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Ntc brings day pack at Rs 6

Ntc has brought 22 offers/packages at once, with the name Winter offer. Most of the packs/offers are the same as that of Autumn offer which they have been continuing for the seasonal offer. But they have included a new pack called day pack. Find below for the detailed information of the NTC Day pack at Rs 6.

The Day pack is valid from Poush 29 to Chaitra 28, 2075. The pack is only for the day period.

Customers can only use the Day pack for the period of 6 am to 6 pm. Ntc day pack includes either 60-minute voice or 36 MB data.

  • Cost of NTC day voice pack with 60 minutes of voice call: Rs 6 a day
  • Cost of NTC day data of 36 MB: Rs 6 a day.

The 60-minute voice and 36 MB data pack can be used separately throughout the day (6 am to 6 pm).

How to subscribe Ntc day voice pack?

Ntc customers can subscribe to the day voice pack by

  • Sending an SMS with text VOICE60 to 1415.
  • Dialing *1415# and selecting the day pack at Rs 6.

Ntc customers can subscribe to the Rs 6 data pack by

  • sending an SMS with text Data36MB to 1415
  • OR dialing *1415# and selecting the day data pack at Rs 6.

The cost of the day voice pack is inclusive of the regular government taxes.



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