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What is Covid Connect Nepal? Learn All About It

Learn about Covid Connect Nepal and how it is helping the Coronavirus patients during the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown.

Nepal is embracing for the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak and the government has enforced lockdown which has intensified in the past few days.

As the COVID-19 cases and deaths have climbed record high each day, so have the demands for hospital accommodations. But the reports are swirling about the lack of oxygen, ventilators, and ICU beds at the health centers which are of paramount importance for the seriously infected.

The second wave of the pandemic has again struck people with fear and stress. There is tremendous dismay in people about their approach for possible COVID-19 infection.

However, there is one initiative that could ease the burden for Corona suspects more systematically. And that is the Covid connect Nepal.

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Live dashboard covid connect Nepal

What Is Covid Conect Nepal?

Covid Connect Nepal is a non-profit online platform by Suraj Raj Pandey dedicated to serving the community in Kathmandu during the pandemic. He along with his team launched it on Baisakh 16. The 24-year-old Pandey also co-founds a start-up apparel Fibro in Kathmandu. You can check their platform to seek/offer help in this COVID pandemic.

Mr. Pandey had been closely following the Coronavirus-led crisis in India. Through his friends in New Delhi, he learned that the COVID-19’s worst-case scenario was down to a lack of coordination between concerned agencies and mobilization of human resources at the right time and place.

Due to open borders, similar government practices, and last year’s experiences, he prefigured the same scenarios developing in Nepal. As a result, he decided to make a contribution in his own way to help avert such a scenario. As a consequence, the idea of an online portal dawned on him.

What Does Covid Connect Nepal Do?

It is common to see calls for help on social media. Influencers, political personalities, doctors, and everyone in their capacity are doing their best to reach out to communities and find help for those infected with the coronavirus. But Covid Connect Nepal gives a well-structured platform to guide the COVID-19 suspects via a digital platform. It comprises highly committed individuals ready to serve round the clock.

The duties are split among various groups. Currently, the platform has 55 volunteers lending their valuable service. Out of them, the 18 members group takes calls on their hotline numbers and takes notes of the health issues of callers or their acquaintances. The other 7 members take responsibility to collect help requests on their social media platforms and contact hospitals.

Then the hospital details are referred to the other 7 IT experts. These 7 members update their portal about hospitals along with the availability of oxygen, beds, ventilator, food, and other essentials.

Then there is a 15 member medical team who are tasked to provide proper counseling as per the cases. If the symptoms are minor such as low fever, cough, and the common cold, the members suggest the callers stay home and take proper care. The team also takes active responsibility to provide ambulance service for cases requiring a hospital visit.

In just a few days after its launch, the team has successfully helped over 100 COVID-19 patients. As the COVID-19 spikes further every day, Covid Connect Nepal will draw more callers seeking help.

What Does The Founder Say?

Its founder, Suraj Raj Pandey says, “Relying on the government alone would not help save lives. Lending hands in such crisis is the only option.”

Adding further, The young entrepreneur says, “the government must set up oxygen plants at fast-track at hospitals or it could lead to a very dire situation. Community-level help and cooperation are the keys to minimize the death tally and save lives during the epidemic according to him.”

It is obvious that the government alone can not guarantee the safety of people. Everyone has their role to play and act responsibly.

Covid Connect Nepal has certainly brought a huge relief to those who were seeking reliable help from a team of a dedicated team with zeal for public service.

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How to Contact Covid Connect Nepal?

To make direct contact with the CCN team, you can contact the following numbers; 9843389412, 9842863093, and 9823011623. You can find more information about them and their hospitals in the web portal.

What do you think of the efforts of Suraj Raj Pandey and his team of volunteers to help COVID-19 patients? Do you think such initiatives should start in other cities too at the time? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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