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NT recharge problem troubles customers (solved)

Update: Finally Nepal Telecom solves its recharge problem in NT recharge card. The problem was there in NT recharge card from yesterday. Now NT customers can recharge their mobile with NT recharge card. As the load is quite high, it may sometime to make your recharge successful so please recharge your card sometime later.

Nepal Telecom customers are having problem to recharge their mobile through NT recharge card. NT Customers from all around the country has complained about the NT recharge card problem. There are two types of recharge system in Nepal Telecom namely Namaste recharge and NT recharge system. Currently the NT recharge system is only problematic due to which the NT recharge card buyers are having trouble to recharge the card. Nepal Telecom admits the problem about their new recharge system is there and their engineers are working to solve the issue. They also tell that it will take one or two hours. As the problem is there from Saturday itself, customers are very furious about the problem. Some of them are even messaging and writing it to us for the problem. This sort of problem is serious for people having low balance in emergency situation. Though there are other solution to have their balance recharged like Namaste recharge and online banking apps or online payment system like Esewa, ipay etc, people who have already bought the NT recharge keep on trying with the same card. As the problem will be solved in some hours, it is better to use other solution like Namaste recharge, Banking apps or online payment portals. It seems their online recharge system from ( and balance transfer is also not working now. Do not throw the problematic NT recharge as it is not the problem in card but in Nepal Telecom’s system itself. You can use the card once the problem is solved.

Other solutions:

  1. Namaste Recharge: It is their old recharge card which is also available in the market. You can buy the Namaste recharge and top up with it now and use the NT recharge card later once the problem is solved.
  2. Online bank apps: Most of the banks provide online banking applications in web or mobile apps to their bank account holders. So they can even recharge their mobile by direct top up from the applications or web.
  3. Third party online payment portals: Esewa is one of the most used online payment portal which can transfer balance to your mobile directly. You only need to load your Esewa account (if you dont have, you need to create one from with some balance and then top up with it. If you don’t have any balance in your account, you can even ask your friend to transfer some to your account.
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