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Ntc 4G data pack as low as 8 paisa per MB

Ntc has expanded 4G to more areas with the new launch event. Earlier Ntc 4G was only available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. With the expansion, Ntc has resumed the 4G data pack that was available before. NTC 4G pack is available to customers at a price of as low as 8 paisa per MB.

Day by Day, Nepal Telecom’s 4G keeps on expanding to more areas of the country. They have a target to reach every nook and corner by Feb 2020.

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Ntc 4G launch by Prime Minister

NTC 4G data offer

NTC 4G data offer includes in some limited volume pack which provides an additional 100% data volume. That means at the cost of the same data before, you will get 100% data volume as a bonus. Here is the currently available Ntc 4G data offer.

  • 100 MB at Rs 10 for a day (50MB 4G + 50MB all network)
  • 200 MB + 200 MB data volume at Rs 25 for 1 day.
  • 500 MB + 500 MB data volume at Rs 100 for 7 days
  • 1.5 GB + 1.5 GB data volume at Rs 240 for 28 days

The above tariffs are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

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As there was high demand from subscribers for more data volume in 4G, Ntc has provided the 4G data packs. Earlier they had stopped providing the 4G offer for some time. Now that the 4G pack is resumed, the data pack also ranges from 400 MB to 3 GB which is beneficial for different target groups: High paying and low paying customers.

The lowest tariff in the Ntc 4G data pack is around 8 paisa per MB which is one of the cheapest tariffs available for such offers. Now the competition has become rifer among the telcos for affordable 4G pack, which will eventually benefit the customers.

How to subscribe Ntc 4G data pack.

If you have already activated Ntc 4G in your SIM, you can subscribe to the 4G data offer from the direct number called USSD.

  • From USSD code, you need to dial *1415# and select Ntc 4G data packs in number 5. Then select different volume packages of 4G.

To know the remaining balance of the 4G data pack, you need to send a message VL to 1415 or dial *1415*55#.

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The 4G data pack is mainly for the 4G network but Ntc has put some buffering data for a 2G and 3G network in case your mobile goes to 2G or 3G. If your mobile is attached to the 4G network everywhere, you can use the whole data volume in 4G.

For example, for a 400 MB 4G data pack, 280 MB is with 4G and 120 MB is for all networks (2G/3G/4G). Similarly, for the 1 GB 4G pack, 700 MB is with 4G a network, and the buffering data is 300 MB for all networks.

Finally, the data pack of 3 GB has 2100 MB in 4G and 900 for all networks (2G/3G/4G).

Nepal Telecom has also provided a pack called social media pack which includes data volume to browse some of the popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. With the addition of Twitter, the pack includes all of the popular social networking sites here in Nepal.

Tell us how do you feel about this Ntc 4G data pack/offer. Please put your comments below.

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