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Ntc operates 3G service in Lomangthan, Mustang

Ntc 2G now available in Okharbot, Myagdi

Ntc (Nepal Telecom) in its recent works for expanding mobile network (2G and 3G) in remote areas, has currently operated 3G service in Lomangthan, Mustang. The 3G service in Lomangthan is available from Mangsir 2, through a new Ntc 3G BTS there. The 3G BTS is located in the 3800 meters altitude of Lomangthan village body, Ward no 5.

Due to the new 3G BTS in Lomangthan, Ntc 3G is now available in all the places of lomangthan and some areas of Dalome. It will not only benefit 450 households in the area but also for the tourists visiting Lomangthan, Choser and Korala. People residing there and visiting can make a good quality voice call, video call and use high speed 3G internet.

Lomangthan is situated at 100 Km distance from Jomsom, district headquarter of Mustang. 2G BTS was made operational there from Jestha 1, 2073 whereas CDMA service was there from long time. This time, they have even shifted the transmission link from satellite to microwave. So, their capacity and quality for all the mobile services has also been upgraded due to this.

Ntc 2G service in Okharbot.

Similarly, Ntc has also operated a new 2G BTS in Okharbot of Myagdi district from Mangsir 1. The new GSM BTS is situated at Malika village body, Ward no. 3, Dadagau Kiteni, which is 46 km away from Beni, Myadi district HQ. Previously, only CDMA service was only available in there. The new BTS will serve places like ruma, jema, bilbang, khuwang of Malika Village Body ward no 2, Jhagau, Aula, Patale of Ward no. 3 and  Okharbot of Ward no 4. As almost all of the people there have GSM mobile handset, it will benefit all of the people there for mobile service.

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