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Survey shows 60 % have changed their SIM at least once and mostly for cost / price of service

As per our latest survey result (done among more than 500 people through our website), 60 percent people have changed their SIM card at least once in their life. The survey was about the Dual SIM and people’s tendency to change SIM cards in Nepal to different operator. With the survey result, we also found around 67 % people to use dual SIM phones, which is quite a lot.

As shown in the figure above, the percentage of people who have not changed their SIM card to another operator is 39.4, whereas the percentage for different no of times like 1 to 2, more than 2, more than 5 times are 42, 9.5 and 9.1 respectively.

Among the percentage who do not use dual SIM phones, 10 percentage have two SIMs in two different phones, 12 percent do not want to use dual SIM, 9 percent could not use as their phone is a single SIM.

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Primary SIM in Nepal

We had also asked them about their primary SIM that they use mostly and give to more people. For which, the result came like 75.4 percent use Ntc as their primary SIM and for Ncell, it is 24.6 percent. As it is just a sampling, the result came in favor of Ntc.

Survey Result: Primary SIM card for Nepalese

Reasons for changing SIM card in Nepal.

Regarding the reasons for changing the SIM card in Nepal, People opted mostly for the price / cost of the service, network availability and new services / packages choice. It is quite significant here that apart from the quality and network availability, more people choose cost as an important factor for changing their SIM card. More people also choose New services and packages as equally important factor for changing SIM, along with the network availability. But the percentage of people choosing network quality for changing SIM card is found to be low.

Reason for changing SIM card to another operator in Nepal

Tell us about your thoughts for this Survey: Reason to change SIM card in Nepal.

Stay tuned for the winner of the survey result.

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