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Kacific Launches First Satellite Internet in Nepal, Find Packages and Price Details

Kacific has formally launched Nepal’s first-ever satellite internet service. The ISP announced the launch of its services at an event on August 15 in Kathmandu. The satellite service marks a new phase in Nepal’s wireless broadband internet service.

Kacific is a leading satellite broadband provider. It covers 25 countries in South East Asia and the Pacific serving 600 million people through 56 Satellite Spot Beams. In Nepal, the company is bringing the service in cooperation with SpaceLink.

The company extended its services in Nepal in 2021 and NTA had already asked the government to allow the company to expand in Nepal. Likewise, the primary focus of the company is to ‘connect the unconnected’ in rural areas in Nepal.

While many companies have teased launching it previously, Kacific will get credit for commercially launching the first satellite internet service in Nepal.

The company says preliminary testing has already been completed and the service is on for commercial rollout.

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Kacific Satellite Internet in Nepal | Packages and Price

The company has made a total of 7 broadband packages available. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for packages with 3/15/30/50/60/70/100 Mbps download speeds. The company provides less but decent upload speeds in the current packages starting from 3 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

But the cost is not going to resemble existing fixed-line internet packages. The satellite broadband packages come at a hefty cost for monthly renewals and first-time installation charges. Even the starter 3 Mbps package costs a massive Rs 17,610. Similarly, the 15 Mbps connection costs 25,415 and the 30 Mbps package costs 31,950. The premium 100 Mbps broadband package comes at a staggering Rs 550,655 per month.

Kacific satellite broadband packagesDownloadUploadMonthly costTerminal installation charge
Simple3 Mbps3 MbpsRs. 17,610Rs. 88,140  
Everyday15 Mbps10 MbpsRs. 25,415Rs. 88,140  
4 User30 Mbps10 MbpsRs. 31,950Rs. 88,140  
7 User50 Mbps15 MbpsRs. 75,034Rs. 88,140 (offer price) /
Original price Rs 159,100  
10 User60 Mbps20 MbpsRs. 108,921Rs. 88,140 (offer price) /
Original price Rs 159,100  
25 User70 Mbps20 MbpsRs. 278,353Rs. 88,140 (offer price) /
Original price Rs 159,100  
60 User100 Mbps20 MbpsRs. 550,655Free

First-time installation charges are costly, just like monthly renewals

Adding to the costlier profile, the first-time terminal installation is not easy with the budget either. For the packages with the 3/15/30 Mbps download speeds, subscribers need to pay Rs 88,140 for terminal installation. The company is offering the same cost offer for 50/60/70 Mbps packages against its original cost of Rs 156,100.

But the company has waived charges on terminal installation for the premium tier 100 Mbps package.

Customers require 1.2m diameter terminals and modems to receive data packets from the Kacific satellite beams.

Kacific dish

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Not for a regular user!

Nepal has long teased the idea of blanket internet coverage to close the digital divide across the country. But it is not readily feasible due to the unfriendly geography making it adverse for laying infrastructure. That is why satellite internet service looks ideal in rural and remote areas. However, due to the cost of setup and maintenance, such services are costlier than what we get on fiber broadband. It looks like the case with Kacific internet packages too.

Satellite broadband internet in Nepal
Installing satellite broadband terminals

But there is a pragmatic side to it as well. Satellite internet won’t be the immediate choice for many living in trade centers and rural Terai. Fiber and mobile services cover a large portion of more developed areas in Nepal already. But in parts of the Himalayan, and Hilly region, it can bring much-needed wireless connectivity to a lot of people.

But if we go by the costs, the packages aren’t ideal for residential users. Corporate, government services, and other private organizations, however, may find it convenient where fiber and mobile broadband are not available.

As per NTA, 130.20% of Nepalese are connected by broadband internet service. Out of which, mobile broadband occupies an overwhelming 98.55% market share, and fixed-line broadband covers 31.28% of the total market.

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What is your opinion on the satellite internet costs and its usability by Kacific in Nepal? Do you think it will help achieve higher digital inclusion or put off its potential customers due to the high costs? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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