable data packages to the customer. Ncell has been providing more options to the customers and it has also expanded its 4G coverage to more than 19 cities of the country. All operators have data package for different validity periods, except for daily 4G data pack in Ntc. Among them, we can say Smart Cell, the new competitor in the market with its newly launched 4G service is providing data at a very affordable price.  The Smart cell 4G data tariff of 12 paise per MB with Rs 235 for 2 GB data seems the most attractive one.

A verdict of comparing Ntc vs Ncell vs Smart Cell

Before we checked the Smart cell 4G data speed from tests and found them to be the fastest 4G internet in Nepal. Not forgetting them to have affordable data packs as well, Smart Cell 4G is a clear winner here. But that has to do with the consistent coverage and speed which is still a long way to go for them. We are sure they are also working to improve the 4G coverage. Considering Ncell’s biggest 4G coverage now and Ntc upcoming 4G LTE expansion work, we can say it is gonna be a tough competition ahead between Ntc, Ncell and Smart Cell for 4G. OR are we going to have one more operator joining the race??? As NTA chief keeps mentioning this from day 1. Let’s see!!

We need more of your feedback for the comparison.

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