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CRBT to launch in Ntc

CRBT, Caller Ring back tone service is one of the popular valued added service in telecom sector long time ago. It is a service by which people can put songs in place of the standard ring back sound. People used to buy songs of their choice to make their caller listen to those songs. Three years back, Nepal Telecom had discontinued this service as they upgraded all of its equipment, except for this service. The craze for the CRBT or PRBT (personalized ring back tone) has been going down lately with the discontinuation.

Now that the service is known to be resumed soon in Ntc, it will definitely gain popularity among the music lovers. They can now put some popular songs available in the list to make the caller listen it, instead of the boring ring tone. It is not only songs but popular quotes, information and speeches can also be put in the list. That is as per the content providers list or the operator preference for the social, informative and entertaining ones.

How to subscribe CRBT in Ntc?

Previously, the cost of a song for 15 days validity was Rs 12.43 (inclusive of the tax). There was also a provision to gift some songs to friends and family by buying it from own account. That time, list of the popular songs used to appear in the popular national dailies. Then You could also select the songs by dialing1609 or sending the song code to 1455.

The number to register and the buying procedure may be the same as it was before. That is 1455 could be the same number for registration and songs selection. The separate portal for songs list and selection from, may also be there (which is not yet live now).

This service is also beneficial to promote Nepali songs creators including writer, musicians, singer along with the music company, as they get royalty out of the price paid by customers. So this is an exciting news to all those music makers and content creators out there.

As before, the service will only be available for GSM numbers of Nepal Telecom. The price and the validity or the packages are not yet known. It is much more probable that it may launch on the anniversary day. See more what could be there in their 13th anniversary offers. Follow us more in our social media for latest news in Telecom technology and services.

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