NT to provide single Recharge card for all services.

April 21, 2015: Nepal Telecom is known to launch single recharge card for all of their services. Now they are having different sort of recharge cards for different services which will be integrated to a single platform. NT teases the single recharge called “NT recharge” in an advertisement in national dailies which means it will be available in the market very soon. In the first phase only GSM and CDMA subscribers will be able to use this recharge card. This single recharge is made possible due to the recent migration of GSM Prepaid subscribers to a new billing system (called Convergent real time billing system a.k.a CRTB). It seems like there are many other advantage of the new billing system other than just the data packages. In the next phase, all other services can be used for recharge / bill payment as they are also in the pipeline to be migrated to the new billing system. There are huge demand in the market for Rs 50 recharge card which was stopped by the operator due to recurrent problem with their voucher management system. The new “NT recharge” also includes the 50 Rs recharge card (as found in the picture below) which is popular among students and low paying customers.
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