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Ntc’s aggressive move for 4G LTE expansion with VoLTE and advanced services

Ntc, the government owned pioneering telecom operator is found to be working aggressively for the expansion of 4G LTE in the country. Ntc was the first operator to launch 4G in the country. They brought 4G to subscribers from Kathmandu and Pokhara on Jan 1, 2017. Now Ntc 4G expansion will be done in all parts of the country. Till now, there are three operators for 4G in the country, other two are Ncell and Smart cell.

The “aggressive move” by Ntc to start the nation wide 4G coverage will benefit customers in both cities and remote areas for the advanced telecom services. Quoting Ntc MD Kamini Rajbhandari, Onlinekhabar reports of the tendering work for Ntc 4G LTE project. MD Rajbhandari says “Currently Ntc has 5 lakh 4G subscribers. We will expand 4G to all parts of the country with two new tenders for 4G LTE project.”

It was on Kartik 17 that a LTE network  tender was announced. While on Kartik 22, two new tender for LTE radio network were floated. Altogether three new tenders were announced for the Ntc 4G LTE project. Previously, they had already announced for the investment in new projects and more.

Ntc plans to provide peak, maximum speed of 130 Mbps with new 4G LTE project. Now, Smart Telecom has claimed the highest speed of 4G in Nepal, check Smart cell 4G speed test result here.

VoLTE and ViLTE in Ntc 4G

Ntc will expand their 4G LTE to all areas, adding new services like VoLTE and ViLTE. The acronyms stand for Voice over LTE and Video over LTE respectively. It is due to this new technology, operator can provide advanced voice and video services.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a new technology to use voice calling over 4G LTE network. As 4G LTE is a data only technology, VoLTE enables an operator to provide voice calls through it. Currently all the operators with 4G are providing calls through 2G and 3G only. Even if the subscribers is in 4G, the mobile phones will fall to either 2G or 3G whenever calls are originated or terminated.

Frequency for Ntc 4G LTE project

Ntc is known to use different layers of cells to operate the 4G including small cell layer. The new Ntc 4G will have several frequencies to provide the services. As the frequency bands like 850 MHz, 2300 MHz and 1800 MHz will be used for different layers, Ntc 4G can be believed to be of high class. They have already decided to phase off CDMA and LTE, those frequencies will be used for 4G LTE. For more information, read at Ntc not to invest more on CDMA and WiMAX.

Ntc also plans to transform all of their subscribers to 4G through advanced, affordable services with the expansion of 4G to all parts of the country.

When will Ntc 4G reach to customers all around Nepal?

As the tender for 4G has been floated, Ntc says they will be able to operate 4G in the country within 9 months period. Considering the readiness of their system and accessibility, Ntc 4G be made available to every nook and corner of the country at different periods.

If you have any queries and expectations from Ntc 4G LTE project, do ask us below or from our social medias Fb or twitter.

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