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5 Best Budget Laptops for the Year 2015

Everyone likes cheap when it comes to spending their own money. After all, who wants to spend more than they need to, to get what they want? However, cheap here does not mean low quality. No one wants a laptop that is poorly constructed and fails to perform. We have compiled a list of some of the best budget laptops for the year 2015.
All of these laptops are intelligently engineered and incorporate some of the best technologies and are feature rich. The one thing common between all of these sturdy laptops is that they are all budget-friendly. Buying a laptop without breaking the bank is possible and you can also avail some exciting deals at online marketplaces, such as Kaymu. Some of these online platforms, for instance, Amazon, offer these laptops at even lower prices.
1)      HP Chromebook 14

If you have already used the Chromebook by Hewett-Packard, you will surely be pleased with this new addition that offers bigger screen size and is easier to use. This laptop has a really attractive design and is available in three exciting colors. The only downside of this sturdy gadget is that it incorporates a relatively smaller hard drive. However, it tops our list of best budget laptops for the year because it is inexpensive and offers great battery life.

2)      Dell Chromebook 11

Dell makes a debut on our list with its Chromebook 11 that offers exactly what folks want from a well-crafted Chromebook. It is super-fast, highly portable with an elegant design. It also features a user friendly keyboard and two USB 3.0 ports. This laptop allows you to manage your day to day tasks and be productive. This affordable gadget is very easy to use and secure. It offers up to seven hour battery life.

3)      Acer Chromebook 13

Acer as a brand knows how to manufacture reliable and solid Chromebooks, and this robust laptop is no exception. Just like its predecessors, this laptop also delivers superior performance. The introduction of the bigger screen and larger battery sizes are welcome additions. The only downside of this Chromebook is that its display panel are not at par with the panels incorporated in the similar models offered by the competitors. Nevertheless, Acer Chromebook 13 offers far richer and unique user experience.

4)      Toshiba Satellite CL10-B-100

If you are looking for a highly portable laptop, then Toshiba offers some of the most finely built machines. This latest model weighs even less than 1.1 kilograms, which is lower than the majority of the budget friendly laptops. Its compact design and low weight makes it a perfect travel companion for you. If you want better performance out of Toshiba Satellite CL10-B-100, then simply add an SD card for extra storage space.

5)      HP Stream 11

This year has seen some of the best Chromebooks and HP Stream 11 is a killer Chromebook with an 11.6 inch screen that runs on Windows platform and it is available at a reasonable price. For the amount of money HP charges for this laptop, it performs and looks like a real netbook with a bright plastic case. It is powered by powerful Intel Celeron processor. You can also install desktop apps on this Chromebook.
If you are looking for a budget laptop, this list offers some great options. You can compare prices on various online marketplaces in Nepal, such as Neo Store or Kaymu
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