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Verizon launches its “5G” home internet: World’s First commercial 5G?

In a race to develop World’s First commercial “5G” network, US Telco Verizon has succeded in launching 5G Home internet service in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. But it is deviated from the current 5G Standard that is still under developement and testing. Verizons 5G Home is basically a home broadband with ultra high speed using Verizon’s own 5G technology called 5G TF.

The maximum data speed of Verizon’s 5G home is around 940 Mbps whereas customer shall experience around 300 Mbps reliably. The internet speeds vary considering several factors like signal strength and time of usage. Tech world hesitate to call it real 5G as the standard is separate from the industry standard 5G NR. 5G NR is the technology that is reaching our smartphone soon.


  • Peak throughput of 940 Mbps, can reach around 300 Mbps any time.
  • mmwave technology based on 28 GHz spectrum
  • Will upgrade to 5G NR replacing the existing hardware later.

Although there will be no upgrade for the Verizon 5G technlogy, they will change the customer premises hardware for free, once 5G NR is ready to commercialize.

For the answer to the question for why they chose their own 5G standard, they say its because of not so fast pace of 5G NR commercialization. Talking about 5G standard, Verizon 5G TF is based on millimeter wave technology, operated in 28 GHz frequency spectrum. Read more about what is 5G and services here.

They have not deployed it widely for now as they need to replace it with 5G NR later. But for now, they are successful in clinchig the name for the first ISP to launch 5G. No matter what technology standard they use.

Customers in those places can check whether their 5G home is available in their Home location. They will also tell when 5G home internet will come to their home.

Cost of Verizon 5G Home

Verizon will not charge for this 5G home service for the first three months. After which, Verizon 5G Home will cost $50 for those having Verizon wireless data plan and $70 for those not having wireless data plan.

Verizon 5G home internet service includes following:

  • Free 5G internet service for the first 3 months
  • Free equipment for the 5G internet service
  • Free professional installation of the equipment and activation of the service
  • Free YouTube TV subscription for the first 3 months
  • Free Google Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV 4K device

So, the 5G home doesnot only include the regular internet service but also the TV service from YouTube. All the equipment and streaming device will also come for free with the subscription.


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