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LeoSquad: Virtual Workspace to Revolutionize Work From Home

LeoSquad is a virtual workspace developed by Analogue Inc. The advanced platform seeks to revolutionize the work from home experience for entrepreneurs allowing them to connect with employees and keep track of work online.

The COVID-19 has struck a profound effect on our life, especially on how we work. Many businesses have shifted online to continue their productivity. Video conferencing apps became the virtual medium to connect, work, work and share. Despite malignant effects on us, COVID-19 did come with a silver lining that has changed our perceptions of traditional 10-5 work. It has made Work from home, a fashion and it is currently proliferating into a culture.

Traditional businesses have to cope with overhead costs and expenditures. They incur spendings for every physical structure and expansion. But, going online cuts down on such financial strain for many entrepreneurs who want to set up a company and start off quickly.

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LeoSquad: An ISO Certified Virtual Workspace

Keeping this in mind, Analogue Inc, a Kathmandu-based software company is launching an ISO/IEC 17788:2014 certified software “LeoSquad” on 18th June 2021. LeoSquad allows businesses to keep track of their employees, and the progress of work online.

The platform compensates for the shortcomings found in other apps and sites. But it bundles many of their important features to deliver the best-in-class workspace environment. Due to its integrated nature, LeoSquad is capable of revolutionizing work from home culture.

LeoSquad will also be user-friendly with a simple interface making it accessible to anyone without being a tech geek. However, it will also be equipped with advanced features and functions to benefits both employees and employer.

Ashutosh Agrawal, the CEO of Analogue Inc. said, “Technology is supposed to make your life easier and LeoSquad is the future that will fill the gap of workspace, and even a layman can learn to use it very quickly.”

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Entrepreneurs To Benefit

Thousands of youth in Nepal try their luck in entrepreneurship investing their skills and resources. However, the prospect of their growth and sustainability cannot materialize due to excessive overhead costs and a lack of coordination in the team. Furthermore, keeping track of day-to-day work and the employees can also become a headache for start-ups with limited resources. That is where LeoSquad justifies its value.

LeoSquad will fill in right in the middle as the transition between the employers and their employees. It will serve as an advanced online working platform where everyone in the business can stay connected and process their work. Businesses can monitor employees’ work and suggest them online, on the go.

LeoSquad will override other online work platforms with its broad range of features and capabilities. It offers many valuable functions that we find dispersed among others. once it launches, it will become an ultimate workspace solution for entrepreneurs and all other business professionals who want to work from home.

Currently, video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet have taken a large market share for virtual workspace but they all come with own drawback. An all-integrating platform such as LeoSquad may serve as the perfect vehicle to drive productivity online and take the work-from-home culture to a whole new level.

What do you think of LeoSquad as a virtual workspace? Do you think it will get a justifiable market share in Nepal? What is your view on work from home trend in general? Let us know in the comments below.

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