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Salesforce CTI Integration: Improve Your Contact Center Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to streamline and optimize your contact center operations? Today’s business leaders need fast, cost-effective solutions that drive efficiency gains and help them keep up with customer demand. One technology that can help improve the efficiency of your contact center is Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). 

This innovative solution eliminates manual processes associated with call management and automates routing, enabling agents to direct inquiries more quickly and accurately than ever before. This blog post will explore how integrating Salesforce CTI into your setup can increase agent productivity and boost overall service levels. Read on to explore more about the features of Salesforce CTI integration.

Overview of Salesforce CTI Integration

Salesforce CTI Integration is a powerful tool to help businesses enhance and improve customer service. It allows agents to perform calls and give clients access to all needed resources through the Salesforce platform. With this feature, agents can leverage the features that come with Salesforce, giving them a better picture of the customer’s needs and up-to-date information on the latest developments in their company.

This integration has been shown to streamline processes and reduce response times, improving customer satisfaction. By integrating CTI into your business operations, you can ensure that customer service remains top-notch, and customers’ needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

How does CTI Integration for Salesforce work?

CTI integration for Salesforce allows customer-facing teams to automatically transcribe phone conversations into data. This allows all communication between customers and employees to be accurately tracked and documented, creating a more efficient customer experience. The data can also be quickly referenced, as it is consistently stored in the phones’ and computers’ core service and sales systems such as CRM. 

In addition, CTI helps create automated customer lists based on call requirements, making it easier to handle multiple requests simultaneously without manually switching between customers.

Key features of Salesforce CTI

By providing contact centers with a powerful suite of CTI solutions to one of the market’s most popular CRM connectors and enterprise applications, b + s links key applications with contact center operations that allow companies to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are some of the key features included in Salesforce CTI integration by b + s:

Agent state control

One of the key features of Salesforce CTI integration is the ability to control an agent’s state. The agent’s state describes their last action, whether they are talking, on break, ready, or unavailable.

Actions performed by the agent and their phone will update the state accordingly. This can be particularly helpful during a call. When an agent hangs up after finishing a conversation, their state will automatically change from ‘talking’ to ‘ready’ so that they can quickly move on to the next interaction without any manual updating.

Auto wrap-up and wrap-up with reason

The auto wrap-up feature in Salesforce CTI allows customers to disconnect without needing to end the call manually and immediately places them into the close mode, allowing agents to be available for other contacts sooner.

The Wrap-up with reason option enables agents to specify a reason, such as ‘call back’ or ‘callback offered’ while offering all options. Hence, customers receive a fitting resolution that may help their case or provide helpful tips if their issue requires further attention.

Screen Pop

Salesforce CTI has a key feature known as Screen Pop, which is especially beneficial for customer service agents. It gives the agent all the necessary information about the incoming caller before they even answer the phone. It includes everything from their name and contact info to their previous interactions with your support team.

Not only does this help with quickly finding the right answers to customer queries, but it also lets them make a good impression on customers by addressing them in a personalized manner. This shows that customers are not just one of many accounts being handled but someone who will receive individualized attention.

Agent-to-agent record sharing

Salesforce CTI integration gives the ability to agents to share records in real-time. This allows agents to leverage their colleagues’ knowledge, ensuring customers receive the answers they need quickly and accurately.

Intelligent Call Routing

Salesforce integration with CTI provides an intelligent call routing feature that helps to enhance the customer experience in a queue. Skill assignments can be put in place to tailor the process further, as they will match agents with callers based on the previously specified criteria. 

Agents with the necessary skills can be matched up with the appropriate caller, providing an improved and more efficient customer service experience for both parties involved. This allows for better quality interactions between customers and representatives, improving customer satisfaction levels.

A successful Salesforce CTI integration by Bucher + Suter

After investing in the Salesforce CTI integration, TrialCard saw fantastic results. Rather than an industry-leading wait time of 60 seconds, the average speed of answers dropped by 95 percent – to an incredible 5 seconds after the Bucher + Suter implementation. This huge success allowed their customer-centric focus to be actualized and enabled them to reach their specific goals of fewer customer transfers and faster problem resolution. What could be achieved with the right IT solutions partner was truly impressive.

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