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Nepal Telecom sending early warning SMS for coming Natural disaster

Nepal Telecom has been collaborating with DHM (Department of Hydrology and Meteorology) to send early warning information for impending Natural Disaster for flood, landlslide.

During the rainy season, it is likely for Natural disasters like Flood/landslide to occur in different parts of the country. To minimize the effect of such disaster, Nepal Telecom (NTC) plays a crucial role to send pre-information about the disaster.

For which, Ntc has been sending free SMS to people living in the area prone to disaster. The SMS sent in partnership with DHM, alerts people to be safe.

Before, Nepal Telecom was also awarded for sending hundreds of thousands of such SMS, for free as a part of their CSR initiatives.

DHM has sent a warning to the people in riverbank areas for the imminent disaster for the weekend. Due to the heavy rainfall, the rivers in the whole of the country has a huge flow/influx. Such flow is likely for flood in Plain/Terai areas while equal chances for landslide in Hilly areas.

So, sending such information through SMS helps people evade such disaster (Flood/Landslide). Now, they have arranged mechanisms/system for the information in Mahakali, West Seti, Kankai, Babai, Karnali, Narayani, Bagmati and Koshi rivers. Similarly, people of the mountainous areas will also get such information.

How does the warning system work?

Nepal Telecom provides the details of the people living in those disaster-prone areas to DHM. The department then sends the early warning message to those people through 1155 access code. NTC provides the BULK SMS to send such information on a large scale. Ntc has been providing all the SMS services at free of cost.

Both the organization have come up with this collaboration to reduce the impact of the disaster and prevent or lessen the humanitarian loss. Being a public organization, they feel the obligation for the people.

Nepal Telecom believes this system will help to lessen the damage due to such disaster in the monsoon season. After the Mega Earthquake 2072, Nepal Telecom had collaborated with Nepal RedCross for providing early information about the disaster.

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