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Best Sites to Get Wii ROMs

Wii ROMS are the best thing that happened to the world of gaming. You can literally play without a gaming console or cartridge because of the existence of ROMs. The good news is that you can access numerous games on various websites for free because of the presence of downloadable ROMs. However, before you try to download anything, ensure that your device is protected by a strong ant-virus. It is very easy to play your favorite retro games on the device of your choice using ROMs and emulators in this day and age. You can easily find Wii ROMs online. These are the best websites to download Wii ROMs:

Roms Download

Roms Download is a website that offers most of your favorite ROM games for free, including Nintendo Wii games. The site also provides emulators compatible with the ROMs and has a great and easy-to-use interface. You can search for a specific game thus ensuring ease of access. The site offers ROMs that you can play on any device of your choice, whether PC, mobile device, or tablet, therefore ensuring convenience.

Portal ROMs

Portal ROMs is a website that contains numerous ROMs available for download, including Wii ROMs, for free. This site is quite famous among retro gamers and thus has a detailed library with all Wii ROMs currently in circulation. This makes it very convenient for both beginners and those who are not new to the world of retro gaming looking for games that are less popular. The site is easy to use.

Download ROMs

Just as the name indicates, Download ROMs allows you to download the Wii ROMs of your choice. The site has a straightforward interface; thus, the site is very easy to use. The popular Wii ROMs are on the home screen; the Download ROMs website provides you with different sorting options to easily locate your game of choice.


RomsHub is a website that provides Wii ROMs to its users for free. The interface is straightforward and good-looking with different navigation options hence ensuring you efficient functionality. The defining feature of this website is that it allows you to see the number of downloads of each Wii ROM. In addition to this, you can see the size of the Wii ROM, which makes things easier for you while downloading it.

FreeRoms Download

This portal is a common site for retro gamers. Its most defining feature is its ability to provide you with all you need as a retro gamer. The site provides you with downloadable Wii ROMs for free. In addition to the Wii ROMs, FreeRoms Download provides you with emulators, multiple platform ROMs, firmware, PC games, BIOS, community forum, et cetera. Despite its many options, the site is very easy to use as it has a straightforward and good-looking interface.


RomsEmulator is a popular free website that allows you to download Wii ROMs safely. The site has a highly detailed library and therefore has most of the Wii ROMs in circulation; thus is quite convenient. The site has a beautiful interface that is easy to use as it allows you to locate the game of your choice easily. This site is most popular because the Wii ROMs it provides are safe and work properly. Moreover, the Wii ROMs are easily compatible with the Wii emulators available.

Roms Forever

Roms Forever is a popular website that provides Wii ROMs of all of the Nintendo game consoles released. Therefore, this site is very efficient as you can find all the ROMs of your favorite Wii games despite how old or new they are. The interface of Roms Forever is categorized to enable you to find the game console of your choice more easily. The website also allows you to play the game of your choice. This website allows you to search for a certain game, and in addition to this, it allows you to filter and sort the options for easy browsing.


Nitroblog is a small free website that is not very popular but has all your favorite Wii games available for download. The site has different navigation options for easy browsing thus is convenient. The most defining feature of this website is its ability to provide you with an emulator for computers and mobile devices.

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